Saturday, January 31, 2009

Day 13, 14 and 15

Mook here with another insiders edition from the Hotel de hos-pi-tal...

Three days have passed since the amnio results; Doc is still confident with where all the levels and readings are to this point. So there's no new baby momma drama happenin' here! Good news this week is that the doc gave us a tentative schedule for little mans grand appearance...
You ready? You ready??? Sorry, you gotta wait til I'm done with my scheming and nonsensical rants... I'm here strictly for entertainment these days, so I'm sharing my wealth.

The past few months, we have contemplated on how we will break the news to people that Ron has arrived.

We could refer people to the US census board for the latest in updated data, but since that stuff is updated by stenographer on crack being read fact sheets by the Micromachines spokesman from the 80's, probably not the best option...


We could suggest the unaltered version of the diner scene in Spaceballs: Graphic Content; but since neither myself or JJ are demonic or extraterrestrial, and there's no guarantee that little man will get his moms jeans for the singing voice...


I have always wanted to do this: But I don't think they would get nor appreciate it; and so few people, including my folks, get the humor of collect phone calls nowadays...


We decided we'd use the popularity of the internet and post the major events in chronological order or in order of which I deem to be more import than others. (Or maybe, I will supply every detail possible and you, as readers, can feel like you were here in the room with us. Along with the Sonographer, the Obstetrician, the surgical staff, the Perinatologist, the Anesthesiologist, and the NICU nurses. This better be a big freakin' room!

On a side note, I do have some advice for the dads/partners in the reading audience.
When these events unfold in your neck of the woods, take advantage of the down time you do have. Sit your happy asses on the couch. Take a nap. Leave the hospital when you can. Because you will get tired. You will go without food. You will eventually get sick and fall victim to the plague known as NOTHINGYOUCANDOTOHELPANYTHINGSOYOUMAYASWELLNOTTRYITIS... that's a term I'm working to coin; We'll see if it catches on...(I'm feeling better, but I missed visiting JJ for 2 days)

Oh yeah! I get carried away sometimes...

Wednesday, February 4th, 2009 at 12:15 pm will live in infamy... (The baby cry heard 'round "our" world!)

One more thing!
I neglected to inform you all of JJ secret.

This chick can drink some apple juice! She has driven the entire hospital out of their WWIII supply twice now! Its to the point, the nurses come in with multiple juice containers with each visit to the room... no matter the time or frequency of the visit(s). Of course, they can only bring juice, when they have juice...

I find this extremely funny since she rarely drinks apple juice when we are home... Little man is gonna be one thirsty motha'! Or he's gonna spend the better part of his infant years taking a leak...

Mook out

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Day 12

Mook supplying today's installment.

Today was filled with anticipation, pressure and pain in the gut...

We were hoping today would resolve the debate of Ron's worldly debut. First of all, I go into work today at 1am in hopes of getting my normal stuff done and leaving in time to make it here for the amnio. Yeah, so I'm 3 minutes late to the procedure. So here I am sprinting through the hospital, like that old OJ Simpson commercial in the airport; only I was dodging and diving around pregnant chicks or family that was lost in hysterics rather than passenger luggage.

From the east end of the parking lot to the far west end of the building, only to find the room empty... a random nurse sees me in panic and mentions that JJ has gone to ultrasound; before she could finish, "I know where that is!" and off I darted back to the east side of the hospital. Luckily I ran into one of the nurses that has been so helpful since we came to our new vacation spot. She ran right with me and got me into the Fort Knox that is ultrasound... Just in time!!!

I could see the concern on JJ's face and I did what I could to calm her and keep her from looking at the procedure. Granted I didn't feel the pain and pressure, but I witnessed it up close and personal, and I tell you, JJ is freakin' awesome! I'm no wimpy white boy but damn, they would have needed to tie me down. One glimpse at that bad boy needle coming at me and it would have hit the fan... No way I would have been up for that. (Not to scare anyone who may have this on the roster for future endeavours, but holy crap...) if I did, my bad...

Finally the procedure is over and we head back to the room. Let me interject with how dark it is in these ultrasound rooms... Our ultrasound tech was nice but once we got out into the light of the hallway, I was caught staring... chicky had her eyebrows drawn on... Seemingly with a thick permanent marker. I know this is no big deal, but these resembled furry caterpillars that were navy blue. An obvious shade navy blue!?!?! Completely natural looking... for smurfs... Regardless of Smurfette and her new eye-do, we get back to the room and JJ is in serious pain. The nurses assured us, that this was all natural and gave some pain meds to calm her nerves.

