Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Because my bug sneezed

This was one of my favorite books growing up.

If you haven't had the pleasure of reading it, this little bug sneezes and causes a chain reaction of all sorts-some good, some bad. In a sense, my bug sneezed yesterday when I decided I wanted to add a few things to my blog...which turned into more changes, and then a few more...

So because my bug sneezed, I have a quick favor to ask of you...

As I worked on a PC yesterday, it all looked fine and dandy, but when I got home and pulled it up on my MAC, it looked a bit off (the header especially--still working on the rest)

Can you tell me if it looks OK on your computer-of-choice--esp. some of my MAC buddies? And any suggestions as far as getting the pixels/size correct. If not, I'll just make do!

I'm loving all the "blog you very much" posts! Ill be linking all the posts soon, once my bug stops sneezing....


Monday, November 26, 2007

Blog you very much!

A sincere thanks to each of you who swung by to wish me well--I am glad and thankful that I seem to be close to feeling 100%. A definite cure is heading home to the comfort and care of my momma--and that's exactly what I got to do over the holiday. Along with her care, it was healing just to be around those I love and cherish the most.

This holiday season is the first that Mook and I have the knowledge of the hurdles we have to cross in order to have little ones opening presents on Christmas morning. This time last year, we had innocence--we hadn't quite reached the 6 month mark, and had such high hopes that by this Christmas we would be well on our way. Does it hurt? Yea, to say a little is an understatement, but we are still very much into the spirit. As I have mentioned before, I am lucky that my husband is my best friend and has a child-like spirit, so we are just a bunch of big kids getting ready for Santa to visit! You can bet we both have "a child" at the top of our wish list!

It's getting close to the time where I will be getting out the notebook (where the med check list, appointments, etc. are held) in preparation for our January FET. I'm anxious about this for many reasons-all the "what if's" rolling around in my head. I asked Mook on our way to my parents house how he was feeling about the upcoming cycle: "Really good." Gotta love his positive spirit! Of course I'm ready to have a plan for after January--I'll just leave it at that. I don't want to sound negative. Mook and I differ quite a bit in that area--which I guess is a good balance. He likes to live in the now and I like to live 5 minutes from now. One step at a time, right?

In cycle news, Coco and I have decided to part for the holidays. I'm on cd 24, so for the last month before our lives are dictated by our RE again, I will not be counting, watching for peak, etc. I want some holiday sizzle in my love life!!

It was heart warming to read so many thankful posts over the blogosphere the past few weeks. I am disappointed that I was not able to keep my promise of a thankful-a-day post-and I apologize for laying low in blog surfing, but to send it out with a bang I would like to say that I am thankful for the reason I am a blogger in the first place.

I thought a lot about our little corner of the world where we all share our struggles and strife and get so much support. It was astonishing to see how many of us thanked our blogging-friends and really include our blog-friends as a part of our circle of friends/family. It made me think back to the first blog I found and read that made me really feel like I wasn't so alone.

That person is Amanda at Manana Banana. She isn't blogging much these days, but that is due to being busy with her adorable little Adam. After spending days going through her archives, I decided that I wanted to document our journey as eloquently as she has done. That's when I approached Mook and asked him what he thought. I was nervous to approach the subject, since I knew we would airing a lot of our struggles, and it IS a personal journey. He was very supportive, and I love the fact that he knows it's comforting for me. I am thrilled to have gained such a supportive family through blogging, and I'll say it many more times--THANK YOU to all of you. Thank you to Amanda for being so willing to share your story. Thanks for inspiring me.

So here's your chance to say THANKS to that blogger who inspired you. Share your blog's birth story. Post it on your blog, (feel free to use the logo!) and then e-mail me or leave a comment here, and I will keep a running list (no cut-off date!) of Blog You Very Much posts!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Please pass the salt

Well, I am disappointed that I could not stay on track with my thankful-post-a-day...but I have a whopper of a thankful post today.

For the past four days I have been thankful for these:

Those little blue pills have kept me from being one sick girl. On Thursday evening while taking out my winter-wear, I was trying on a sweater when Mook and I both noticed that a spot on my left arm, right near the bend in my elbow, was very red/swollen/and raised.

That spot was on top of the powerful vein that was poked and prodded so much in July. July, as in the-month-we-would-rather-forget. I immediately called my oh so smart mom to find out what I should do--not knowing if it was serious enough to go to the ER, or just wait until the morning to see my doctor. I wasn't feeling bad, but I started to get a bit nervous--my mom and I decided it was best to wait to see my regular doctor, so I just took some tyle.nol and went to bed...

Well, the first jolt of the next morning was the news that my general practitioner's office had closed...guess it's been a while since I've been there! So off I went to a doc-in-the-box. I was ushered into a room and was told to keep my arm elevated-no problemo. Then the doc walks in--and he was this actor's twin! Very strange...
(Updated: As Debbie pointed out, he has been on Grey's this season-so the conversation below is kind of like a twilight-zone episode, right?)

