Thursday, October 9, 2008

Breakin' it Doooown

Oh boy, we're having a boy!

It's been a pretty special week referring to this child as a he. I have to admit that even though I picked Ron as the survivor at the beginning, I had pink visions for a while...but then something just switched and I had that "feeling" that Ron was definitely a boy. Mook has been right from the beginning! These little treats are sitting on my desk at work-we gave these out when we came back from the appointment.

I'm gonna break it doooown for you today, since I'm feeling funkaay wearing my new glasses.

More thoughts/notes from the BIG appointment:
-Little man was weighing about 8 oz, and was 6 1/2 inches long.
-He was a wiggle worm: this helped me to remember that although I can't feel him all the time, he's still groovin'. He kicked my bladder quite a few times-explains a lot :0)
-It was entertaining to watch Mook...he'd sit next to me, then stand up, then pace, then sit back down. So anxious!
-Our u/s tech (the good one) took her time looking at all the appropriate parts-amazing to see the 4 chambers of the heart up close like that. Then after she got everything she needed she said..."Daddy, can you tell what you are having?" I could tell right away, but it took Mook a minute--thankfully little Ron helped dad out, and spread his legs. Both our smiles were a mile wide!
-I did get my flu shot: I had't really given it too much thought yet, since I wasn't prepared to get it that day, but I'm glad I did.
-My OB said that Ron is right on target-due date is still March 4th. Said once we reach 28 weeks, we'll have to start talking about the previa if it's still there (please God, mooooove!)
-I got lectured. I had lost 3 lbs. Not intentionally of course: I just get to a point while eating, and I can't force anymore down. So I'm trying to eat smaller, and more often. So I gotta gain weight-I loved hearing that.

Happenings for the Uterus of Gryffindor & the Headmaster:
-I'm not sure if it's b/c of the previa, but I feel like I'm carrying low. I do have a bump, but it's still easily hidden by the right clothes.
-Ron's movement patterns are still very sporadic-Monday I felt him all day. Tuesday, hardly at all. Last night he was active after dinner, and he's been poking me a bit this morning.
-At night, I pee every hour on the hour-talk about consistent.
-My legs hurt so bad at night: not like a cramp, but as if I have run a marathon. Stretches before bed and water seem to cut down on the aches.
-Heartburn started about 3 days ago: I hardly ever have HB, so it's been strange. Mook has read the wives tale that means Ron will have hair at birth-he is very concerned that Ron has hair! Mook currently shaves his head, so I think it'd be cute to have a mini-me :0)

Planning for Ron:
-No, Ron will not be his real name. I love it for his nickname (and he has others already!) but we won't be naming him Ronald Weasley.
-We have names we agree on, and will start pairing together first, middle and last. We will not be sharing the name until after he's here--we may actually wait and name him when he's born. It's amazing the negative reactions Im already getting on not sharing names. And it's for that reason we aren't--I dont want a lot of assvice/opinions on what we name our child.
-I still have only bought the bib. I'll get there...I just need to ease into it. Mook has bought quite a few clothing items--one is a mini cardigan that matches one Mook has--he is thrilled about this. It really is cute!
-Most likely, we will be pairing lots of different things together for the nursery, b/c what we have in mind is not in a catalog anywhere. As plans come together, I'll definitely share.
-Nothing has been ordered, or even picked out as far as crib, nursery accessories yet. Am I just way behind the curve?
-We had a yard sale last weekend, and that means "the room" is less cluttered and we can actually start to make something out of it.

What else:
-I had my work review last week, and let's just say I may have an extended maternity leave. We have some big decisions to make.
-Our anniversary is next week, and we are escaping to a B&B for 4 days--ahh, I cannot wait.
-I'm craving a milkshake today, so I shall go get one.
-Thanks to everyone for being excited for us--we are grateful for every single day.


  1. I'm so glad to be reading about exciting things!

    I'm still keeping you guys in my prayers for no more placenta previa!