Finally, at 6:30 this evening, we get some results. Little Ron showed that his lung capacity and maturity measured out to a 28.6 where the docs like to see at least a measurement of 40 before they are comfortable with delivery. JJ was devastated. I reminded her how fragile these little people are and how each day in the womb makes him stronger. And please believe we BOTH know that this extra time just makes Ron stronger--but the best way JJ describes how it is for her: It's not like being the hospital to get well when you are sick; each day is getting harder for her as she experiences more pain and the threat of heavier bleeding. We had a good hug session and talked out our options. Though, not the results we wanted, we are both thankful that these test exist and that little man is doing well in his current habitat. We hope to have a good chat with our doctor in the AM.

We both want to thank you all for your thoughts, prayers, comments, and gifts through this time. All of these mean more than the world.

-Mook out-

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Day 10 & 11

UPDATE: Amnio at 8:30 am Wednesday morning. Won't know results until late in the day. Just praying for healthy baby and healthy momma.

Not feeling great, so this is gonna be brief:
  • After posting on Sunday night, nurse came into flush IV: quickly found out my new placement was "bad" and I ended up passed out on the bed for a placement in my wrist is better, but ooo did THAT hurt.
  • Throat still hurts
  • Ambien is no longer working so great
  • Told OB on Monday morning that we would like to go ahead with amnio. After asking him again if he felt OK with this--he didnt even let me finish: "yes, absolutely-lets give this a try." So I am feeling better about it--still trying to shake my guilty feelings
  • OB came in this morning and told me he had planned to do it today, but a woman was currently in labor. She definitely gets first dibs
  • Still waiting to hear if it will be tomorrow
  • Me: in mucho pain--its all back and butt. Things could be a lot worse, I know, but it makes the waking hours really tough--I really cant get comfortable
  • Will keep you posted when we get word
  • Thank you SO much for each comment to my last post--love to you all!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Day 9-Big Update

Day 9 (1/25):
  • No strep: good and bad-just have to manage with Tylenol and fluids, but Im A-OK with that
  • To answer some of your questions: yes, Ive been alternating heat and ice for my back/butt pain
  • I did have them add an egg crate to my bed 2 days ago--not sure if I mentioned that. It does help some
  • Had to have my IV switched today (they switch it every 4 days) and its so unpleasant. Its back in my left hand...
AND, the biggest update for today:
  • Head is spinning--lots of info to consider--keep reading
  • OB came in about 3pm today--wanted to check on my throat/back pain--said he was sorry if he gave me the crud (since he's been sick!) but Im just hoping and praying its the stale hospital air--and won't turn into something worse. He said he'd definitely have to delay anything if I started to develop more cold-like symptoms. Praying I don't...
  • He's now decided that he'd like to go ahead and do the amnio on Wednesday--which puts me at exactly 35 weeks--said it is up to us, but either way, I still won't go past 36 weeks
  • SO, obviously the decision will come down to how comfortable I am tomorrow morning when he comes in to ask what we've decided, but of course I REALLY value your input...
Things to consider:
  • Amnio could be immature. Wait another week
  • Even IF it is immature, I still won't go past Feb 4th
  • Amnio could cause me to bleed/rupture my waters and have to deliver regardless of what amnio says
  • Amnio could be mature and I would have my c-section Thursday
  • How healthy will Ron be as a 35 weeker? I hear the Caucasian males are usually "wimpy" so of course Im concerned
  • Trying to remember we are taking ME and RON into consideration here--its not just "to get him out"--we need to weigh the possibility of me hemorrhaging
  • Amnio risks: yes, they are rare--but still (and obviously the pain associated with it!)
  • NICU time--relates to how healthy/stable Ron will be as a 35 weeker. As of last u/s on the 17th, his estimated weight was 4lbs 13oz (that was up 6 oz from that Monday-so that makes me comfortable he's gaining weight)
Please don't leave horror stories or "shame on you" comments...Im already feeling guilty for potentially having to put my son at risk, although I know I cannot help having previa. Im just scared, and need some input--even if your child was born around this time frame and DID need assistance/NICU, Im OK with hearing that--just keep me thinking positive! Thank you!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Day 4 - 8

Didn't mean to leave my "daily" updates hangin' let me explain:

