Friday, December 28, 2007

Hello old friend...

Hi there-it's been a while! I've dusted off the cobwebs around here, and with my fireplace and cup of peppermint tea keeping me warm, and my adorable fur-baby sleeping (err, make that snoring) next to me-seems like a good time to sit down and have a chat!

A belated happy holidays to all! I am sorry that I was not around to be more of a shoulder to lean on, or to rejoice happy news with you. I will make my absence explanation short and sweet: I got what I wished for. (see: holiday sizzle)

Along with the sizzle, I needed to focus on our relationship and live outside my head. I tend to live inside my head a lot when I blog--not that it's a bad thing, I just needed to have some serious couch* time with Mook. More about this in a bit...

A huge thank you for the immense support I received with the CD! I had so much fun getting all the orders together, and the sweet comments have really touched me. We are so very humbled by the support we have gotten through this community. I am excited to say that the CD sales paid for our round of FET medication! THANK YOU SO MUCH! We are truly grateful for all of the support! Our hope is that you will enjoy the tunes for many holiday seasons to come!

So, with only days to go until 2008, I didn't want to leave 2007 behind without saying a respectful farewell. Needless to say, it hasn't been my favorite year, but there has been a lot of good that has gone along with the not so good--and I don't want to reflect back on this year and see all sad. So let's just get the sad/bad/mad out of the way, shall we?
  • We found out on January 19th of this year that we would face big obstacles in having a child without medical assistance, due to male factor infertility
  • We struggled with our relationship for the weeks following the diagnosis-learning to deal with the cards we had been dealt
  • In March, our hearts were heavy after the failed IUI
  • I had a tough battle with pneumonia in April
  • My eggs turned a year older in May
  • Our hearts were even heavier after our first IVF/ICSI didn't give us a BFP in July
  • A close family friend passed away in September
  • I contracted MRSA in my blood-draw spot from the IVF
  • *Mook and I had some serious couch time this month
That's "our place" where the heavy conversations happen--and this month, we kept the cushions warm. I won't go into all the details, but it put us both through the ringer. The nasty cycle of throwing punches, receiving them (not literally of course...) and then it would start all over again. We are in a much better place, and thank goodness a new year is on the horizon--we need a fresh start! Do you have your own "couch place"? Is it on your couch, in the kitchen, in the car....?

Enough sad/bad/mad. The good:
  • We found out on January 19th of this year that we would face big obstacles in having a child without medical assistance, due to male factor infertility. We had an answer!
  • I grew closer to my husband in the weeks that followed our diagnosis.
  • I started this blog and became connected to so many fantastic people
  • We vacationed in Las Vegas!
  • The Braces Bunch was born!
  • I celebrated another year of life
  • I recorded my first CD
  • We vacationed in the Florida Keys/Disney!
  • We had 3 embryos to freeze!
  • I got to meet some great bloggers
  • We took a much needed break from pills/shots
  • I recorded my 2nd CD!
  • I celebrated the holidays with sizzle, good food, friends and family
So farewell, 2007. I am thankful for all you taught me-and I go into 2008 wiser, more compassionate and ready to face new adventures. Happy New Year to all the wonderful women (and men!) that mean so much to me!

Oh, and it's CD 1. Start thinking thawing thoughts for us, please :0)


  1. Here's to a very fertile 2008 for you! :)

    My mom and I listened to your CD at least 12 times while we were making soup on Christmas Eve. There were a few beers/wine involved so about the 12th time of "Baby It's Cold Outside" my mom said "haven't we heard this song already today??". Uhhh, yes. :) It's fantastic and it's definitely added to my Christmas music aresenal - much to j's chagrin.

  2. woo hoo Cheers to the good of 2007 - and the lessons learned from the not so good. Counch time with hubby sounds like a wonderful time of restoration, communication and love. Glad you got just want you wanted for christmas!

    Thinking thawing thoughts and can't wait for more of your 2008 blessings

  3. I've missed you, JJ! So glad to see you back.

    Here's to a fantastic 2008 for all of us.

  4. I've missed you -- glad you're back and able to look at the glass both ways.

    Similar things are going on in my house...must. have. couch. time.

    Thanks for the good idea. Now I just need to make it happen.

    Here's to a bountiful 2008 for you and Mook.

