Saturday, January 24, 2009

Day 4 - 8

Didn't mean to leave my "daily" updates hangin' let me explain:

Day 4 (1/20):
  • It did snow! We got .5 of an inch, but it was so pretty to see--it is so peaceful to watch
  • Inauguration on TV all day. I can tell you anything that happened, what someone wore, who said what, etc. So don't feel bad if you missed something--just let me know what you need to know. Aretha, your hat--really?
  • Back/butt pain was excruciating. Did not touch computer, or much else except the nurse call button all day
  • OB did not give me much of a progress report--"let's keep taking it a day at a time"
  • Neighbor/friend visited--she's the best!
  • He did change my procardia to every 4 hours instead of every 6. Im lucky that its helped, AND it hasnt made me feel bad in any way
  • Mook spent the night! We both slept really well--it was just nice to have him right there--and he said the fold out couch wasn't bad!
  • Ambien is my friend
Day 5 (1/21):
  • Continued back/butt pain--when OB came in he offered to go ahead and let me try a muscle relaxer (flexor?) and said I wasn't going to feel great--but at that point I just glared at him and said, "Give me druuugggs"
  • Well, he was right. Didn't help my pain AT ALL, and by 4pm I felt even more of that
  • Hit the 34 week mark! Hallelujah!
  • Watched the much anticipated return of LOST: I was not impressed. Maybe because I was so cranky
  • Childbirth class teacher came by--Mook ran into her on the way out of the hospital--I was hoping to pry some more info out of her as far as what my plan might be-but she didn't bite. While she was in my room, I had the worst hot flash Ive had yet--I was this close to asking her to dump ice water on me. Seriously.
  • Ambien is my friend
Day 6 (1/22):
  • OB came in at 6am (he's usually here around 8:30am) and he didn't appear to be in the best of moods--he didnt give me time to ask anything just said, "Status quo, and if you keep this up, we may push you to 38 weeks." I swear I had my water cup in hand ready to hurl at him, but he was out of my room before I had the chance to throw. Not that I want Ron to be put in danger, please know that, but he's never told me that I will go that long before...
  • Yea, that butt/back pain continued--hot shower eased it for a bit
  • Got a craving for Pepsi. All Coke products here, so Mook brought me some Pepsi--all because of a stupid commercial
  • Got a super-duper care package from Denise--socks (the awesome pair in the upcoming photo), chap stick, hairbands, chocolate--made my day!
  • Had a visit from a friend I havent seen in almost a year
  • Ambien is my friend
Day 7 (1/23):
  • Biggest YAY moment: I got to go ouuuutsiiiiide! We got permission for Mook to take me out in a wheel chair. Having the sun on your face is fabulous.
  • My sister came to visit! She gets a little queasy watching them poke and prod me--poor thing!
  • Biggest CRAP moment: my throat started to really hurt about 4pm
  • Tie for biggest YAY moment: OB had a different report for me--went back to saying no later than Feb 4th, BUT that we werent going to do the amnio at all--too risky still with my previa, and he wants to give Ron more time to cook
  • Had friends visit--they brought us dinner from our favorite diner--had a great visit
  • Throat got worse and worse--couldnt do more than Tylenol--so I asked for my ambien early and was asleep by 9:30

Day 8
  • Honestly thought I was hallucinating. My OB came in at 1:30am! My nurse told me later today that he was here for an emergency c-section and came in to tell me that he wouldn't be here today, but that they would call him if need be. I totally thought I had dreamt it.
  • Throat still reaaaaaly hurt--got tested for strep--still waiting on results. Still having a hard time even swallowing.
  • Cried really hard for about 15 minutes this morning: dont really know why--I think it just all gets to me sometimes--the emotion of being here, the fact that Im going to be a MOM soon, and the pain...all rolled into one.
  • The stand-in OB was my old doctor--I switched from him once I got the recommendation from my friend--Im SO glad he's not my doctor anymore--he has no bedside manner. He said, "Oh well since you have previa, we just wait until you really bleed, then we deliver you" Ass.
  • My parents came to visit!!! So good to see them--just having my mom sit near by was such a comfort
  • Neighbor friends came back and brought me a cake and a few Ron gifts! I haven't talked about it, because I didnt want to jinx it, but my shower was supposed to be today. I just had this feeling I wouldn't make it...I had a sad moment, but quickly let it go--a shower is a very nice luxury--it is NOT required to have a baby!
  • Mook and my family are out at dinner--wish I could be with them, but just glad he is getting a break from the hospital room!
  • AND this is the first time in about 4 days that I am able to sit up in a chair--so its a small victory!
Thank you ALL for continuing to come by and check on us--I know Im not the only one going through "stuff" and I appreciate you taking a moment to let me know you are thinking about us. I may not know exactly whats going on with each of you right now, but please know Im always thinking about this cozy community!


