Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thank you, Target

Dear Target,

I am a big fan of yours; I can prove this to you by the number of transactions on my bank statement and the receipts that bulge out of my wallet.

Yesterday morning I decided to take a full lunch break, which I rarely get to do, and could think of no place better to spend my hour than wandering your aisles. I prepared my shopping list, and couldn't wait to enter your doors!

I love seeing the super-saver bins when I first walk in...all those useless trinkets that I try and justify purchasing. I've always needed a magnet that looks like a pancake!

However, the super-saver bin was not the first thing I saw yesterday. Target, I have to say I'm disappointed that you made it a point for me to run right into a rack of tini-bikinis. That's just not nice-I'm in no state of mind to think about bathing suit shopping. Under normal circumstances, it is pure torture--and right now, I am not feeling so normal, so can you cut that out?

I decided to forgive you and moved on to the home goods, and realized I would probably need a cart (I had to go by that rack...again). And while I'm thinking about it: can someone make a note to run the carts through a bath of WD-40? I'll have to remember to come back when I get into tini-bikini shape, and simply push a cart around because it draws plenty of attention...

Here's the part where I really must thank you, Target. As I got back to home goods, squeaky cart in tow, I decided to put my purse in the cart. It's a little clutch purse, so I didn't want the contents spilling all over the place. I got smart and thought: "Hey, I'll secure it with this baby-strap-thingy."
(I'm not the only one who's done this, right?)

Ooooo, shhhhiiiiiit.

Target, you may not have seen this blog entry, but you sure alleviated all my concerns. Because of the baby-strap-thingy you place in your carts, I am now totally: in gear.

You may see a bright white light when you are dying, but you sure as hell see your future children flash before your eyes when you strap in a purse in the baby seat. In that moment my eyes filled with tears, but my heart also filled with hope...

Thank you so very much, Target. You continue to help me cross everything off my list.

Your loyal customer,

*Edited to add: As Bee Cee mentions, I did take my first Lupron shot last night -- wasn't too bad--had a bit of a red rash for about an hour, and it itched! Normal, right? Today, just a tiny red dot.

Here is proof that I got my arse in gear:

Although I remain a bit disconnected in the hope department, I'm on track! Thanks for all your support ladies and gents! Let the games begin...


  1. Dear Target,

    Please do not stress my friend JJ out with tini binkinis and squeaky shopping trollies. She is entering a crucial emotional place and I need you on-side to make her feel warm and fuzzy. So plenty of TLC and 'can I help you's' when she next comes fact a personal shopper would be good. Oh and if you can ban pregnant women for the next 6 weeks that would be super, thanks.

    From Bee Cee


    Dear JJ,

    I don't believe you that have fully left your retreating phase. You conveniently forgot to mention your first LUPRON shot last night!! Please make sure you continue to see me, so we can work through this denial phase.

    From Your Therapist.

  2. Ah, I love Target. I think I'll go today on my lunch break.

  3. Ha ha ha! This totally made me laugh. Those flash-before-your-eyes moments can be pretty random.

  4. JJ ~ Ah yes, the baby strap...I, too, have used it to secure my purse to the carts and thought how ironic it was that I was strapping in a purse and not what they were intended for. ((HUGS))

  5. lupron does things to my brain. just fyi.
    you know, the baby department in target STILL is a bit upsetting to me. usually because i see a pregnant teen there. grrrrrr.

  6. I am working on forgiving them for putting the baby dept right next to the elevators and escalators - completely unavoidable!

  7. just wanted to send you some good vibes your way and wish you all the best of luck on this cycle...maybe it be your last (this yr) ending in a happy ending.

  8. What a hateful dare them. By the way...I do strap my purse in....more for security!!!

    Hope you have no reason for the tini-bikinis for the next oh...10 months or so!!!

  9. I have half a mind to post this review of Target on my new blog.

    Think they'd fix the carts? And place the bikinis in the back of the store? And stock Lupron in the pharmacy corner?

    Congrats on your new start. Looking for a long series of green lights for you!

  10. I really, really love the photo of your calendar and wine glass!

    And Lupron will sorta make my tummy itch after an injection. But you are on your way. I hope you get lots of great news and have many reasons to visit Target and spend $50 on crap every time... At least, that is how I do it!

  11. Target sucks.
    My Super Target has the cutest baby section and it's right in front of the home and garden stuff.

    I don't buy home & garden items from Target anymore.

    You know how much love and luck I am sending your way... ;)

  12. You totally made me want to come sit in your floor and drink wine with you. Yay for the first step of IVF Numero Dos!

  13.'s kind of like my mother ship. But on the flip side, sorry about the mishap :-) Congrats on being underway!

