Monday, May 26, 2008

100 Things About JJ

  1. I love ketchup. I love ketchup on my ketchup. Did I mention I like ketchup?
  2. I always have at least one tear-off-desk-calendar. I could deal with having lots of them-but I'd run out of desk space.
  3. At the tender age of 12, when I babysat almost every weekend, I swore I would never be a mom. Did I jinx myself?
  4. I get annoyed by the wet hair strands that come out after a shower or a haircut--they are next-to-impossible to get off my hands.
  5. You know that shock you get after getting out of the car in the winter? Yea, that happens to me all year long.
  6. I can't have an odd number of e-mails in my inbox.
  7. My eyes used to be blue, then they were brown for about 2 weeks, and now they are green, and have been for 15 years.
  8. I was never in a sorority
  9. I want to go to Australia, but I can't stomach the plane ride (or price!)
  10. I had a terrible cold on our wedding day, but adrenaline and Sudafed worked wonders.
  11. I can't stand green peas
  12. I love chicken salad--but I have to give it a taste test first!
  13. I'm a terrible speller
  14. I never learned how to calculate percentages correctly until I met Mook-he is the best math teacher I've ever had
  15. I was born the day Mt. Saint Helen's erupted
  16. I spent a month in Hawaii learning about culture-I am so glad this was the way I was exposed to Hawaii for the first time
  17. I failed my physics exam in 11th grade
  18. I created (and later graduated with) a minor concentration for the university I graduated from
  19. I started a workforce program for the university I graduated from
  20. I built 15 houses in 2 days with Habitat for Humanity
  21. I've had a major crush on Chris O'Donnell since I was 13
  22. I met my husband on the first day of college--he was my RA. We didn't date until 3 years later
  23. Wire hangers are not allowed in my house--I hate them. All plastic, all the time.
  24. I always wanted braces
  25. I started our wedding scrap book the day we got back from our honeymoon: it's still not finished.
  26. I procrastinate
  27. I bought my first pair of Umbros in 6th grade with babysitting money-I still have the price tag. This was a big deal.
  28. I don't like eating: tomatoes, watermelon, cantaloupe. My taste buds don't register any taste, so it's all mush to me.
  29. I've been on 2 cruises, and don't care to go on anymore
  30. I have terrible motion sickness (see above)
  31. I have 12 cousins on one side of the family
  32. I have 2 on the other side
  33. As I type this, google ads are scaring me on how accurate they are in picking up key words: "Visit Mt. St. Helens"; "Algebra Made Easy"; "Lose Belly Fat"--yea thanks, I know.
  34. My favorite number is 18. I should have put this for number 18.
  35. I have a sister
  36. I have a brother
  37. I am the oldest
  38. I'm a pretty good judge of character
  39. I was an actress in London and Scotland : only in high school, so you won't find me on imdb; trust me-I've looked--haha
  40. I have a girl crush on Ashley Judd and Shakira
  41. I need some type of noise at all times: music, fan blowing, clock ticking...
  42. I am a southerner born-and-bred, but I do not care for: grits, baked beans or corn bread (I just recently found a love for BBQ)
  43. Speaking of BBQ, I'm married to a certified BBQ judge
  44. I want to sky dive
  45. Growing up, I wanted to be a severe weather meteorologist. Number 17 on this list was partly to blame for nixing that idea.
  46. I love the movie "Twister"
  47. People have said I look like Helen Hunt, Jewel, and Diane Sawyer
  48. I love Jewel's music
  49. When sitting, I curl my toes underneath my feet. Mook hates this--he tells me it freaks him out--so then I pinch him...using my toes.
  50. I pronounce caramel: car-mel not care-a-mel
    51. I love, love, love Big League Chew (the gum)--especially the original flavor
    52. I love getting personalized holiday cards, BUT (and this is a big but) I enjoy seeing the people I know--NOT just the kid(s) or pets. I want to see my friends, too! It's a really big pet peeve!
    53. I rarely paint my finger nails