  1. Sorry to hear that the pain won't ease up...that's got to be rough.

    Yay for sitting up today, and for hitting 34 weeks!

  2. Glad to hear you are still cooking. Hang in there, it is all worth it!

  3. really? i loved aretha's hat! couldn't pull it off for sure, but i loved it.

    glad you've had so many visitors to help pass the time. isn't it funny how the hours go on forever but whole days just disappear? congrats on 34 weeks!!

  4. Glad to hear that you are mostly doing ok. The back pain etc sounds yucky. I'm sorry you have to do that and hope it's manageable until you're able to get up and move around. Hang in there, you're getting so close.

  5. Sorry about the back pain but glad Ambien is your friend. Glad to hear that Ron is hanging in there for you. I had both of my showers after my ds was born. Although not the normal way to do things, it worked out fine.

  6. Your sock/slipper things are ADORABLE. Where did you get them?? I gotta know!!

    I wish there was someway to relieve the low back/butt pain. Could you maybe have a massage therapist come work on you somehow?

    I am glad Ambien is your friend. :)

  7. 34 weeks is fabulous!
    Sorry you missed your baby shower. I love the showers where you get to meet the baby, though! :)
    Hope your back pain gets a bit better.

  8. I was given morphine when my labor was stopped....for the pain, not to stop the labor. Let's just say that I have a ton of love for morphine....but that was 6 years ago.

    Now, don't think I'm crazy, and no, we have never met irl, so here goes..... Do you have a PO box or something just in case one of your many readers want to send you a gift??? I know I love buying baby gifts and well, I'd love to send you something, but I understand that you probably don't want to give your home address out to some chick who reads your blog...someone you never met. Just a thought.

    I'm glad you are still cooking. Don't feel bad about wanting the pain to stop. I was the same way. The combination of pain and hormones does wonders, doesn't it??

    Give Ron a pat from me!!!!

  9. Congrats on your 34 week mark..not too much longer! I found the most frustrating thing about being in the hospital is those moments you do feel like crying some darn person always walks privacy to even cry when you want to. OBs round at all weird hours because of deliveries...mine seemed to round half the time in the middle of the night, go figure. Baby showers after the fact get to wear normal clothes and show off the baby. We had two after Brynn was born. You'll have fun. But yes...being in the hospital sucks and ambien rocks. I'm just sorry you get to confirm what I just mentioned first hand! If you ever want to chat...hit me up...I'm a good listener ((hugs))

  10. I'm so sorry about all of the pain you're going through!! Hang in there hon. Ron does need to cook more, and again... once you have him in your arms it will all be worth it. But you know that! :)

  11. Hope you are still hanging in there! Wish the butt/back didn't hurt. Hospital beds do suck!

    Thinking of you, Mook, & little Ron.

  12. Reading your updates just brings me back to my days in the hospital. I had numerous random crying sessions, usually after B would leave for the night. It sucks being in pain, in a hospital, worried about your baby and being alone at night. Throw in a massive dose of hormones and cue the waterworks. You really sound like you are holding up like a trooper.

    Did you ever ask about the sand/gel mattress? I'm not sure if all hospitals have them. Glad the Ambien is at least working for you. Hope your throat is better soon. Hang in there!

  13. Keep hanging in there JJ!

    I hope you don't have strep throat...that would be just what you need!

    Slippers are way cute! Glad you got to go outside!

    Congrats on 34 Weeks!

