Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Please pass the salt

Well, I am disappointed that I could not stay on track with my thankful-post-a-day...but I have a whopper of a thankful post today.

For the past four days I have been thankful for these:

Those little blue pills have kept me from being one sick girl. On Thursday evening while taking out my winter-wear, I was trying on a sweater when Mook and I both noticed that a spot on my left arm, right near the bend in my elbow, was very red/swollen/and raised.

That spot was on top of the powerful vein that was poked and prodded so much in July. July, as in the-month-we-would-rather-forget. I immediately called my oh so smart mom to find out what I should do--not knowing if it was serious enough to go to the ER, or just wait until the morning to see my doctor. I wasn't feeling bad, but I started to get a bit nervous--my mom and I decided it was best to wait to see my regular doctor, so I just took some tyle.nol and went to bed...

Well, the first jolt of the next morning was the news that my general practitioner's office had closed...guess it's been a while since I've been there! So off I went to a doc-in-the-box. I was ushered into a room and was told to keep my arm elevated-no problemo. Then the doc walks in--and he was this actor's twin! Very strange...
(Updated: As Debbie pointed out, he has been on Grey's this season-so the conversation below is kind of like a twilight-zone episode, right?)

The conversation (where the SALT comes into play) went like this:


Twin Doc: So how long has the spot looked like this?

Me: I only noticed the redness last night, but I have had a small spot there since July...(I get cut off here)

Twin Doc: So what happened in this spot in July?

Me: Umm, I had a lot of blood drawn from that vein for IV...(again I get cut off)

Twin Doc: An IVF procedure? Yes, I know what that is. So how far along are you?

Me: (Taking a deep breath) It was not successful.

Twin Doc: (insert the salt getting rubbed into the wound--a literal and figurative wound). Well, that's too bad--not a great reminder to have an infection then, is it?

Me: No sir, not at all.

And then the test results come back from my panels: I have Level 1 MR.SA.


I've had a low grade fever and a headache ever since, but I've been fine--just more of an emotional ill-feeling than anything else. There has been a big out-break around this area, with some scary stories, so I am very glad I went to the doctor. Basically that injection site never healed properly-and I'm watching it closely, as it still hasnt healed completely--I will get an update from the doctor after I finish this round of medicine.

Whew, enough about that. Onto more happy updates--despite the little "bump" (ha, pun intended) in the road, we were able to take a road trip to Willia.msburg VA--a lovely fall weekend! Best of all, I got to meet A from A Somewhat Ordinary Life. She is fabulous--such a warm, caring person--and one cute pregnant lady! And no worries, I made SURE with my obgyn that A would be in no danger being around me with the mr.sa.

So I may have to duck out of the every-day NaBloPoMo until I feel 100% --hopefully soon! This deserves more time and mention, but quickly-thank you so very much to Jenna and those who have listed me among the deserving of a Flame of Fortitude. Thank you...


  1. Eeeeek you are right....you did get quite the dose of salt. I am glad they caught it early...but that is just so unfair.

    Hope you are feeling much better very soon.

  2. What a tactless arse that Dr was.

    MRSA? That's unlucky,

    hope it heals up soon,



  3. What an ignorant thing for the doctor to say. Surely a doctor would realise that IVF is far from 100% successful.

  4. That is so funny about the doctor and his twin. Did you know that Edward Herrmann was on the last couple episodes of Grey's Anatomy as an intern? That would have freaked me out.

    But on another note, I'm sorry he was insensitive. I hope your bump heals fast.

  5. Goodness JJ....very scary! Do you have any idea who exposed you to it? Glad you are on the mend and never got to the really part!

  6. Well Crap, MRSA? ugh. It's good you caught it though.

    And as for the doctor, well, that's why he's a "doc in a box.":) How rude and inconsiderate...must be a fertile. :P

    Hope you get better soon!

  7. Good thing you caught that. But yeah, what a horrible reminder.

    Glad you had fun in Williamsburg, we went there last spring for our anniversary. It is such a cute little town!

  8. Oh my goodness...how terrible! Get well soon!!

  9. Oh dear me! MRSA? good thing you added the link. As soon as I read that I started combing my body for red bumps. YIKES!

  10. I agree with Geohde - Too bad they do not sell tact for Dr's in a pill or drink form.

    I am so sorry of the luck that you are having right now. This is the second mention of MRSA today for me. My college roomate just emailed me about a MRSA break out in her daycare she works at. Goodness- i will say my prayers for all of you suffering through this- Take good care of yourself

  11. I hope you feel better soon JJ.

    You answered him a lot more politely than I would have. Clearly he left his bedside manner at home.

  12. So sorry that you are having to deal with this crap. Can't the bloodletting me enough??? No one needs an infection on top of that, and an insensitive doctor as the cherry on top.

    I am so happy, however, that you still got to enjoy your nice weekend! Feel better soon!!!

  13. OMG, No! Not MRSA!

    As bad as MRSA can be, I am actually more upset at the "how far along are you" line!

    I am so sorry for all the crap suddenly in your life!

  14. JJ, I'm so glad you got that infection looked at, but sorry you got salt rubbed in the wound in the process. I hope it heals quickly and you are back to 100% in no time!