    54. Krispy Kreme doughnuts make me extremely happy
    55. I don't like pizza. I got really bad food poisoning from sausage pizza in high school--saved me tons of $$ in college!
    56. This list is starting out very food oriented. I like food.
    57. I type really fast
    58. I never took a formal typing class--do they even offer those anymore?
    59. My feet are always cold. Really, it can be 95 degrees, and they still feel cool to the touch. Not that you want to touch my feet...
    60. I use the word "lovely" too much
    61. I wear silver and white gold-not a fan of yellow gold
    62. I like chili with no beans
    63. If I eat a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, it HAS to be cold
    64. My favorite candy bar is a Milky Way
    65. Ok, seriously this won't be all about food
    66. Our lab knows exactly when it's time to eat--it's a bit creepy actually
    67. I can crochet, but not knit. I've tried to learn 3 times, and each time it's been a disaster...I need a good teacher!
    68. I already have my 2nd tattoo picked out, just not the location of where it will go
    69. This number always makes me blush and giggle
    70. When I hold a pen/pencil, it rests on my ring finger, not my middle. Im told this is rare. Anyone else hold it this way?
    71. When I write, I can make the paper curl--I press really hard
    72. I went through college in the AIM era--I would spend hours just checking people's "Away Status"
    73. I love living where I get to experience all 4 seasons
    74. I hate vomiting. Not that anyone enjoys it, just stating a fact.
    75. I remember getting finger-printed for a child's safety kit when I was 5--I thought I'd be moving into "that place with bars"
    76. I'm pretty much addicted to I gave it up for Lent one year--incredibly difficult to hold out.
    77. I hate ALL Clearblue Easy commercials
    78. College basketball is my favorite sport
    79. I get freaked out when Mook rubs his eyes--they sound like a squeaky wheel
    80. Growing up, I had a huge crush on my next door neighbor, who is about 6 years older than me. When my boyfriend broke up with me right before the high school Christmas dance, my neighbor offered to take me--we had the BEST time.
    81. I think CSI Miami is one of the worst written shows on TV, but I watch it every time I see its on. Why does Horatio always stand with his side facing whoever he's talking to?
    82. I'm debating on whether to grow out my hair or cut it short again
    83. Twizzlers used to be my movie theater preferred candy. Then I heard they had horse hooves in them. I don't eat twizzlers anymore.
    84. I really enjoy looking into my family genealogy
    85. Our lab snores louder than an 80 year old man
    86. I make my hot chocolate with warm milk and chocolate sauce (and of course topped with mini marshmallows). Mook thinks this is strange. Does everyone else just use the mix packets?
    87. I only had 2 wisdom teeth: both got removed in college
    88. My doctor's name was Dr. Pinch
    89. I woke up out of the anesthesia singing nursery rhymes and got mad at the nurse for throwing my teeth away
    90. I find it very amusing that Mook can sit down and watch infomercials for hooouuuurrrsssss...
    91. I really wish I could have seen Ella Fitzgerald in concert
    92. On Christmas day, if it is sunny out, the window blinds MUST remain closed. To me, it just needs to be cloudy/rainy/snowing on Christmas, and this way we can all pretend if its not! My whole family does this each year=)
    93. I'm a side sleeper
    94. In 1st grade, I made people call me by my middle name for a week
    95. The first time I visited NYC I couldnt take the subway--they were on strike
    96. I read anything James Patterson writes
    97. I don't like wrapping gifts: Mook takes care of that in our household-and he's damn good
    98. I really wish I was better at solving crossword puzzles. The only ones I can complete are in People magazine
    99. I prefer blue ink pens over black ink pens
    100. When I eat M&M's I have to empty the bag and sort them all into color groups before I eat them. I miss the TAN ones.


