Friday, November 2, 2007

Day 2

Cutting it close, but I made it...

Long story short: 

Computer died (but I have a purty new one, so it's OK!) I am now an apple-gal thanks to my intelegent sister who has shown me the light.
Fur-baby got sick this morning--poor thing has been pitiful all day--had to step up the mom duties!
I did some major house cleaning (including ironing-which I loathe) and I did so, while listening to Disney tunes, so it wasn't all bad...

Today I am thankful for good friends--those include ones I have never met, but receive immense support from. This is what I found waiting for me on my doorstep when I got home today:

Thanks, Kim for the beautiful ceramic tile. A perfect reminder for my November to Remember!


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  2. I have been a Mac user for years. I just love my Computer. The Labra-girls have been a little under the weather too. Maybe it's a lab thing. ;)

  3. Braces Bunch gifts are the best surprises:-)

  4. Awww, so sweet. Congrats on the new computer. ;)

  5. I used to be a mac user. I hope to get another one someday soon.

  6. I'm a Mac girl too and I love my computer sooooo much.

    Husband detests it. I think apples are like Marmite. You either love them or hate them.
    I hope you love yours.

  7. What a beautiful tile. Certainly a lovely surprise.

  8. What a nice surprise! And congrats on the new computer. I really like my mac and am using it right this very second!

  9. It made it!! I'm so glad. I guess we just have to send things in twos!

    Congrats on the Mac. My husband loves anything Apple. I make fun of him but I won't make fun of you :-)


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