Saturday, November 3, 2007

The saying is true...

Pictures are worth a thousand words...

Needless to say, today is CD 1. So today, I am thankful for my hot water bottle and pain-killers. Ladies (and gents) I have never had cramps like I have had today.... it-is-bad.

I am going to call my gyno (or as Mook calls him, my "Rhino"--he hates the word gyno, so we chose something that rhymed) on Monday. I was this close to going to the ER. Sooo painful...

So it looks like CoCo will be with us for another cycle...but that's OK. I think the severity of the cramps have kept me from thinking about this cycle not producing 2 lines....


  1. Oh dear. I hope that the cramps leave ya soon

  2. Rhino - hah! I might have to start using that one. I always say OB because it sounds better to me, but it's definitely a misnomer because I've never been to my doctor for obstetrical purposes!

  3. I like Rhino ;)

    Hope your cramps are better by now

  4. 'Pamprin'?

    As in 'pampering'?

    Are they trying to be cute?

    Sorry about the cramps...


  5. Arg! I know those too models in the photos sooooo well!

    I can totally relate to killer cramps and I certainly hope your ease up.


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