Day 4 (1/20):
  • It did snow! We got .5 of an inch, but it was so pretty to see--it is so peaceful to watch
  • Inauguration on TV all day. I can tell you anything that happened, what someone wore, who said what, etc. So don't feel bad if you missed something--just let me know what you need to know. Aretha, your hat--really?
  • Back/butt pain was excruciating. Did not touch computer, or much else except the nurse call button all day
  • OB did not give me much of a progress report--"let's keep taking it a day at a time"
  • Neighbor/friend visited--she's the best!
  • He did change my procardia to every 4 hours instead of every 6. Im lucky that its helped, AND it hasnt made me feel bad in any way
  • Mook spent the night! We both slept really well--it was just nice to have him right there--and he said the fold out couch wasn't bad!
  • Ambien is my friend
Day 5 (1/21):
  • Continued back/butt pain--when OB came in he offered to go ahead and let me try a muscle relaxer (flexor?) and said I wasn't going to feel great--but at that point I just glared at him and said, "Give me druuugggs"
  • Well, he was right. Didn't help my pain AT ALL, and by 4pm I felt even more of that
  • Hit the 34 week mark! Hallelujah!
  • Watched the much anticipated return of LOST: I was not impressed. Maybe because I was so cranky
  • Childbirth class teacher came by--Mook ran into her on the way out of the hospital--I was hoping to pry some more info out of her as far as what my plan might be-but she didn't bite. While she was in my room, I had the worst hot flash Ive had yet--I was this close to asking her to dump ice water on me. Seriously.
  • Ambien is my friend
Day 6 (1/22):
  • OB came in at 6am (he's usually here around 8:30am) and he didn't appear to be in the best of moods--he didnt give me time to ask anything just said, "Status quo, and if you keep this up, we may push you to 38 weeks." I swear I had my water cup in hand ready to hurl at him, but he was out of my room before I had the chance to throw. Not that I want Ron to be put in danger, please know that, but he's never told me that I will go that long before...
  • Yea, that butt/back pain continued--hot shower eased it for a bit
  • Got a craving for Pepsi. All Coke products here, so Mook brought me some Pepsi--all because of a stupid commercial
  • Got a super-duper care package from Denise--socks (the awesome pair in the upcoming photo), chap stick, hairbands, chocolate--made my day!
  • Had a visit from a friend I havent seen in almost a year
  • Ambien is my friend
Day 7 (1/23):
  • Biggest YAY moment: I got to go ouuuutsiiiiide! We got permission for Mook to take me out in a wheel chair. Having the sun on your face is fabulous.
  • My sister came to visit! She gets a little queasy watching them poke and prod me--poor thing!
  • Biggest CRAP moment: my throat started to really hurt about 4pm
  • Tie for biggest YAY moment: OB had a different report for me--went back to saying no later than Feb 4th, BUT that we werent going to do the amnio at all--too risky still with my previa, and he wants to give Ron more time to cook
  • Had friends visit--they brought us dinner from our favorite diner--had a great visit
  • Throat got worse and worse--couldnt do more than Tylenol--so I asked for my ambien early and was asleep by 9:30

Day 8
  • Honestly thought I was hallucinating. My OB came in at 1:30am! My nurse told me later today that he was here for an emergency c-section and came in to tell me that he wouldn't be here today, but that they would call him if need be. I totally thought I had dreamt it.
  • Throat still reaaaaaly hurt--got tested for strep--still waiting on results. Still having a hard time even swallowing.
  • Cried really hard for about 15 minutes this morning: dont really know why--I think it just all gets to me sometimes--the emotion of being here, the fact that Im going to be a MOM soon, and the pain...all rolled into one.
  • The stand-in OB was my old doctor--I switched from him once I got the recommendation from my friend--Im SO glad he's not my doctor anymore--he has no bedside manner. He said, "Oh well since you have previa, we just wait until you really bleed, then we deliver you" Ass.
  • My parents came to visit!!! So good to see them--just having my mom sit near by was such a comfort
  • Neighbor friends came back and brought me a cake and a few Ron gifts! I haven't talked about it, because I didnt want to jinx it, but my shower was supposed to be today. I just had this feeling I wouldn't make it...I had a sad moment, but quickly let it go--a shower is a very nice luxury--it is NOT required to have a baby!
  • Mook and my family are out at dinner--wish I could be with them, but just glad he is getting a break from the hospital room!
  • AND this is the first time in about 4 days that I am able to sit up in a chair--so its a small victory!
Thank you ALL for continuing to come by and check on us--I know Im not the only one going through "stuff" and I appreciate you taking a moment to let me know you are thinking about us. I may not know exactly whats going on with each of you right now, but please know Im always thinking about this cozy community!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Day 2 & 3

Thanks for all the support and "chin-up" messages--I am feeling calm overall, just those moments where I feel like a deer in headlights.

