Friday, December 28, 2007

Hello old friend...

Hi there-it's been a while! I've dusted off the cobwebs around here, and with my fireplace and cup of peppermint tea keeping me warm, and my adorable fur-baby sleeping (err, make that snoring) next to me-seems like a good time to sit down and have a chat!

A belated happy holidays to all! I am sorry that I was not around to be more of a shoulder to lean on, or to rejoice happy news with you. I will make my absence explanation short and sweet: I got what I wished for. (see: holiday sizzle)

Along with the sizzle, I needed to focus on our relationship and live outside my head. I tend to live inside my head a lot when I blog--not that it's a bad thing, I just needed to have some serious couch* time with Mook. More about this in a bit...

A huge thank you for the immense support I received with the CD! I had so much fun getting all the orders together, and the sweet comments have really touched me. We are so very humbled by the support we have gotten through this community. I am excited to say that the CD sales paid for our round of FET medication! THANK YOU SO MUCH! We are truly grateful for all of the support! Our hope is that you will enjoy the tunes for many holiday seasons to come!

So, with only days to go until 2008, I didn't want to leave 2007 behind without saying a respectful farewell. Needless to say, it hasn't been my favorite year, but there has been a lot of good that has gone along with the not so good--and I don't want to reflect back on this year and see all sad. So let's just get the sad/bad/mad out of the way, shall we?
  • We found out on January 19th of this year that we would face big obstacles in having a child without medical assistance, due to male factor infertility
  • We struggled with our relationship for the weeks following the diagnosis-learning to deal with the cards we had been dealt
  • In March, our hearts were heavy after the failed IUI
  • I had a tough battle with pneumonia in April
  • My eggs turned a year older in May
  • Our hearts were even heavier after our first IVF/ICSI didn't give us a BFP in July
  • A close family friend passed away in September
  • I contracted MRSA in my blood-draw spot from the IVF
  • *Mook and I had some serious couch time this month
That's "our place" where the heavy conversations happen--and this month, we kept the cushions warm. I won't go into all the details, but it put us both through the ringer. The nasty cycle of throwing punches, receiving them (not literally of course...) and then it would start all over again. We are in a much better place, and thank goodness a new year is on the horizon--we need a fresh start! Do you have your own "couch place"? Is it on your couch, in the kitchen, in the car....?

Enough sad/bad/mad. The good:
  • We found out on January 19th of this year that we would face big obstacles in having a child without medical assistance, due to male factor infertility. We had an answer!
  • I grew closer to my husband in the weeks that followed our diagnosis.
  • I started this blog and became connected to so many fantastic people
  • We vacationed in Las Vegas!
  • The Braces Bunch was born!
  • I celebrated another year of life
  • I recorded my first CD
  • We vacationed in the Florida Keys/Disney!
  • We had 3 embryos to freeze!
  • I got to meet some great bloggers
  • We took a much needed break from pills/shots
  • I recorded my 2nd CD!
  • I celebrated the holidays with sizzle, good food, friends and family
So farewell, 2007. I am thankful for all you taught me-and I go into 2008 wiser, more compassionate and ready to face new adventures. Happy New Year to all the wonderful women (and men!) that mean so much to me!

Oh, and it's CD 1. Start thinking thawing thoughts for us, please :0)

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Tunes for your Tinsel!

We all gripe and moan when we hear that first Christmas song on the radio the day after Halloween...a tad early when I haven't even begun to take down my pumpkins and put away my costume!

But....I have to admit: the minute I hear my favorite holiday tune (The Christ.mas Song-Nat Kin.g Cole), I'm instantly transformed into the holiday spirit-even if it's the day after Halloween!

Since there are still 21 days left until Christmas, and you've been passing station after station of 24 HOUR NON-STOP CHRISTMAS FAVORITES (overbearing, isn't it?) I hope that you aren't tired of of them quite yet...

Let me tell you a quick story.....

I've always had two big dreams:
1) To be a mom
2) To be a professional singer

As you may know through reading this blog, it has been a bit of a struggle to achieve that 1st dream.

The second dream: I may not ever have the number one album on the Bill.board charts, but I have been fortunate to be able to record and perform music that means so much to me. Music/singing is a true blessing, and I am thankful that through Shop to Make Mom or Pop, that we can save the money that is raised to go towards dream number one.

So here is the scoop on how dream #2 will help me with dream #1:

What: A professional recording of holiday music on my CD : "You, Me and a Ch.ristmas Tree"

All music is original recordings of holiday classics with beautiful instrumentals and my vocals (there is a very special guest-artist appearance on one of the tracks!)

When: Available NOW!

How to order: The cost of the CD is $16. I will be able to accept pay.pal payments (credit cards may be used through pay.pal) and checks. Shipping is $2 to US and $4 for international. Please be sure to list an e-mail address or include one in the comment section/e-mail to me if you do not have an e-mail link associated with your blog. This is how I will get the pay.pal information to you! (You can simply e-mail me if you don't wish to leave a comment here--I welcome both!)

Final Details: There may be some questions that need answering past what I have listed, so if I start getting specific questions I will post an extended FAQ here. I am glad to answer anything you want to know. Thank you again so much for your interest!

This means so much to both Mook and I, as we want so much to be a MOM and POP! We are one of many couples who has to deal with no/zero/nada insurance coverage-so every little bit helps!!

*Updated: A FAQ Section*

1. Where do I mail the check/who do I make it out to/how much?
I will e-mail you my mailing address and name if you leave a comment/or e-mail me. Please figure in the shipping ($2 for US and $4 international) to get your total along with the cost of the CD: $16

A big THANKS to Mel for giving all of us an opportunity to shop! What more could you ask for?
Be sure to visit the other shops set up at Shop to Make Mom or Pop!