  2. Our anniversary is next week too!! I love these October anniversaries. :) You're fine with where you are in the planning/buying stages, I think. I'm right there with ya. I mean we still have a queen bed in our nursery which literally takes up the entire room, so we need to get it to the basement, pronto! :)

  3. PS - I love that you aren't telling the baby's name until he is here. I've had friends who have done the same thing. I think it's a fun surprise, and you don't have to get a lot of assvice about the name!

  4. Great post, I love it. You are doing so beautifully!!! =)
    You are doing great just to even be thinking about nursery stuff at this point. I got bit by the bug in the past few weeks and having a shower date set in stone has somehow made me feel a sense of urgency I cannot quite explain.
    I am all with you on the name thing, obviously! I have gotten SO MANY unhappy responses, several friends and family members saying "sure, that's great, but you're telling ME, right?"

  5. I feel great after reading this post --you so deserve all these good things.

  6. So glad for all these great things!!!

  7. Congrats on having a boy JJ! I am a bit biased, but little boys rock! I'm so happy that all is well.

  8. I love feeling the excitement in your recent posts. It's great to see.

  9. YAY for Ron! I'm so glad things are going well with you guys. I love the idea of passing out the candy when you got back from your appt. So cute! And I kept our name a secret from blogland until Nate's arrival. I already gave away the gender so I wanted to have another surprise in store :)

    Thinking of you always! xoxo

  10. You do sound excited for a change - that's so nice to see.

  11. Go get that milkshake!! Thank you for the great update.

    By the way, with both of my pregnancies I had heartburn like I was a fire-breathing dragon. Truly debilitating heartburn (doubled up on Zantac and Prilosec simultaneously).

    How much hair did my babies have? NONE. Not a wisp on Megan and tiny peach fuzz on Liam. Megan finally started to get hair around month 7 and we're still waiting for Liam's to make an appearance...

  12. YAAAAAAAAH!! These are all veery very good things.

    As far as names go, I, too received loads of flack for not deciding on a name until MT was born. We had a few names to choose from. But I wanted to see him, hold him and talk to him to decide. Call me a freak if you want to .. but thats how we roll ;)

    Good luck with names. That was the hardest thing for me

  13. Aaron and I ordered our crib when I was 23 weeks. I thought he ws being CRAZY going that early. So that meant we ordered it on August 15. I got a call today that it won't arrive until Oct 31st. I'm sure you could get one sooner if you wanted.... but if you are thinking that you may not want one just off the shelf... maybe you should think about that.

    As for clothes and everything else? Girl, I'm 32 weeks, and I have bought NO clothes. NOTHING. Except that crib. My OB told me that I should start getting things 'ready' as I'm going to be full term in 5 weeks.

    It REALLY sneaks up on you!

    Oh - and we aren't telling baby name either. Everyone HATES it that we aren't. And I don't care. : P

  14. This is a wonderful post-so much good news! We were planning on waiting on the name and just couldn't keep it in once it was decided. Can't wait to see you next week!

  15. Yeah! Everything sounds so great, j.j.!

    So happy for you, Mook, and little Ron.

  16. Congrats!!!

    I'm sorry about your job troubles. (But wouldn't it be awesome to be with him at least for a little while! I think so, but maybe I'm biased b/c w/ my personality I have enjoyed it so much.)

    The heartburn doesn't mean hair! I, too, rarely have heartburn except when pregnant; and my oldest didn't have hair until she was 3! :) But, I can guarantee that eating Tums every hour for months doesn't affect the baby! :)

  17. Congrats, JJ. I'm thrilled for you for a whole host of reasons. And it's our morning ritual - both Baby O and I touch those angel wings in his room every morning for you and Ron and Mook. :)

    And I did have nasty HB and Baby O was born with a fair amount of hair. Just as a data point!

  18. Hey you!

    Glad to hear everything is going good. And trust me, I've yet to really do any planning and then I worry that February will be here before I know it.

  19. JJ..SO AWESOME! I'm very happy for you.

  20. So happy for you, JJ! You are not too late on getting the baby stuff. Really, most of the stuff can wait until after he's born. All you NEED is the car seat, a place for him to sleep and Diapers/Wipes/Bottles. And that is about it. The rest--it can wait until you are ready to deal.