I definitely want to document each day Im here (if possible) to keep tabs on everything that is going on:

Day 2 (1/18):
  • Mook's birthday! Poor thing--I know he didn't want to be anywhere else, but it was still crummy that he had to spend the day on a couch keeping tabs on me. He's the best nurse I have! He brought his gifts to the hospital, so I was so happy to see the smiles on his face--his favorite gift was the Diaper Dude!
  • NICU head-doctor came down at 8am to explain all about the Level II (there is also a Level III here) NICU Ron would be in if he comes in the next 2 weeks--very informative, and made me feel really at ease--said obviously lungs are a factor but not a high one--most would be not being able to regulate his body temperature and feeding issues--most likely he'd need a tube at first.
  • The early morning hours brought contractions about 3 minutes apart--quickly put back on procardia.
  • Got my second shot to help mature his lungs
  • Spent a lot of time on the monitors-have to admit, it's quite entertaining to watch the nurses try and find him--he hates the monitor, and does a realllly good job of hiding. It scares me at times, but I do feel him "running away"
  • Had another u/s--got to see him practice breathing and playing with his toes! He's still looking good--its just getting cramped with him hitting the placenta and irritating my cervix
  • Hospital beds suuuuck. My back and butt are not built to hold a low lying Ron! I can't sit/lay/stand for a long time in any position--I honestly feel like my tailbone is breaking--heating pad and tylenol is all I get. But ya know what, I still wouldn't trade it.
  • They feed me like Im 82 years old. I get food pretty much every 2 1/2 hours--and the meals are always served super early--dinner is promptly at 4:30pm. Food is not that bad!
  • Had some spotting late in the day--bright red, then brown
  • My OB came by just to see me--I love that man. He didn't have too much to change--just said we'd keep an eye on things
  • Was able to sleep better--Ambien is my friiiend

Day 3
  • Maaajor contractions this morning--about 2 minutes apart and more back pain--my OB was actually here in surgery, so he was able to get over to my room relatively fast. Im officially on procardia every 6 hours.
  • His initial thoughts were to give me the amnio no later than Wednesday this week (34 weeks exactly) and if all was good, I'd have Ron this weekend!
  • Well, he changed his mind--he said he wants to keep taking it day by day. He said there is a 50/50 chance that his lungs are mature, so he's not quite ready to run the test--however, it really is day to day--esp since Im still having some spotting. He obviously does not want me to get to the point where I hemorrhage.
  • I will not go past February 4th-so we've got 15 days to play with. It seems SO long away, yet so close--especially since it really could be any day.
  • Took a shower--felt SO good.
  • Trying my best to get to emails/blogs--my butt is not cooperating!
  • Watching The Bachelor and waiting for the snow-we are supposed to get 1-3 inches--I'd LOVE to see it--so peaceful
  • Bedtime snack just came...gonna go eat... again=)
Sweet dreams!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hotel de Hos-pi-tal

It really wasn't a question of "will it happen"...more like "when will it happen"

First and foremost, my biggest fear about all of this, is that I would start to bleed from the previa, and I'd be all alone. Just this past week, I called our county to check on our ambulance dispatch--since we live in the opposite county of where my hospital is. God heard my prayers and kept the angels (the biggest one, being Mook) near by when the time came...

We had just gotten back from lunch with Mook's parents to celebrate his birthday, when I had the strong urge to get to the bathroom--thought it was just all the water/tea I'd had. As I do every single time, I checked the TP, and I had to do a triple check--definitely bright red blood. I guess I sat there a long time, because Mook came to check on me and I calmly said, "It's time to go"

My bags were only semi-packed so we skipped that, grabbed the paperwork I have been compiling, the camera, and my purse and we were out the door. We called my OB and the hospital on the way--my OB was actually at the Duke game, but stepped out to talk to me--what a guy, huh? =) Mook and I both did a really good job of staying calm, and not speeding to get to the hospital, and just held hands. It takes us about 25 min to get there, and thank goodness they didn't make me go through triage when I got there, and got me straight back to a room.

