Monday, August 31, 2009

A Thousand Words

Camera Boy

A picture is definitely worth that many words-and most of the time...more.

I have a love-hate relationship with the digital age.

The pros: I can delete an image and immediately replace it with another if Mook's eyes were closed, or the angle made me grow four chins.

The cons: they tend to sit on my hard drive/memory stick and when I DO think to print them out, it costs me an arm and a leg because I will have 200+ in my shopping cart. Let's not even talk about when a computer crashes...

AND I tend to have a guilty conscience whenever I don't have some sort of photo-taking mechanism within my grasp at any given many things to capture, so many moments to remember.

I have a lot of these great moments captured on "film"...but lately, I have found myself reaching for my camera less--partly because the moment is usually gone before I get my finger on the button! So I've been spending MORE time in those moments....hoping and praying my memory won't forget:

*Playing with the O-man on our bed where he giggled and he really focused on my face
*Watching the O-man pet and play with our lab and get a bath of licks and slobber
*Quietly observing Mook cuddle and talk with O-man about how much he loves him

While the picture may be blank.... heart is FULL.

These are my perfect moments. See what others are sharing!

From Perfect Moment Monday

Friday, August 14, 2009

Show and Tell: Blossom

Every summer, I look forward to this beautiful flower taking over my back patio.

When the first cold snap sets in, the plant dies back to brown twigs and there is nothing left but empty seed pods by the time Christmas comes.

And every spring, I find myself doubting that this magnificent plant will come back to life. But every year, it does...and it's bigger and better than the year before.

Some people know it as a "Moon Flower" because it only blooms at night, and others call it an "Angel Trumpet" because of its shape. I relate to both meanings--I'm a night owl, so I love that its shining moment is after the sun goes down. I love thinking of them as Angel Trumpets because of the abundance of blossoms that were on the plant last summer when I was on bed rest. I'd go out every night before going to bed, and I'd always feel a renewal of faith--that I had made it through one more day.

I will be sad when the blossoms start to whither in a few weeks...but maybe I've learned my lesson, and I'll have faith that they will be back next year. Bigger and better.

See what the rest of the class is showing this week!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Caption Me!

What do you think the O-man is thinking?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Hotlinking is Cool

Im currently under the influence of some fantastic Pino Noir that LJ brought to our *Schlubfest09, so I am just going to point you to some awesome pictures that she has been taking of our 2 miracles. Check out her super cool blog: Our Family Beginnings

But before I go....a bit of a sappy back story: I found LJ's blog when I started blogging, and we've been tight as ticks ever since. We would send snarky text message when we were both around fertile myrtles and she has so graciously accepted me as part of the DC Bloggers group (aka TOOTPU)

As I was counting the days until our little O-man would enter the world, I got word that LJ and Mr. Badger would become the parents to a little boy--and only a week older than the O-man.

To say that it's been a happy-ending story to have all of us under one roof, celebrating our sweet boys, is an understatement. AND better yet--we are adding another ALI blogger to the mix tomorrow--Somewhat Ordinary and her sweet boy, M will join us for some more of Schlubfest09!

This is a definite moment that I am glad for my IF journey--I cannot imagine my life without such awesome women.

*Definition: A trip that requires-no makeup, no fancy clothes (aka, buttons/zippers) and the official beverage is wine. Relaxation a must.