    As for the possibility of long Maternity Leave--I had that happen with Michael (my company merged and I got laid off). It was actually quite nice, and I found I missed having that extra time this time around. I hope it works out for you guys--which I am sure it will.

  21. You all sound like you are doing great!

    As for preparing for Ron, if you're behind the curve, then I'm so behind I can't even see the curve. The room we will be using for the baby is cluttered beyond belief and we are only now thinking about cribs, etc.

  22. This was such a nice post to read because of all the wonderfully exciting things in it. :)

  23. Good to hear all is well!!

    Congrats on your BOY!!

    And have a happy anniversary and a fun trip if we don't talk to you before then!

  24. SO EXCITING! I'm really excited for you guys. I'm glad that things are going well. Definitely saying some prayers that the previa disappears.

    Enjoy your eating :-)and your vacation.

  25. Here is to hoping that the placenta previa moves up! I am so excited for you guys! Have fun at the B&B! I always wanted to go to one.

  26. I'm so excited for you JJ! And good for you on not sharing the name. It was the best thing we did! ((HUGS))

  27. I had terrible restless legs at night! Just awful. I found that if I stood facing the wall standing about 2 feet(ish) away from it and placed my palms on the wall and leaned in until my forehead just about touched, the cramping/restless feeling wasnt as bad. I also would get horrible cramps in my calves on occasion, and those stretches helped that too.

    As for naming...we refused to tell anyone what we were naming him! They didnt find out until he was born. No one was happy about having to wait, but oh friggin well! They'll get over it.

  28. I'm so happy for you, Mook, and Ron. Now the fun begins planning for a DEFINITE RON! So happy things are going well for you.
    Continued blessings!

  29. You sound so good. I am so happy for you.

    a bit of assvice, if I may? The issue with your legs sounds like it may be potassium shortage. Potassium vitamins are rather expensive, but there is this lite salt thingie-- half sodium, half potasium, found in your supermarket right next to regular salt. It's in these light blue tube-like containers. If you use it instead of regular salt, that may be all you need for your legs. I am sorry if the assvice was totally not needed/wanted, and please feel free to discard it.

  30. A hearty congratulations on your son, JJ :)


  31. Congratulations on your little boy! Mine (conceived after 4.5 years of IF) is now a month and a day old, and I can totally recommend having a son. ;)

    I had a lot of right hip pain when I was pregnant, and though one reason was that a big baby was totally on my right side (no joke: he weighed 8lbs 3oz at 37w1d), another reason was some imbalance that my chiropractor was able to correct. One visit with him and my hip totally stopped aching 24-7. It did still hurt occasionally, but never again as bad as it had before my adjustment. Just something to keep in mind for later.

    Best of luck to you in the second half of your pregnancy.

  32. Congratulations! I knew I was wrong when I guessed girl...I swear if people want to know the sex of their babies they should just ask me and then assume the other option...I am always wrong!

  33. Dude. You know how thrilled I am for your boy. And boy, OH BOY (get it!?!), do I have some stuff for you.

  34. Good decision not to share the names. You don't need the stress. It will drive people crazy, like not telling/finding out the sex, but that is their problem. I found out the sex and told the name before birth last time and had no problems, but a lot of people feel free to criticize before the baby is born, but after you name him most will keep their mouths shut.

    My advice on clothing: Don't buy too much newborn clothing because some babies are born too big for it. Get a special outfit for coming home from the hospital and the rest get 0-3 months size. They go through the early sizes really fast. Also, you will get tons of cloths and blankets from your shower and from random people wanting to give you a gift, so if you wait and evaluate what you need until after your shower, you can buy to fill in the gaps.

    Of course, you've had a long, hard road to get to this point, so if you want to go crazy buying clothes and blankets, go for it! Enjoy yourself and have fun!

