I’m JJ, and this was my blog from 2007-2012. I began writing in February 2007 about male factor infertility and the journey my husband and I were on to have a baby.

After many medical professionals saw me naked, hundreds of needle jabs and endless hours of bed-rest, I became a mom to O-man in February 2009; truly our little miracle.

Although I no longer write in this space, I hope that our story will be a comfort and/or answer questions for other couples going through a similar situation. If you have any questions about my journey, or you'd like to connect with me in my new writing space, drop me a line at reprojeans at gmail dot com

Thank you for all the support - the friendships I carry beyond this blog are priceless.

Cast of characters:

The female “jeans”: JJ
The male “jeans”: Mook
The combined “jeans”: O-Man