  1. Fun, Fun, Fun!
    I also have "grabby toes"! and we've realized our boys do too. :)
    I've been known to tickly hubby with my toes. :)

  2. I love reading these lists! Thanks for posting this, JJ. And happy NaComLeavMo!

  3. The BEST BBQ is at my family reunion, which is in Tarboro. But we also love Parkers in Greenville. That's where my folks live.

    If you get the NC bloggers together again, let me know. Especially if it's in the summer. I am down around Greenville several times a year visiting family. :)

    So jealous that you can still fit in your jeans from high school!

  4. I like your list JJ. I was born a month before the mountain blew and I live right by it. My mom was freaked out having a newborn so she went to our friends house on the water because they didn't know how the ash was going to effect people.

  5. I have a girl crush on Ashley Judd also! And to say I love ketchup would be an understatement. As a kid I even put it on thanksgiving turkey. Gross I know, but I did outgrow that one. Now I still put it on a lot of things. I think I have two bottles opened in the refrig, and about four spare in the pantry. In case of nuclear war, I can survive!

  6. i love ketchup on my ketchup also!! What a great list, umbro's- haven't thought of those in years!

  7. Great list :-) I hate green peas too.

    BTW, I was finishing 6th grade when you were born. Gawrsh, I feel old...

  8. I want to know more about #39. I'm sure there are a few posts in that one.

    Great list!

  9. wait. WHAT? No cornbread??
    We must do something to fix this!!

    I want to hear more about your acting in Europe! Did you study there?

  10. Cars always shock me too!

    My jeans from high school are long gone! I've always maintained it's because denim shrinks over time.

  11. You don't love cornbread?! How is this POSSIBLE?
    Happy NaComLeavMo!

  12. I pronounce it car-mel too, but I'm a newfie, we do tend to talk funny.
    I can't believe you can fit into your jeans from highschool, so jealous.

  13. Love your list! And I also share the love of tear off desk calendars and really do have to curtail my consumption of them. So many calendars, so few surfaces. Once of life's troubles, right up there with infertility.

  14. This definitely fulfills your quota, JJ! And I get shocked from the car daily as well. :)

  15. Call me a dork, but I love that song "Silver and Gold". Were you a girl scout?

  16. I'm jealous too that you can still fit in your high school jeans...but I've been out of high school a lot longer than you! : )

    I learned some new things about you...and I have grabby toes too!

  17. I am anal enough that I would have switched the "18 is my favorite number" to number 18. It's pathetic.

    I'm a born and bred New Yorker, but I think I'm making up for your dislike of Southern cooking. Except for grits. Yech.

  18. These lists are so fun! I love learning new things about people.

  19. Fun list! I'm southern born and bred as well and don't like grits either. As for BBQ, I'll only eat it if it's from Eastern NC.

  20. I feel the same way about Australia...I'd love to go, but I'd need a serious sedative.

    Thanks for doing this! I've been meaning to do a 100 things about me kind of post for a long time. Maybe I'll use some of yours for inspiration!

  21. Fun!! I was my hubby's RA in college! And I'm with you on Ashley Judd too.

  22. I used to love you dearly, until I read number 1. I despise ketchup. It is the most nasty, vile substance EVER created. I live in a ketchup free house and anyone who comes for dinner knows that. People have even had to bring their own.

    I am not so sure I can ever get past your love for ketchup. I cannot tell you how much I hate it.

    Sigh. You love it, I hate it. Will I ever be able to come back here?

    Yuck. Ketchup.

  23. I'm over from that NaComLeavMo, and you're cracking me up. I will totally be back.

  24. Cute post! I am also a severe weather geek. Wanted to be a meteorologist for a while until I realized that was all math. Now I want to be a tornado chaser (yep, like in the movie! but I wanted to do it BEFORE the movie!) Wanna take a spring off sometime and go with me?

  25. fun list!!

    i also am the same way with noise - have to have some kind of it all the time!

  26. Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog!

    I LOVE your profile blurb!! I've said many times that I never imagined there'd be eight people in the room during the conception of my child. :)

    I'm glad I found your blog and look forward to following along with your journey. Please keep in touch!

  27. Oooh, I'm inspired... I might start my own top 50. Then again, maybe not. :)

    I procrastinate too, and I admit it freely, so I figure it's OK.

    You'll have to read my list to see how we match up. OH, AND you'll have to call on me if you do another NC Bloggers get together. I live in Atl, but would be up for the drive.

  28. I lurve reading these lists.

    I'll be thinking about you and sending you good vibes for your upcoming IVF.

  29. I just bought my 4 yr old a t-shirt that has a Heinz ketchup label on it. Inside it says I like ketchup on my ketchup! lol He puts it on everything and I mean everything - broccoli, pasta, pretzels, toast, pancakes! Hubby and I really don't care for it too much so he is a total mystery to us! Here from NCLM - thanks for visiting!

  30. that was fun to read. i really think i'd love to hang out with you in person. you will be a busy girl this month. i found out about nacomleavemo one day too late. have fun!

  31. I too have terrible motion sickness. I always have to drive, even around town. Sucks, cause I really don't like to drive that much.
    Good start to NaComLeavMo! Thanks for your lovely comment as well! I appreciate it.

  32. #51? Made my plans for BlogHer in SF this July???

    love the list! I agree it seems like there are a few posts in here...

  33. I've neve heard of anyone's eyes changing color like that cool!

  34. Fab list...

    (and I know of fab accommodation in Australia that's FREE! See - no excuses!!)