The conversation (where the SALT comes into play) went like this:


Twin Doc: So how long has the spot looked like this?

Me: I only noticed the redness last night, but I have had a small spot there since July...(I get cut off here)

Twin Doc: So what happened in this spot in July?

Me: Umm, I had a lot of blood drawn from that vein for IV...(again I get cut off)

Twin Doc: An IVF procedure? Yes, I know what that is. So how far along are you?

Me: (Taking a deep breath) It was not successful.

Twin Doc: (insert the salt getting rubbed into the wound--a literal and figurative wound). Well, that's too bad--not a great reminder to have an infection then, is it?

Me: No sir, not at all.

And then the test results come back from my panels: I have Level 1 MR.SA.


I've had a low grade fever and a headache ever since, but I've been fine--just more of an emotional ill-feeling than anything else. There has been a big out-break around this area, with some scary stories, so I am very glad I went to the doctor. Basically that injection site never healed properly-and I'm watching it closely, as it still hasnt healed completely--I will get an update from the doctor after I finish this round of medicine.

Whew, enough about that. Onto more happy updates--despite the little "bump" (ha, pun intended) in the road, we were able to take a road trip to Willia.msburg VA--a lovely fall weekend! Best of all, I got to meet A from A Somewhat Ordinary Life. She is fabulous--such a warm, caring person--and one cute pregnant lady! And no worries, I made SURE with my obgyn that A would be in no danger being around me with the

So I may have to duck out of the every-day NaBloPoMo until I feel 100% --hopefully soon! This deserves more time and mention, but quickly-thank you so very much to Jenna and those who have listed me among the deserving of a Flame of Fortitude. Thank you...

Thursday, November 8, 2007

This is what...

...90% off Halloween costumes looks like:

This lovely picture includes: One black wig, one muscle man costume, and one goofy husband.

Today, I am thankful that Mook makes me laugh on a daily basis. We both have a child-like mentality when it comes to having a good laugh-- and this really comes in handy on the tough days.

Some daily clicks for you:

If you didn't already know...

She deserves it!

I strive to be a coffee bean on most days. What are you?

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

What's all the Bzzzzz About?

I have to say, I am not enjoying all these LONG promos for Jer.ry Seinf.eld's new Bee mo.vie...I mean, good grief-how desperate are you to be back in the lime light?!

When I first saw a preview before the last movie I saw in the theater, I was kind of excited. I think I have mentioned before that I love bees, so I was thinking it would be so much fun to go watch a movie about a funny bee doing funny bee things. Ehh, not so much any more.

But, I am thankful for my awesome collection of items of bees/things with bees on it! The collection started after a long-ago conversation I had with my sister. I had just gotten out of a really crappy relationship, and vowed to never be treated that way again. I said it would be great to be treated like a queen! And not in a "bow down at my feet" kind of way, but I knew that I deserved some "sweet honey" :0) Of course, in return anyone (not just in a romantic relationship) who treats me kindly, I return that many times over--the saying is true: "Kill 'em with kindness!"

It also worked out that my last name began with a "B", so that's where the qu.een bee admiration was born. My sister is 'Lil Bee, I remain the queeny, and my mom is Mommy Bee! It's been fun finding things over the years, and always having that reminder to be sweet to those I come in contact with, and hope that I receive sweetness in return!

So be sweet today and go over and vote for Mel! What a fantastic representative of our community!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Does a body good...

...Breakfast, that is. Today I am thankful for these two delicious items that start my morning off right! If you haven't found these Qua.ker Gra.nola Bites yet--you must find them.

Go on, leave your desk/couch/bed and go get them. I'll wait right here.....

Good-you're back! They are good, arent' they? I told you so! For my weight-watching buddies, these are only 2 points, and are very satisfying.

Of course you can't ignore the in the photo--my grande non-fat 2 spl.enda Yes, that's the drink that the Oracle called me "fat" for ordering. :0)

Thanks for all who chimed in yesterday about my cramps--I did speak with the Rhino and he has prescribed a stronger medicine for next month-I still have to call if it gets that bad. At that point, I may go in to have a conversation about more steps to take. I'm satisfied with the response he gave me--he doesn't want to jump the gun, but given the fact that we are "actively trying" (an understatement) to start a family, we want to make sure that we address all possible hindrances.

Had my weigh-in (on my home scale) this AM--not bad, not great. I maintained--but I figured as much, so I'm happy the scale didn't go UP! Thanks for all the pats-on-the-back! It keeps me motivated to keep on track=)

A few things for you to check out today if you need a distraction:

Yet another study telling us to relax...