  14. Oh. And for My Reality, the socks are from Target.

  15. Hang in there chickadee, you're doing so well. I can't imagine the pain and I would totally be going stir crazy. Yay for 34 weeks, and Feb 4th is just around the corner. I hope you're able to have a shower at some point - maybe Ron will be able to show his handsome face to everyone celebrating him! :) I have a shower-in-a-box headed your way very soon. *hugs*

    p.s. You're not missing anything with us - Cletus is good, I'm fine, boring, boring, boring. Now you don't have to catch up. ;)

  16. Sorry about the pain. Suck suck suck.

    Glad you got to go outside, and that the ambien is working!! :)

  17. here is my litle recommendation, keeping in mind i know less then nothing about being pregnant - try a hot water bottle and/or heating pad for the back/butt.
    hang in there.

  18. Yuck...the back/butt pain sounds awful. No assvice, just love and healing being sent your way!

    Glad you didn't throw the water at the doc, but I would have LOVED to hear about it!!

    Hang in there!

  19. Just checking in. Sorry to hear that your bum and back are still so sore. And now your throat! Hope you're allllll better soon.

  20. I have read your blog since REDBOOK. I was the one who wrote about my daughter being born on February 4. I was in the hospital for two full weeks prior to and I know how you are feeling right now. Hang in there...soon you will be able to laugh about these days and kind of wish for the bed rest.

  21. After everything you've been through, 34 weeks is awesome! I wish you didn't have to spend it in pain, but it is all worth it. Hoping you get your strep results back quickly and that you feel better soon.

  22. I've been obsessively checking your blog glad Ron is still baking. Can you sit on one of those ice pack things they give women after a vaginal birth (they were my bed friend), if not maybe a surgical glove filled with ice wrapped in a small towel. It might ease/numb the butt pain a bit. I will continue to keep you, Mook & Ron in my thoughts and prayers.

  23. How the heck do you have more snow than I do???

    Thinking of you always!

  24. Oh JJ, I was starting to worry. Glad to hear you are doing well, for the most part. Sorry to hear about the pain in your back. Are you able to use a heating pad?

    Hope to hear from you soon.


  25. So glad to hear an update! I was worried.

    Wasn't so sure about Aretha's hat either. Girlfriend could pull it off though!

  26. It's great to hear that Ron's still cooking. I love your way to work positive energy into this situation. It makes me happy to read your posts.

    And really, Aretha, did the bow need to be THAT big?


  27. Aww sweetie hang in there!!

    Big hugs from the coastal side of the NC!!


  28. Thinking of you, Moot, and Ron.

  29. Hey you! So glad for the update and that Ron is still cooking - 34 weeks thats brilliant!

    Sucks about the back pain - I've just had some kick in from just the pregnancy and I can't imagine how bad it would be if I had to stay in bed all day. Hang in there!

    Oh and Aretha's hat - I LOVED it. Wish I could get my hands on one cuz I would seriously wear it all. the. time!

  30. It's the small victories that keep you going... hang in there and cheering you on.

  31. I'm so glad that things are continuing to go well for you and Ron. I hope that you manage to get a little more comfortable soon.

  32. Love those socks! And Yay for Ambien. Glad to know Ron is doing well. And seriously hope you don't have strep.

  33. Just sending hugs your way - wish I could come visit you in the hospital. Just know I'm thinking of you (and Mook, and Ron!)

  34. Thinking of you sweetie and I'm glad to hear you are all hanging in there. ((LOTS OF HUGS))

  35. YAY for Ambien!

    Congratulations on 34 weeks!! I'm so excited!

    Hang in there.

  36. OK, LOOOOVE the socks! Must consider a pair for my hospital stay!
    I could comment on everything, but then you would be stuck reading a horribly long comment section and half way through it probably start focusing on your butt again. So I will sum up instead.

    You are definitely proving that you are ready for motherhood so take that worry out of your bag of worries for now. You are dealing with fear, pain, anxiety, joy, making tough decisions, worry, love, gratitude, frustration and a plethora of other emotions all before your little one is even born. Most importantly, you are doing everything you can in spite of your own discomfort and pain to keep your son safe as long as you can. Bring on the Mother Of The Year Award!!! I am proud of you.

    Keep your chin up!!


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