  35. Love the list! I'm the oldest of 2 girls and a boy too. Did my own 100 things list (took me forever), but waiting to post it for my 200th post (since I missed it for my 100th post).

  36. Can you get other colour peas? ;)


  37. 18 is a very lucky number in Judaism--it stands for "life" which is why Jews sometimes give things in increments of 18 (like giving a $36 gift certificate).

  38. Damn! 15 houses in 2 days is fantastic! The speedy good Samaritan!

  39. I don't know that I could think of 50 random things about myself. Wow! Very intersting though.

    Thanks for commenting about my Dad. It was a difficult post to write.


  40. i bet we look a little alike. i get the helen hunt one sometimes. diane sawyer and jewel look more like they could be family members. i am most often told i look like meryl streep and have heard that since i was a tot (and hated it then). now that i'm way heavier than any of these people i never hear that i look like anyone anymore.

  41. very cool list! I LOVE ketchup too! :-)

  42. There was physics in high school? Also you were born on the day Mt. Saint Helens errupted? Same year? I feel old now. I was almost 10 and could see the ash cloud from my back yard.

  43. Almost at 50 comments for your nifty fifty!

    I'm with you on #5, I've got the same problem. Mr H says I'm electric. Once in high school I went to adjust the thermostat and I shorted out the whole thing...I actually saw the little lightening bolt! Apparently that's my superpower!

  44. i love that list! that was fun and interesting! thnx for passing by my blog, and i must admit, i've come across yours a cpl times. except during the day i'm on my sidekick, and sometimes it trips w/ the sidebars. happy NaComLeavMo, and i hope to see you around more! oh and g'luck w/ your cycle!! we're in this together, girl!

  45. Yay for 50 fun JJ facts! :) My mom graduated high school the day Mt. St. Helens erupted. Nifty. Have a great week!

  46. I keep coming back and reading random ones. I don't want to read the whole list at once.

    Before I click, I pick a number between 1 and 50 and I get one random one multiple times a day. It's great! :)

  47. Rebecca @ Clumsy KissesMay 28, 2008 at 4:13 AM

    I hate it when people curl their toes under their feet! I'm with Mook!

  48. Very illuminating...

    And around here it's pronounced Car MEL.

    Like Luna, I want to know are we going to see you in July?

  49. My sister is a severe weather enthusiast as well! How funny.

    Thoroughly enjoyed your list!

  50. Nice list! It is a little scary how much we have in common. I've never heard of anyone else who has a girl-crush on Ashley Judd!

  51. Oh goodness, I got some good giggles on this one...let's see, I...

    love O'Donnell as well.."wanna go for a ride in my luv machine baba?":)...

    I need some sort of noise as well...

    My hubby is a competitor in BBQ!!...

    And I have long toes that I use to pinch my hubby as well. When he starts to irritate me, I start wiggling them at him and he starts yelling "no!!!!!" lol

  52. I love your list lol I still have mine sitting in my draft folder. Someday I'll come up with more than 23 and post it...someday...

  53. what a list! I also have one brother and one sister and I am the oldest.

  54. I love learning new things about people!! This kind of post is so much fun!! Thanks for allowing me to "get to know you" a little better!!

    PS---I left you a present on my blog! ;o)

  55. I hate green peas, too! And I want to go to Australia!! Wanna go together??? ;o)

  56. Hola from NaComLeavMo! Thanks for the comment...I'm glad you enjoyed the pics of Mexico!

    I can't believe you don't like grits!?! I love them drowned in butter & sugar...mmmm.

    And how nice is that to be married to a certified bbq judge?! Does he make good bbq?

    Ok, now I'm hungry...I'll be back! Take care,

  57. I'd love to see pictures of your garden! I'm actually thinking I should start up a little gardeners club here in our corner of the blogosphere and have everyone compare notes. It's so nice to see all the different gardens in different parts of the world!

    Plus it makes for a really easy post! Ha!

  58. Apart from grabby toes, a sis, a bro and being the eldest you and I have little in common.

    I love you but i'm not sure we'll ever get married - we're just not compatible.

    I loved the list though xx

  59. You just made me laugh out loud....perhaps there's hope for us yet....laughter is so important in a relationship...! xx

  60. hi
    I'm here from NaComLeavCom

    great fun list - love the nifty 50
    My Little Drummer boys
    warm regards


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