A guilty pleasure for sure--and I just realized that I don't have this channel anymore, so I'm going to have to hope that they show re-runs on another channel. Premiers tonight!

And finally, I know we have all experienced this:

A reminder: keep de-lurking :0) Thanks to those who have!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Mmmm Monday!

I take these beauties for granted--grapes are soooo yummy. These are what I am thankful for today--they have kept me going through my 3pm slouch in the afternoons--when I don't want to have more caffeine, but when I need something to get me through to dinner!

I have been doing Wei.ght Watch.ers for 3 weeks, and these are a life saver-only 1 point for a full cup. I know they have kept me from grabbing a handful of candies with M's printed on them :0) Better yet, I am happy to report I have lost 11 pounds so far! Tomorrow is weigh in, and I hope that I won't be disappointed since the aunt is in town--I tend to grab things with extra calories this time of month...

Since it's a "Mmmm Monday" I thought I'd share some "yummy" websites/links I found over the weekend.

First, for you Star-buck-aroo fans, see what the Oracle has to say about you based on the type of drink you like. Go here. It's not meant to be very flattering--the oracle told me I was: Fat. Nice! A nice giggle for a Monday.

Second, how cool are these!? I might have to invest in those for the winter...I love walking around barefoot, and now I can at least think that I am!

Lastly, do you eat at your desk? Need to clean up after yourself? Then you need this! So cute! It wouldn't make me feel so bad about making a mess!

I called my Rhino* this morning...waiting to hear back. I am nervous that he is going to recommend a more invasive solution for the cramps. He told me back in January that since I have a history of some painful cycles, he might suggest finding out if I have endo. I just don't know if I'm ready to take that big of a leap. Can't he just prescribe 2 glasses of wine and be done with it?

*If you missed my weekend posts, be sure to scroll down for the definition of Rhino in our house!

Sunday, November 4, 2007


Our fur-baby is feeling much better...we definitely got the pick of the litter when we adopted her. She can be a handful, but we love her-so today I am thankful that she is ours and for all the joy she brings us.

I'm feeling much better today--keeping the meds and the hot water close by though! It's hitting me more today that this cycle didn't work, but I'm still in a positive mood--just glad to be back to a more normal cycle after a few wacky ones after the ivf.

Hope it's been a good weekend for everyone--I have a busy week ahead, so I'm hoping the cramps are gone for good! Looking forward to seeing what the Rhino* says tomorrow...

*If you aren't sure what the heck I mean, be sure to see yesterday's post! :0)

Saturday, November 3, 2007

The saying is true...

Pictures are worth a thousand words...

Needless to say, today is CD 1. So today, I am thankful for my hot water bottle and pain-killers. Ladies (and gents) I have never had cramps like I have had today.... it-is-bad.

I am going to call my gyno (or as Mook calls him, my "Rhino"--he hates the word gyno, so we chose something that rhymed) on Monday. I was this close to going to the ER. Sooo painful...

So it looks like CoCo will be with us for another cycle...but that's OK. I think the severity of the cramps have kept me from thinking about this cycle not producing 2 lines....

Friday, November 2, 2007

Day 2

Cutting it close, but I made it...

Long story short: 

Computer died (but I have a purty new one, so it's OK!) I am now an apple-gal thanks to my intelegent sister who has shown me the light.
Fur-baby got sick this morning--poor thing has been pitiful all day--had to step up the mom duties!
I did some major house cleaning (including ironing-which I loathe) and I did so, while listening to Disney tunes, so it wasn't all bad...

Today I am thankful for good friends--those include ones I have never met, but receive immense support from. This is what I found waiting for me on my doorstep when I got home today:

Thanks, Kim for the beautiful ceramic tile. A perfect reminder for my November to Remember!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

November to Remember

A post a day. That's what NaBloPoMo calls for! So over here at Reproductive Jeans, it will be a November to Remember. All 30 days of it!

This is the perfect project for me, since:

1) We are still depending on CoCo to help us make a baby (Coco, I love ya--but I need another distraction...)
2) I've decided to really embrace a new attitude of being thankful and happy* about things/people in my life.
3) Since November is the month of Thanks-giving here in the US of A, you all will get a glimpse each day, of something I am thankful for.

As many bloggers will be doing, I welcome any questions you want to ask to get to know more about me....and I strongly encourage lurkers (yes, you!) to comment-say hi! I won't bite--I promise! I'd love to come check out your blog**!

So without further adieu, here is what I am thankful for today, November 1st 2007:

The last piece of Halloween candy that was left in our house this morning-good little trick-o-treaters took the rest, thank goodness!

*I reserve the right to have my blue days. Trust me, it ain't all sunshine and kittens over here 24/7.
**Your blog doesn't have to be IF related-I am capable of having conversations that don't revolve around ovaries and sperm. :0)