Friday, January 16, 2009

Another list finished!

I've had so many smiles reading comments from the de-lurkers, and the drop-ins to say "hi"--thank you so much! I am looking forward to following back to some new blogs and checking in with everyone (which I'm headed to do after this post...)--and even the annon comments: JP, I was so glad you said hello--keep dropping by!

As you read in the last post, I've been crossing things off my list--and since I have an unfinished list from May of last year (Nifty Fifty) I've been working on completing the list--and it's done! Enjoy the rest of "100 random things about me" as I go immerse myself in blog reading with my hot chocolate. If you read through the list, you'll find out exactly how I like my hot chocolate...

Update-post on how things are going with Ron and the Uterus of Gryffindor early next week...

51. I love, love, love Big League Chew (the gum)--especially the original flavor
52. I love getting personalized holiday cards, BUT (and this is a big but) I enjoy seeing the people I know--NOT just the kid(s) or pets. I want to see my friends, too! It's a really big pet peeve!
53. I rarely paint my finger nails
54. Krispy Kreme doughnuts make me extremely happy
55. I don't like pizza. I got really bad food poisoning from sausage pizza in high school--saved me tons of $$ in college!
56. This list is starting out very food oriented. I like food.
57. I type really fast
58. I never took a formal typing class--do they even offer those anymore?
59. My feet are always cold. Really, it can be 95 degrees, and they still feel cool to the touch. Not that you want to touch my feet...
60. I use the word "lovely" too much
61. I wear silver and white gold-not a fan of yellow gold
62. I like chili with no beans
63. If I eat a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, it HAS to be cold
64. My favorite candy bar is a Milky Way
65. Ok, seriously this won't be all about food
66. Our lab knows exactly when it's time to eat--it's a bit creepy actually
67. I can crochet, but not knit. I've tried to learn 3 times, and each time it's been a disaster...I need a good teacher!
68. I already have my 2nd tattoo picked out, just not the location of where it will go
69. This number always makes me blush and giggle
70. When I hold a pen/pencil, it rests on my ring finger, not my middle. Im told this is rare. Anyone else hold it this way?
71. When I write, I can make the paper curl--I press really hard
72. I went through college in the AIM era--I would spend hours just checking people's "Away Status"
73. I love living where I get to experience all 4 seasons
74. I hate vomiting. Not that anyone enjoys it, just stating a fact.
75. I remember getting finger-printed for a child's safety kit when I was 5--I thought I'd be moving into "that place with bars"
76. I'm pretty much addicted to I gave it up for Lent one year--incredibly difficult to hold out.
77. I hate ALL Clearblue Easy commercials
78. College basketball is my favorite sport
79. I get freaked out when Mook rubs his eyes--they sound like a squeaky wheel
80. Growing up, I had a huge crush on my next door neighbor, who is about 6 years older than me. When my boyfriend broke up with me right before the high school Christmas dance, my neighbor offered to take me--we had the BEST time.
81. I think CSI Miami is one of the worst written shows on TV, but I watch it every time I see its on. Why does Horatio always stand with his side facing whoever he's talking to?
82. I'm debating on whether to grow out my hair or cut it short again
83. Twizzlers used to be my movie theater preferred candy. Then I heard they had horse hooves in them. I don't eat twizzlers anymore.
84. I really enjoy looking into my family genealogy
85. Our lab snores louder than an 80 year old man
86. I make my hot chocolate with warm milk and chocolate sauce (and of course topped with mini marshmallows). Mook thinks this is strange. Does everyone else just use the mix packets?
87. I only had 2 wisdom teeth: both got removed in college
88. My doctor's name was Dr. Pinch
89. I woke up out of the anesthesia singing nursery rhymes and got mad at the nurse for throwing my teeth away
90. I find it very amusing that Mook can sit down and watch infomercials for hooouuuurrrsssss...
91. I really wish I could have seen Ella Fitzgerald in concert
92. On Christmas day, if it is sunny out, the window blinds MUST remain closed. To me, it just needs to be cloudy/rainy/snowing on Christmas, and this way we can all pretend if its not! My whole family does this each year=)
93. I'm a side sleeper
94. In 1st grade, I made people call me by my middle name for a week
95. The first time I visited NYC I couldnt take the subway--they were on strike
96. I read anything James Patterson writes
97. I don't like wrapping gifts: Mook takes care of that in our household-and he's damn good
98. I really wish I was better at solving crossword puzzles. The only ones I can complete are in People magazine
99. I prefer blue ink pens over black ink pens
100. Mook's 30th Birthday is Sunday! Send him a birthday smile! (he's mad I'm including that its the big 3-0...mwwaahahaha)


  1. I have so much to comment on with this post...I HATE all the CBE commercials as well. Glad to hear that I'm not the only one.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOOK:-) It's okay to be the big 3-0, it really is...okay, so I'm telling myself that for the next 6 mths til it's my turn:-)

  2. Hey girl-
    I didn't come out of lurking at your last plea, though I don't really consider myself a lurker since you know I read. I'm just bad at commenting. My hubby is turning 30 on Thursday. We're celebrating this weekend in San Diego! I surprised him with the gift of a trip, but I think the gift you and Mook are about to get is MUCH better! :)

  3. De-lurking one post late. Hi!

    Happy 3-0 to your hubby!

    Back to lurking...

  4. I agree with 62. I always get teased for it.

    I used to make hot chocolate that way until I discovered Land of Lakes mix at Costco. It makes the creamiest hot chocolate ever from a mix and water.

  5. Must share. I used to write like you. Still have the bump on my ring finger to prove it. I had an old cranky 5th grade teacher that made me change. She used to come by and pull my pencil out of my hand if I was writing the "wrong way". Be glad you can still be unique and that you didn't have to experience Mrs. Funk.