Short story of being in maternity admissions: great nurses, got an u/s, my OB left the Duke game early to come back to check on me. Bleeding slowed, and Ive actually only had spotting since then--a good sign we can keep Ron cooking bit longer. I did get a shot to start helping his lungs mature, and Ill get my second one this afternoon.

U/s results (combined with this past Tuesday's appt): Ron is in 50th percentile, weighs 4lbs 7oz, and looks really good overall--we saw him practice breathing--he even stuck his tongue out at us! I posted that picture on his glamor shots. Placenta, of course, had not moved. My cervix still looked closed and long, but my OB told me earlier this week, that it really had no significance anymore, since the blood from the placenta can eek through the cervix.

The plan was to keep having me come back for a check in over the next 3 weeks, where he still planned to do the amnio at 36 weeks (Im 33w4d today). Now the plan is: I'm checked into Hotel de Hos-pi-tal until Ron enters the world.

Am I bummed? A bit--its gonna be hard being away from Mook and not being able to finish nesting (we just got the mattress yesterday--still dont have a car seat!) But overall, I know Im exactly where I need to be--Im so, so thankful my doctor rocks-he wont have any other OB check on me, but him.

So once I got checked into a room last night, things started going downhill a bit--I went into a bit of cardiac distress, which therefore put stress on Ron--the nurses stayed in here with me for over an hour--I was put on oxygen and on some IV fluids. Ron's HR was jumping from 164 down to 90 something, and my heart was skipping all over the place. Thank goodness it regulated--but I am still on 24 hour monitoring. Ive also been placed on procardia permanently--the BH have turned into full-out contractions, and they don't want me having ANY at this point. I'm feeling OK, just really woozy and I hate having an IV needle in my

Mook is here spending his 30th birthday on the couch with me--poor guy. I feel so bad--but Im thankful we're together. I'll be sure to make it up to him...but I told him he JINXED it when he said just the other day: "Maybe Ron WILL be my birthday present..." Yeaaaa...let's wait just a bit longer.

NICU nurse came in this morning and answered all of my questions--so far, the care Ive received has been fantastic--even the food is pretty good=)

Im doing my best to remain in good spirits--last night was really rough--and I appreciate the msgs and texts I got from my twitter updates--thats all I could do until Mook brought the computer this AM.

So this room will become my new home away from home for a little while longer, but I'll take it if it's keeping both of us safe and healthy. I will definitely keep everyone posted. Thanks, as always, for the thoughts and prayers--Mook and I both are so appreciative.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Another list finished!

I've had so many smiles reading comments from the de-lurkers, and the drop-ins to say "hi"--thank you so much! I am looking forward to following back to some new blogs and checking in with everyone (which I'm headed to do after this post...)--and even the annon comments: JP, I was so glad you said hello--keep dropping by!

As you read in the last post, I've been crossing things off my list--and since I have an unfinished list from May of last year (Nifty Fifty) I've been working on completing the list--and it's done! Enjoy the rest of "100 random things about me" as I go immerse myself in blog reading with my hot chocolate. If you read through the list, you'll find out exactly how I like my hot chocolate...

Update-post on how things are going with Ron and the Uterus of Gryffindor early next week...

