Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Milkshakes and Hot Showers, Oh My!

Those two things stay on my mind pretty consistently right now. A cookies-n-cream milkshake, to be exact. And the hot showers? That's the first thing I do when I get home--it takes away the stress of the day, and the eases my achin' back. If I could have a milkshake in the shower, I would so do it...

Thanks for all the lovely anniversary wishes! We had a very nice time at the B&B-nice to get away and have a change of scenery. We didn't have much planned, just wanted to enjoy a few days work-free: no phones, no computer=bliss. The one thing we did plan on doing was meeting up with Ms A from A Somewhat Ordinary Life. We saw each other this time last year: she was pregnant with M, and Mook and I were still deciding what steps to take next, so this year's meeting was different in all the best ways. Her son is adorable and it made me all teary after our lunch together to think about the roads we have both traveled. So thankful to have such great blogger friends!

Had my 22-week check up today, and it was uneventful. That's music to my ears. I still go back every 2 weeks at this point, and the next big milestones are my gestational diabetes test in 4 weeks, and then the next u/s will be at 28 weeks to check on the previa-keep sending me those MOVE IT vibes!

Today, I did have some questions I wanted to ask, like:

What can I do when I sleep on my side and all my limbs fall asleep? OB said just to put pillows everywhere--which Im already doing--I get nervous when I wake up on my back, but I'm doing what I can to keep switching throughout the night.

Can I take Tylenol PM for my back and cramped legs? I wouldn't trade these aches and pains for the world, but I started to get worried how much my back is already hurting--like a lot. I got one of those back brace thingy's and it helps some, but I may just be in for a heating pad each evening. The leg cramps: I have found a non-medical cure! My MIL told me to do this about 3 weeks ago, and ever since, my legs have not hurt as much: put a bar of soap (any brand) in bed with you--I put mine at the foot of the bed. Who knows why it works...maybe it's all mental, but it works. But yes, I can take Tylenol PM-this will help with that persistent runny nose as well...

Am I measuring on time? When I get up in the morning, my tum looks way different-sometimes too different for my liking. So I was reassured today when he told me I am actually measuring closer to 23 weeks.

The reunion this past weekend was really nice-a pretty small group came, but it was nice that I got to speak to everyone who was there. It was very heart warming to hear all the genuine good wishes being passed our way.

We have vowed to really start working on the room this weekend--after we give out $100 worth of Halloween candy Friday night...

Edited to add: Yes, I do have the lovely Snoogle--I think I just may need 2 to keep me cushioned in on all sides!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

In the clouds

I'm always looking for shapes/signs/signals...I honestly think it all started when I first noticed shapes in the clouds, like the one above. I don't know about you, but I see something very specific when I look at that picture.

That picture was taken ten minutes before I started bleeding from my hematoma.

My entire family was standing on the mini golf course, and we all stopped and looked at this amazing image of a man who appeared to be praying (even with a little halo above his head). It was quite a moment--all of us there in silence, looking at this beautifully shaped cloud. And it only lasted for seconds, and then they were just clouds...

I had forgotten all about this picture and that moment. When my family was visiting a few weeks ago, my sister pulled out the picture and we all were able to re-live that moment again, and it made me tear up instantly...a reminder that God is with me in every moment. I falter a lot in remembering to rely on faith during this journey, so this picture is now with me every where I go.

I just wanted to share that with you all as we approach Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. To each of you who have lost, I hope you find comfort in knowing a prayer is being said for you and your lost loved ones.

It's also a day of celebration for me tomorrow. Three years of marriage to my best friend...and I'm so incredibly grateful to be looking back on memories-the good and the bad-with the one who's been with me through the worst and best times of my life. It's also going to be a different trip this year, since we will not be traveling with Coco. Remember my buddy Coco?

So I'm off for a few blissful days of relaxing and reminiscing. Wonder what cloud shapes I'll see?

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Breakin' it Doooown

Oh boy, we're having a boy!

It's been a pretty special week referring to this child as a he. I have to admit that even though I picked Ron as the survivor at the beginning, I had pink visions for a while...but then something just switched and I had that "feeling" that Ron was definitely a boy. Mook has been right from the beginning! These little treats are sitting on my desk at work-we gave these out when we came back from the appointment.