  15. JJ, all I can say is Yikes, Yikes, Yikes! And that sucks, sucks, sucks! As if IF treatments aren't made enough without getting such an infection from blood draws. Most of us think of them as inconveniences, not dangerous!

    I really hope it heals and you feel better soon.

  16. Could that be any more scary? I heard staph and my heart started pounding for you. I hope it clears quickly.

  17. Jesus, an infection? How the hell did they manage that?

    Good luck with it, hope it clears up fast. Want a spreadsheet to track it's progress? ;-)

  18. Yikes!! Hope you feel better soon.

  19. Bl**dy insensitive doctors! Hope the infection clears up soon.

  20. Holy crap! I'm so glad you're okay. Get better soon!

  21. Oh no! I'm glad you got that checked out. Hopefully the drugs will work wonders!

    And sorry for the reminder from the dr about July.

  22. I'm shocked at the doctor, but then again they aren't always known to have stellar bed-side manner.

    Like you said when we met it was like we had met many times before! You are one awesome woman and I hope we do get to meet many more times in the future!

    I hope that the infection clears up soon!

  23. Oh my! That's so scary! It's good you went to the doctor and caught it early. Feel good!

  24. I am so sorry and so glad you caught it soon enough! That stuff is scary!

  25. wow, how scary! i'm so glad you went and got it checked out when you did!

    and sorry for the extra salty salt.

  26. Talk about getting kicked when you're down... get well *soon*!

  27. That actor kinda creeps me out.

    Good luck with fast healing. You poor thing!

  28. I saw your information on the Lost and Found.

    My FIL had a very bad case of MRSA back in 2002 (he needed several rounds of antibiotics because his case was resistant to many of the antibiotics tried). It is finally cleared up now...but it took a very long time to do (he is also diabetic).

    Please feel free to e-mail me if you have questions... Hope this clears up fast for you!

  29. I have no personal experience with MRSA, but my friend's husband has had it two or three times (I think it was diagnosed as staph the first time). He works in the healthcare field and apparently was exposed to it that way. His was not caught nearly as soon as yours, though. It never fully went away, just moved to another part of his body. He is now free of it after many many rounds of antibiotics. :-)

    I hope you're better quickly!!! (((hugs)))

    and someone needs to smack that doctor for his ignorance.

  30. Oh my gosh! MRSA! Like we infertiles need another medical worry... I'm glad you're okay!

  31. OK, that just bites. I hope that you feel better soon.

  32. Ugh on the comment from the doc-in-the-box. MRSA is a pain - my son has had more MRSA infections than I can keep track of. Sometimes it is hard to get the area healed, but even though a lot of thing you read about MRSA are scary, he has never had any serious complications, nor has anyone else in our family gotten MRSA - so don't let the stuff online terrify you. I hope it heals up quickly.

  33. Wow. I'm so glad you had it checked out and are being treated!!! That's a scary and unwanted souvenir from a sad and difficult time. Here's wishing a speedy resolution to the infection. Can we send you any treats? -- I ask because my mom used to buy me Seventeen magazine and Ding Dongs when I was nursing an infection.

  34. Oh JJ, that is awful. What a wonderful souvenir from an unsuccessful cycle.

    I hope it clears up soon.

  35. SCARY!

    And salt in the wound, and how.

    Hope you get better soon...

  36. Ugh! I'm so sorry about that! (And, that doc's bedside manner leaves a lot to be desired, huh?)

    Glad that you're on the mend, and that you got to meet A! I hope you guys had a great time!

  37. Hope you feel better soon sweetie, very strange eh? I hate people that cut me off like that!!

    So, just checking in on you...thanks for you sweet comments!

    Lots of love and hugs xxx

  38. That sucks. I hope the infection clears soon.

  39. I'm so sorry you had to deal with Dr. Jackass--hope the infection heals soon!

  40. 60 Minutes just had a feature on MRSA (it was on last Sunday, so maybe the episode is still up on the web site). The good news is that it seems to be manageable if it is caught early. Scary nonetheless. Get well soon.


  41. I like how the doctor said out loud that he knows what IVF is.

    Gold star to him!

    Hope you get this cleared up soon.


  42. you've succeeded in scaring the cr*p out of me...another reason i don't want to do ivf. best to you.

  43. So sorry to hear about the MRSA! Hoping it is all out of your system soon. Glad to hear you had a nice trip to Williamsburg. Sounds lovely! Take care.

  44. yikes! I'm so sorry you have to go through all of this this. as if IVF isn't already hard enough.

    heal fast and feel better!

  45. What's up JJ!?!?! It's been over a week without anything new to comment on!

    Just wanted to come over here and let you know I was thinking of you and hoped everything in your life was just a big fat ray of sunshine right now! :)

  46. Excuse my language, but that is so fucking unfair. We hope you are feeling better.

  47. well, i hope you feel better soon.drat!
    i am so JEALOUS that you got to meet a from a somewhat ordinary life.

  48. I have just been catching up after my trip away. Love your thankful posts, a great read.

    Sorry about the MRSA that's something I am sure you can do without. Hope you get fit and well soon.

    The doc needs to go back and finish the tactful course....he obviously left before the end.

  49. oh no!! i hope it clears up soon!!


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