Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Hotlinking is Cool

Im currently under the influence of some fantastic Pino Noir that LJ brought to our *Schlubfest09, so I am just going to point you to some awesome pictures that she has been taking of our 2 miracles. Check out her super cool blog: Our Family Beginnings

But before I go....a bit of a sappy back story: I found LJ's blog when I started blogging, and we've been tight as ticks ever since. We would send snarky text message when we were both around fertile myrtles and she has so graciously accepted me as part of the DC Bloggers group (aka TOOTPU)

As I was counting the days until our little O-man would enter the world, I got word that LJ and Mr. Badger would become the parents to a little boy--and only a week older than the O-man.

To say that it's been a happy-ending story to have all of us under one roof, celebrating our sweet boys, is an understatement. AND better yet--we are adding another ALI blogger to the mix tomorrow--Somewhat Ordinary and her sweet boy, M will join us for some more of Schlubfest09!

This is a definite moment that I am glad for my IF journey--I cannot imagine my life without such awesome women.

*Definition: A trip that requires-no makeup, no fancy clothes (aka, buttons/zippers) and the official beverage is wine. Relaxation a must.


  1. Dorky and sweet and sad (in a good way) but true - I'm sitting across the dinner table from you and tearing up.

  2. Sounds like you are with great company there.

  3. I "met" you two at about the same time, and early in my blogging days.

    I would have loved to join you. Would I (and all my stuff) have fit in the car?

  4. Very true sentiment. It has been wonderful to "meet" so many of you guys. I hope someday to meet some of you in RL.

  5. Well it sounds like there are entirely too many boys in that room. I'll just have to ship C and I in for a little vino and some fun with some fabu ladies and their wee ones. :)

  6. that's awesome! it's hard when you connect right away with some bloggers but you know that you'll probably never meet, so that has to be fantastic to meet them!

  7. Awesome. I'm loving the 'no zippers/no buttons' requirement, AND the copious wine consumption requirement. Y'all are good people!

  8. I'm so excited to get down there to see you again and meet LJ and the boys!

    I'm about to go into a meeting so I'm going to forgoe getting sappy for now, but you are right-times like this make IF ok.

    Oh and I posted this on LJ's blog, but thought I would tell you too. I HAD to back stuff with buttons and zippers because some of my elastc stuff has gotten so tight on me that wearing them in front of your chidren may scar them for life!

    See you soon!

  9. Man, that sounds like my kind of trip!


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