I'm gonna break it doooown for you today, since I'm feeling funkaay wearing my new glasses.

More thoughts/notes from the BIG appointment:
-Little man was weighing about 8 oz, and was 6 1/2 inches long.
-He was a wiggle worm: this helped me to remember that although I can't feel him all the time, he's still groovin'. He kicked my bladder quite a few times-explains a lot :0)
-It was entertaining to watch Mook...he'd sit next to me, then stand up, then pace, then sit back down. So anxious!
-Our u/s tech (the good one) took her time looking at all the appropriate parts-amazing to see the 4 chambers of the heart up close like that. Then after she got everything she needed she said..."Daddy, can you tell what you are having?" I could tell right away, but it took Mook a minute--thankfully little Ron helped dad out, and spread his legs. Both our smiles were a mile wide!
-I did get my flu shot: I had't really given it too much thought yet, since I wasn't prepared to get it that day, but I'm glad I did.
-My OB said that Ron is right on target-due date is still March 4th. Said once we reach 28 weeks, we'll have to start talking about the previa if it's still there (please God, mooooove!)
-I got lectured. I had lost 3 lbs. Not intentionally of course: I just get to a point while eating, and I can't force anymore down. So I'm trying to eat smaller, and more often. So I gotta gain weight-I loved hearing that.

Happenings for the Uterus of Gryffindor & the Headmaster:
-I'm not sure if it's b/c of the previa, but I feel like I'm carrying low. I do have a bump, but it's still easily hidden by the right clothes.
-Ron's movement patterns are still very sporadic-Monday I felt him all day. Tuesday, hardly at all. Last night he was active after dinner, and he's been poking me a bit this morning.
-At night, I pee every hour on the hour-talk about consistent.
-My legs hurt so bad at night: not like a cramp, but as if I have run a marathon. Stretches before bed and water seem to cut down on the aches.
-Heartburn started about 3 days ago: I hardly ever have HB, so it's been strange. Mook has read the wives tale that means Ron will have hair at birth-he is very concerned that Ron has hair! Mook currently shaves his head, so I think it'd be cute to have a mini-me :0)

Planning for Ron:
-No, Ron will not be his real name. I love it for his nickname (and he has others already!) but we won't be naming him Ronald Weasley.
-We have names we agree on, and will start pairing together first, middle and last. We will not be sharing the name until after he's here--we may actually wait and name him when he's born. It's amazing the negative reactions Im already getting on not sharing names. And it's for that reason we aren't--I dont want a lot of assvice/opinions on what we name our child.
-I still have only bought the bib. I'll get there...I just need to ease into it. Mook has bought quite a few clothing items--one is a mini cardigan that matches one Mook has--he is thrilled about this. It really is cute!
-Most likely, we will be pairing lots of different things together for the nursery, b/c what we have in mind is not in a catalog anywhere. As plans come together, I'll definitely share.
-Nothing has been ordered, or even picked out as far as crib, nursery accessories yet. Am I just way behind the curve?
-We had a yard sale last weekend, and that means "the room" is less cluttered and we can actually start to make something out of it.

What else:
-I had my work review last week, and let's just say I may have an extended maternity leave. We have some big decisions to make.
-Our anniversary is next week, and we are escaping to a B&B for 4 days--ahh, I cannot wait.
-I'm craving a milkshake today, so I shall go get one.
-Thanks to everyone for being excited for us--we are grateful for every single day.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

51 of you...

...had a good shot of getting it right, and it was a good guess too!

Little "Ron" is measuring right on time (even a few days ahead) with all the proper parts and structures. A true sight to behold, and we are so incredibly grateful.

And now we no longer have to guess if "Ron" is in fact a "Ron" because....

Ron is definitely a BABY BOY!!!!

We are over the moon and so in love with this little boy already. He has my nose and feet (big!) and Mook's cute little head and lips.

This is love. Pure and so powerful.

Have a gander at Ron's lovely glamor shots from today. Look on the right side column, and click on Ron's picture. Scroll to the bottom for most recent pictures!

Thank you for all your thoughts and support today!