    As for the gear, I walked out of Babies R Us three times before my friend suggested the book:

    Baby Bargains by Denise and Alan Fields

    It is the most comprehensive review book out there. It takes each item of gear from carseats to breastpumps and gives an overview of available features, things to think about when buying the item (lifestyle factors really impact which features are the best for you) and then review all the major brands that you can buy in the US both in mainstream stores like BRU and online. Then, it gives comparison charts of features. If you go into BRU (or any store) they do not compare the same features so it is impossible to truly evaluate. The book will help you make smarter decisions.

    Again, have fun!

  35. YAY YAY YAY. Oooooh.

    SO happy for you, JJ. Have thought of you heaps ever since your BFP.

    As for people who give you grief about the name ... tell them to call me. I am so tough lately, I'll sort them out.


  36. Wow! It sounds like you're getting a lot done on the planning front- a yard sale and everything!

    The anniversary trip sounds wonderful (so does the milkshake!).

  37. Tons of blue congratulations to you! Happy anniversary!

  38. Happy anniversary! Boys are amazing!

  39. Congrats JJ! As far as telling us Ron's "outside" name will be before he is born, I think you will be happy that you will have kept that to yourself until the time is right. Although I love that you let us all share in your family's progress, some things are better kept as a special moment for you and Mook :)

  40. Boys sure do love their mommas so you're in for a great time! Congrats!

  41. That is all such great stuff (well except the previa stuff)...

    Enjoy your anniversary!! Cos by next one you'll have your SON around ;)

  42. So many happy and exciting things! I love the idea of a little 'mini-me' in the matching cardigan! Enjoy enjoy enjoy!

  43. Yay. Good idea on the name thing, we waited until we were sure before sharing too.

  44. It's great to read these updates from you! Sounds like things are going great - and no you're not behind on the 8 ball with ordering stuff. People order things at all various types of times, you do it when you're ready and only you know when that is. Again - it's great to hear that things are moving right along and going well! ((hugs))

  45. It's so nice to visit your blog and read such wonderful things!!! (Finally, right??)

    As for the name, it's your choice and right to name him whatever your heart desires. If someone isn't happy with the name or your choice to share it, pee on them!!!

  46. As a mama of two boys, I have to say YAY for a healthy boy! I think it sounds like you're doing wonderfully, and I hope it keeps being just as wonderful.

  47. Oh that's just so wonderful!!!! A baby boy!!!! Keeping you all in my prayers!!!

  48. I am so happy for you!!! Congrats on "Ron", having boys mydelf I know that it's awesome and different. Blue rocks!

    oh and hey Previa....MOVE!!!

  49. It all sounds great! We waited to tell everyone Luke's name. I like it that way. It makes it a little more special.

  50. oh - i had massive heartburn with all 3 pregnancies and so far, the 2 babies i have had so far have been BALD.

  51. I love reading about all the little things going on. I hope the previa moves and isn't a problem.

  52. i had placenta previa around 20wks with my first. but my placenta moved up. dont worry, its common. also, your legs probably have developed sciatica. also, common during pregnancy.

  53. That DOES sound like a fun week!

    Well, except for the job part. I hope that works out for the better, whatever that may entail.

    Hope you're having a fabulous weekend!

  54. So glad for the update that Ron is doing well. How very exciting! I also delayed getting things together for my babes...I think it's an infertility thing. I love that Mook bought Ron a matching cardigan.

  55. I'm so glad things are looking going great! so happy to hear that!

  56. Ohh sounds like everything is going great. I hope your job situation works itself out.. or doesn't.. whatever is best for you, Mook and Ron.

    Praying for no more previa!

  57. Thanks for sharing JJ!! Glad that everything is still nicely on track!

    The 4th of March is my anniversary, I think's it's a good day for "Ron" to be welcomed into the world!!

    Things are going fast now, can't wait to see how the room plays out!

    Big hugs as always!!

  58. Congrats!! I'm soooo glad things are going well for you and "Ron". ;)

  59. Happy Anniversary!

    My scan got moved to Friday of this week so we need to decide if we are going to find out. Will keep you updated.

  60. I love the date March 4th. It sounds like march forth. Like nothing can break Ron's stride. :-)


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