    I turned 30 last Sept. Tell Mook the feeling of being old lessens a bit over time!

  6. Had to comment on these:

    86. I make my hot chocolate with warm milk and chocolate sauce (and of course topped with mini marshmallows). Mook thinks this is strange. Does everyone else just use the mix packets? Hate the packets and only use Ghirardelli Double Chocolate and 2% milk. Ugh! Hate the packets!

    87. I only had 2 wisdom teeth: both got removed in college. Me too. I asked the dentist why and he explained that since people don't use them anymore and they are not needed, they are starting to see more and more people who have only 2 or none. I asked, "So I am more highly evolved than most people?" He agreed. So there you go... you are more highly evolved too.

    Happy Birthday Mook!

  7. Like you, I too hold my pen/pencil on my ring finger. You know, its not until recently that I realized other people don't do this. I don't know why I do, but I've tried to conform to the other method and I just can't do it. Strange. I wonder if Lemy will inherit this trait?

    Love the list! Can't wait for the Ron update :)

  8. Chuckling at your comment for 69. What's your next tattoo?? I have my next picked out too. Oh and I use packets for my hot chocolate (the land of lakes ones) but often mix them with milk to make them even creamier (and more fattening).

  9. And Horatio is SUCH a bad actor, well the actor who plays him...
    I like white hot chocolate, black pens not blue
    I got cold feet too to go with the cold UOD.

  10. I don't like the chocolate syrup for hot chocolate. The packets taste better. Melted chocolate chips are even better.

    Matt wraps all the presents in our house too. Last year, he used Spiderman Christmas wrapping paper.

    I really like food too. Especially Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

    Blue pens are way better than black because the ink stands out on the page.

    In other weird noises that husbands make, Matt can make that blowing over a bottle sound without using a bottle, just his mouth, but he can't whistle.

  11. Long time lurker coming out of hibernation. I've loved following your adventures and am eagerly following the Ron updates. I must say though, you've broken my heart a little with the Twizzlers revelation. :) Horses hooves - who knew? I'll have to find another candy addition. Any words of warning about Mike & Ike's?

  12. Ooops...That would be candy addiction - not addition. I don't typically perform math functions with my sugary snacks!

  13. hi, lurker here, have been since just after you been preggo....dont think I posted yet, but had the urge (funny, not even your last post prompted me, but this one did). i loved reading your nifty 50 list (well the 2nd half, wasn't around for the 1st half). I thought I'd just skim it, so I read the last few, but they were pretty intriguing, so I skimmed the first few, they were also intriguing, so soon, I found myself reading them all. I'm impressed....every single one kept my attention....and you hate pizza, really?????? lucky gal. I LOVE pizza.

  14. I can't believe you are so close to having Ron. :) You look great in your belly pics, all baby!

    I've been thinking of you, and I'll pray for a healthy, safe delivery!

  15. hee, #70 & 98 are totally me. I'm so excited when I finish a crossword in People - like it's rocket science or something? :D And ya, I've always held my pen weirdly too. Just another part of OUR charm, I guess :D

    Happy 30th, Mook!! It's not that bad (as I turn 33 in a few weeks, so 30's nothing!)

  16. Happy 30th tomorrow Mook!!! 30 is really pretty old! ;)

    I love you list, JJ! It really speaks to me, probably because it is heavy on the food!

  17. Love college basketball! Also prefer white gold or silver: my engagement ring is platinum. :)

    Happy Birthday, Mook!

  18. Then don't ask what it is Jello...

    Happy Birthday MOOK!!!

  19. Happy 30, Mook! I have really enjoyed being in my 30s, and I hope you will, too!

    And I make my hot chocolate with Ghirardelli sweet ground chocolate (see it here). It's usually in the baking aisle, but it can be used for baking or for making hot chocolate. It is THE BEST. It kicks the pants of any hot chocolate mix I've ever used, and it has sugar, chocolate, cocoa and vanilla as ingredients- pretty basic stuff. And it's not super expensive, either. I've found it at both Harris Teeter and Lowes. I have been digging on this during these cold past few months. Yum!

    And I don't know about you, but I find that when my hair is short, that it has to be styled, whereas when long, I can just sweep it into a pony tail and look relatively put together. So, for you, I would recommend whichever will allow you to spend the least amount of time on it, since you are about to have a much better thing to spend time on than your hair!!! (Er, I mean, not that you can't have a baby AND fabulous hair, I just mean that if I was in your place, I would leave my hair longer since, for me, that means less work!)

    I always like reading these kind of lists. You learn so much about a person!

  20. love the list. you MUST get "mexican hot chocolate" they sell the actual chocolate. mexican hot chocolate is soooo much better. anyway you warm the milk on the stove top and then put it and the chocolate into a blender. seriously....soooooooooo good.

  21. there are not really horse hooves in twizzlers????!!!!!! the horror!!

    wait until all your hair starts falling out in about three months, then you may know exactly what to do about that haircut thought. i had two friends clog their drains and cause leaks to the rooms below.

    there is a krispy kreme next to my clinic. if i leave now i can still get one before my follie check!

  22. Happy birthday, Mook!

    Also, I just saw your Twitter updates. I will be praying for you and Ron.

  23. Hi, JJ. Not sure my other comment made it. Shorter version: I write with my pen resting on my ring finger, and I love James Patterson books.

  24. I just HAD to say it. Gelatin is made from horse hooves. So, any candy with gelatin in it is made from horse hooves. And to whomever wanted to know about Mike & Ike's, they're clean. :)


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