  14. LOL, all I could see was the glass of wine, lol! Love it!

    I hear you on the shopping cart strap thing. It has happened before. Funny how simple things you encounter in the day make you tear up. Just the other day I was sitting out on my deck. It was lovely &sunny ourside, birds chirping, etc... I heard a child laugh (you know, the delightful, squeeling type of laugh) in the neighbours yard. I had what I could only describe as a flashback (you know the type you see in the movies where an image flashes in your mind, complete with sound?) Except it wasn't a flashback. It was more like a flashforward, or just a stupid image to taunt me... It was an instant image of a toddler standing in the sun in my backyard, laughing. Torture, I tell you. I really hope we can all have that one day....

    Good luck with your supression & stimming!!!


  15. Good for you for having a glass of vino while you mark up your calender! That pick is making me crave a glass!

  16. I gotta say that I had no idea where this was heading when I started reading. Sorry about those teeny bikinis!

    I love Target...but I'm thinking of boycotting b/c of there ultra pathetic, terrible, no good return policy.

  17. I wasn't sure where this one was going at first! Congrats on getting started!

  18. I never, ever put my purse in the cart. I am too afraid of it getting something from sitting in there or being stolen. At least you found a little hope there. That is good news.

    Drink more wine and keep crossing those days off!

  19. Target, that wonderful red-dotted Mecca, is not located in my city and I must travel an hour away to get to the nearest one. Oh, how I wish I could stroll the aisles (jetlining right past the tini-bikinis).

    Here's hoping for you!

  20. Ohhhh, let the fun begin. Good luck with the lupron - the little bumps or rash are totally normal.


  21. Let the games begin, indeed! I'm rooting for you on the sidelines...good luck!

  22. omg is that wine?

  23. awwww...hoping someday you'll have a little one to put in the purse section of the cart.

  24. LOL! I laughed and then you hit me with that last part and I fell apart. I'm so hoping for you JJ! You've got everything riding on your side including the pillow. :) Love you!

  25. Oooh, I love target. I actually worked there for 6 years after high school. I used to get some amazing deals. I too love the cheapy bin section. I just purchased 47 pink flamingos for a friends 50th birthday. Boy is he in for a surprise. I have to admit though that I've never tried the baby strap to hold my purse. I may have to some time.
    Sending all kinds of hope and good vibes for a great cycle.

  26. Target is just the best...I spent my lunch hour there yesterday and it just wasn't enough time for all that goodness!!
    I am so glad you are "in the zone" and I'm excited that things are well underway :)
    Wishing you all the best!!!

  27. I almost cried when I saw the summer dresses and bikinis come out. After two plus years of the infertility madness. . . yeah, right.

    I am totally connected with the hope FOR you!

  28. Ah, Target. It's a beacon of light in my life as well. I'm just ignoring bikinis, bathing suits, and even shorts this summer. So glad to see you're getting your tush in gear. Pulling for you all the way!

  29. I love the calendar pic with the glass of wine! Sounds like a good way to get going.

  30. What a cute story - I'm so glad you are feeling hopeful - that is half the battle!

    I got the Lupron rash as well, until I read somewhere that you should count to 5 before removing the needle - it keeps the medicine from leaking out on to your skin and stops the rash.

    Hope this helps!

  31. love the wine! i get those itchies from ganirelix. like a quarter sized itchy spot that lasted 15-30 minutes.
    i've never strapped my purse in one of those. But I will now! Good idea!

    Happy Memorial Day weekend!

  32. Ah, Tarjhay. I was just there today as well, and succumbed to the bargain bins to purchase a set of 4 magnetic clips for the refrigerator. Did I need them? Of course!

    I'm glad the Lupron was OK today, and am thinking of you often!

  33. Bikini season, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

  34. You're probably several shots down by now, hope those are continuing to go well.

    Tiny bikinis can kiss my ass!

  35. I totally use that hook on the shopping cart to click in my purse and keys. that's what they are there for, right?

    happy lupron days to you!

  36. Congrats on mentally getting in the game for your IVF cycle. This whole TTC business is so freakin' stressful, and I totally understand the self-preservation mode you've been in. I hope the lupron isn't making you too crazy!

  37. I hate the bikinis. I don't think they need to be right int he front of the store. Put them in the back by the baby stuff so we don't have to see either when we walk in! I love the picture-scheduling with a glass of wine-Perfect!

  38. Good Luck on your upcoming cycle! Lupron made me itch too!I love Target! My letter would be
    Dear Target,]
    Can you please lte me leave with only what I came in for. And not the extra fifty dollars of stuff I don't need. Things just seem to hop into my cart - a girl's gotta stock up on a good sale!

    My husband thanks you!

  39. yes i also had a lupron itch that went away. i think it might have been from tightening/stretching the skin a little? i don't know. it was soon replaced by the black and blue :P

    very excited to see you off and running, CHEERS to the calendar!

  40. JJ you are adorable LOL

    Good on Target for getting you into gear but let's hope they sort that bikini issue out quick smart.

  41. I love target!!! My favorite! I use to do the lunch hour thing too, except my new job has no target around! As for strapping a purse down, that's me too. Even my hubby knows to strap it down for me. Yay for starting your injects even though it left a rash. G'luck!


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