51. I love, love, love Big League Chew (the gum)--especially the original flavor
52. I love getting personalized holiday cards, BUT (and this is a big but) I enjoy seeing the people I know--NOT just the kid(s) or pets. I want to see my friends, too! It's a really big pet peeve!
53. I rarely paint my finger nails
54. Krispy Kreme doughnuts make me extremely happy
55. I don't like pizza. I got really bad food poisoning from sausage pizza in high school--saved me tons of $$ in college!
56. This list is starting out very food oriented. I like food.
57. I type really fast
58. I never took a formal typing class--do they even offer those anymore?
59. My feet are always cold. Really, it can be 95 degrees, and they still feel cool to the touch. Not that you want to touch my feet...
60. I use the word "lovely" too much
61. I wear silver and white gold-not a fan of yellow gold
62. I like chili with no beans
63. If I eat a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, it HAS to be cold
64. My favorite candy bar is a Milky Way
65. Ok, seriously this won't be all about food
66. Our lab knows exactly when it's time to eat--it's a bit creepy actually
67. I can crochet, but not knit. I've tried to learn 3 times, and each time it's been a disaster...I need a good teacher!
68. I already have my 2nd tattoo picked out, just not the location of where it will go
69. This number always makes me blush and giggle
70. When I hold a pen/pencil, it rests on my ring finger, not my middle. Im told this is rare. Anyone else hold it this way?
71. When I write, I can make the paper curl--I press really hard
72. I went through college in the AIM era--I would spend hours just checking people's "Away Status"
73. I love living where I get to experience all 4 seasons
74. I hate vomiting. Not that anyone enjoys it, just stating a fact.
75. I remember getting finger-printed for a child's safety kit when I was 5--I thought I'd be moving into "that place with bars"
76. I'm pretty much addicted to I gave it up for Lent one year--incredibly difficult to hold out.
77. I hate ALL Clearblue Easy commercials
78. College basketball is my favorite sport
79. I get freaked out when Mook rubs his eyes--they sound like a squeaky wheel
80. Growing up, I had a huge crush on my next door neighbor, who is about 6 years older than me. When my boyfriend broke up with me right before the high school Christmas dance, my neighbor offered to take me--we had the BEST time.
81. I think CSI Miami is one of the worst written shows on TV, but I watch it every time I see its on. Why does Horatio always stand with his side facing whoever he's talking to?
82. I'm debating on whether to grow out my hair or cut it short again
83. Twizzlers used to be my movie theater preferred candy. Then I heard they had horse hooves in them. I don't eat twizzlers anymore.
84. I really enjoy looking into my family genealogy
85. Our lab snores louder than an 80 year old man
86. I make my hot chocolate with warm milk and chocolate sauce (and of course topped with mini marshmallows). Mook thinks this is strange. Does everyone else just use the mix packets?
87. I only had 2 wisdom teeth: both got removed in college
88. My doctor's name was Dr. Pinch
89. I woke up out of the anesthesia singing nursery rhymes and got mad at the nurse for throwing my teeth away
90. I find it very amusing that Mook can sit down and watch infomercials for hooouuuurrrsssss...
91. I really wish I could have seen Ella Fitzgerald in concert
92. On Christmas day, if it is sunny out, the window blinds MUST remain closed. To me, it just needs to be cloudy/rainy/snowing on Christmas, and this way we can all pretend if its not! My whole family does this each year=)
93. I'm a side sleeper
94. In 1st grade, I made people call me by my middle name for a week
95. The first time I visited NYC I couldnt take the subway--they were on strike
96. I read anything James Patterson writes
97. I don't like wrapping gifts: Mook takes care of that in our household-and he's damn good
98. I really wish I was better at solving crossword puzzles. The only ones I can complete are in People magazine
99. I prefer blue ink pens over black ink pens
100. Mook's 30th Birthday is Sunday! Send him a birthday smile! (he's mad I'm including that its the big 3-0...mwwaahahaha)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wontcha be my neighbor?

I am at the cusp of being caught up...and it feels soooo good to cross things off my numerous lists! I finished up my projects at work that I couldn't do from home by the end of last week, so it felt good to leave with those tied up. I'll continue to work from home as long as Ron allows... :0)

So as I gear up to catch up with everyone and write some more, it's the perfect time to encourage you to de-lurk! I love adding new blogs, and really-I don't bite. I promise! Things might get sparse as far as reading/commenting in the near future for a bit, but now is a great time for me to sit down (or recline) with some new blog buddies and reconnect with the old ones. Even if you are annon and don't have a blog, I'm always happy to chat over e-mail! (

Gimmie a shout!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Auto Response Message

Today's appointment put a RUSH on things, so for the rest of this week I have to focus on getting things tied off at work and make sure I have the essentials all worked out for Ron's arrival. I have so many other things I want to say/share before he makes his appearance, so I won't be gone for long. Of course I'll be behind on reading, but I promise to catch up!

Short gist of it: my last day at work will be Friday. Holy crap. I plan on working from home (where I'll be back on modified bed rest) as long as I can, but that's really only about 3 weeks. We will have another u/s next week to check on his growth/stats. Then at 36 weeks, my doc plans on doing an amnio to check if little Ron is mature-and if so, he's comin' out then. He feels there is too big a risk at this point of hemorrhaging and with possible clotting/bleeding issues (family history as well as my own medical stuff) he isn't taking any risks. If he's not mature at 36 weeks, I will be given steroids and checked the following week.

So wow. Feeling a lot of different emotions right now. Im nervous about him coming early-but I need to trust my doctor-he's kept me on the straight and narrow up to this point. We're just so thankful for close monitoring and the knowledge of how to prepare to bring this blessing into our lives.

Be back soon...

> Updated with a new picture posted in the Uterus of Gryffindor