Sunday, January 31, 2010

Perfect Moment Monday: Goodbye January

The month of January has not been a very pleasant one in my blogging past.

I started this blog in February of '07, so I missed out writing in January that year. But trust me, that may be my least favorite January in recent years: it was when we got our male factor diagnosis.

Then in January of '08, Mook and I hit a pretty rough patch in our relationship--we spent time in counseling and needed to regroup as a couple. There were some really dark days in that month, and I am very thankful we came out stronger because of it.

And of course last year, January of '09, I spent a majority of the time on my back--on hospital bed rest, praying that little Ron was going to be OK since I had started bleeding from my previa.

And I do realize, that all of these January's had a happy ending--I started blogging because of our MFI diagnosis, Mook and I became a stronger couple, and the O-man and I were getting exceptional care in the hospital.

But I would be lying if I said it has been so incredibly nice to have had a relatively low-key January of '10.

Mook and I were able to bid farewell to the month by enjoying a snowed in weekend at home alone together--the O-man had a visit planned with one set of grandparents, and it just happened to be when the great-blizzard-of-the-decade decided to descend upon us!

I love the O-man more than life itself, but I also love Mook--and we really enjoyed this weekend together--he's been traveling so much with work, that I actually got jittery when he came home--like those first-dating butterflies ;)

Last night, we took a walk around the neighborhood... it was so cars on the road, it was still snowing, and he stuck out his elbow for me to grab onto as we walked--and it was just like a great ending to a good book, as I took his arm and smiled at him....a perfect moment, indeed.

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I'm currently sitting on my kitchen floor.

No, really, I am.....see:

I did the act of sitting, because I needed to retighten the straps on O-mans booster chair since it came with us on our Travelin' Circus journey last week. And now that the task is done, I haven't found the motivation to move just yet....

Maybe it's because I see all the dog hair on the floor and know that as soon as I stand up, I'll want to sweep.

Maybe it's because I like the feeling of the cold floor on my bum.

Maybe it's because I have been going full steam ahead since returning home, O-man is napping, and I'm just tired.

Maybe it's because I can take a few minutes and look around the kitchen from this current point of view, and see shadows of great moments that have taken place in this room.

Maybe I should make more time to just sit :)

Friday, January 22, 2010

You see, its like this...

I just never liked girls.

Let me be more clear--I never have had a "girlfriend"---yes, I can proudly admit that I find Ashley Judd super delicious, and Mook would be in big trouble if her car broke down outside my house...

But the girls I am talking about are the home-girls, the BFF's, the girls you bought the heart necklace for--you gave her half, you kept the other half.

I just never got close to girls growing up. I always had more guy friends--I wasn't a tomboy per se, didnt really play that many sports, or enjoy "guy stuff"-- I just felt very intimidated around other girls--the drama, the cliques, the naked pillow fights (thats for the benefit of any of my male readers, who have the fantasy that those actually take place...)

But I fully appreciate and realize that there was a reason for my lack of female companions early on in life.

Because today, as in present time, my cup runneth over with FABULOUS FEMALE FRIENDS.

I know I have touched on this subject in previous posts, but to me it is worth mentioning a million times, to fully express the gratitude I feel for having made such genuine and life long friendships. It stinks we all had to experience some sort of infertility struggle to have found each other--but to have to go through something as craptastic as IF, the reward couldn't be sweeter.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Travelin' Circus

The members of the Jeans household are on the road to spend the week with Mook for his business trip.

To the cars passing by, I'm sure it's a bit comical to see all the STUFF we have crammed in the car--and what traveling circus doesn't have monkeys? Oman made sure that his Sock Monkey, Pierre (we've decided he's French...) made the cut for being packed.

I always look forward to road trips--and it helps that Oman is a fan of car rides. We play the Alphabet game (I usually win..hehe), talk about silly stuff, and the serious stuff--helps when neither person can leave the room when it gets heated.

Oman and I are so glad we can be with Mook this week--and a super duper added bonus is getting to see awesome blogger ladies!

And tomorrow is Mook's birthday! His birthday last year was spent getting me admitted to the hospital after I started bleeding from the to be here--with both my boys--makes me weepy and so, so thankful for the awesome care I got while in the hospital...but I'm SO glad to be on the other side...

Please leave Mook some big birthday hugs--AND he's jumped on the Twitter bandwagon--@dissident18 so be sure to raz him just a little for turning another year older before I do :)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Starting 2010 with Thanks!

I definitely have a LOT to be thankful for--the year 2009 was very, very good to me. Not that I depend on karma, but seriously karma--you owed me, so thanks for remembering that the past few years before '09 weren't so hot.

And I know that karma owes a lot of you--so my 2010 wish is that those of you who gladly bid 2009 goodbye, will be celebrating the gifts that this new decade will bring.

The best way I can think to start my blogging of 2010 is to THANK YOU (yes, you) for making my blogging experience so incredibly rewarding and being my extended family.

  • Thank you, sis, for holding my hand through so many scary moments and for blogging for me when I couldn't, and so much more that I can't fit into one sentence
  • Thank you, Susan from Idaho, for taking the time to leave comments of incredible support and always check on me (even without blogging, yourself!)
  • Thank you, LJ, for great vent sessions about anything and everything--whenever, wherever, and for giving my blog a fancy face lift
  • Thank you, Amy , for holding that special place in my heart for being the first blogger I met "outside of the computer" and becoming one of my closest IRL friends
  • Thank you, Rotten, for teaching me what the definition of BFF is--cause you're it!
  • Thank you, Suzy, for always being my prayer warrior
  • Thank you, Sully, for sharing the IVF meds that gave us our precious boys--we are forever connected by that, and of course, Pearl Jam
  • Thank you, Sunny, for being an amazing, strong woman--period.
  • And all my Braces Bunch girls--thank you, thank you, thank you.
I could go on like a lame Oscar acceptance speech, so I'll stop before they start the music to encourage me to leave the stage.

So, I would like to invite you to join me in saying THANK YOU, but in the blogging way--by saying: "Blog you VERY much!" I extended a similar invitation to you as readers back in December of 2007 to write a quick blog post of thanks to that blogger who inspired you to start blogging. You can read the original post here .

This time around, any thank you will do. Thank one person, thank 10, thank 20...just say thank you to those people who encourage you to blog, keep you sane, and love you even when you have a hard time loving yourself.

Be sure to come back and share your post of THANKS!

And a double thanks, if you take
moment to say HI if you haven't done so before!