  5. A wonderful reflection on 2007. Wishing you all of your dreams in 2008. Fingers crossed for your FET!

  6. Very glad to see you're back. I was hoping it was just christmas craziness so I'm glad to see it was more about the two of you - it's good to have you time.

    On the thaw, yeesh, seriously, another kind of wait (to see the thaw resuls)? Well I'm thinking nothing but good thoughts for you, mook, and the thaw.

  7. I've missed you!

    Our "couch place" tends to be the kitchen for some reason. I'm not sure why. It seems that every important conversation we have takes place there.

    Here is to a very happy 2008 that brings you all that you have ever dreamed of!

  8. Hi JJ! My husband and I listened to your CD while making Christmas cookies, it was great! We both absolutely loved it.

    Sending WARM thoughts to you little frosties!!!

  9. Hey sweet thing! I have missed you but glad to hear there was a good reason for being away.

    Sending amazing thoughts and wishes for 2008! This is our year. HA! I think I said that last year. Or sworn not to say it again. I can't remember.

    Our "couch" is in bed in the dark.

  10. Sure nice to have you back. Glad to hear you had some holiday sizzle :-).

    Sending you successful thawing thoughts for this cycle!

  11. I've missed you!

    I L-O-V-E your CD. I had it playing while I made Xmas cookies. Unfortunately I forgot it when we made the trek to the in-laws...I had to suffer through Celene Dion Christmas songs...and I honestly think yours are MUCH better.

    Wishing happy thawing thoughts!

  12. Glad you're back & even more glad that you are able to look back on a rough period of your life and still find the beauty. Infertility is rough, but sometimes one does have to just sit back and marvel about all of the GOOD things that it does bring your way (a stronger relationship with your significant other, new friends, drawing on stregnths you never knew you had..etc). Happy New Year sweeite.

  13. I'm glad your good list is easily as long as your bad list.

    Hope 2008 is a better year all round.

  14. I'm glad to see that you're back and having good thoughts for 2008! I am definitely sending you good thawing vibes!!!

  15. I'm just catching back up, too.
    BTW, your CD is great. It arrived in one piece - must be the start of a new trend! (Hubby loved it, too).

    Best of luck with the thaw - hoping it's perfect!

  16. Hi JJ,
    I have really missed you. The cd was awesome. It traveled with me on everycar ride and then I would bring it into the house for more listening pleasure. You are going to be making another one next year, won't you? Part 2 would be a great idea. Glad to hear that you had some couch time to regroup with Mook. I find that is important all the time but especially on this IF journey. It helps to know everyone is on the same page and emotions are shared. Glad to see your're back. hope have a successful thaw and things go well for you in the coming year.

  17. Hey, welcome back! I'm hoping that 2008 brings you only a "happy" list of things and no "sad" list.

  18. I'm thinking lots of thaw thoughts for you. Couch time sounds great..I'll definately have to try some myself. I enjoyed seeing your good from 2007. I hope 2008 is a great one for you too!

  19. I missed you! I'm glad you checked in before the new year.

    A year is always full of ups and downs and I'm hoping this year starts out on a very good foot for you!

  20. Glad you got the couch time you needed. We have the same spot.

  21. Good for you for being able to see the positive side of things. Good thawing thoughts coming your way. Hope 2008 brings you all you wish for.

  22. Florida Keys and Disney?! Woo Hoo! I love Key West! That's quite a vacation. Thinking many great thoughts for you!

  23. Hoping for a happy 2008 for you. Thinking lots of good thawing thoughts here...

  24. Best of luck JJ with the FET and in general :) Happy 08; I hope this is a good year for the both of us!

  25. I'm glad you're back. I was starting to get concerned, but now that I know it was b/c of some "sizzle"...well, more power to you:)

    Our "couch" is usually in the car. We tend to have couch time anywhere and everywhere, but usually driving somewhere.

    I will be praying for the thaw to be a positive start to the year. May 2008 bring something positive to us all:)

  26. Wishing you many wonderful things in the new Year.

  27. I just KNOW that good things are coming for you in 2008 - I can't wait to be here to witness them!

    PS. . . this is a really dumb question, but what is the braces bunch?

  28. So good to have you back and it's great how positive you sound.

    I have a feeling 2008 will be your year. Hope it's a good one for lots of us!!

    I've heard such good things about the CD, I must get on and order one from you!


  29. Good luck with this FET cycle. A great time to start anew!

  30. I hope 2008 is your year, my friend!

    Thanks so much for the card, it made my day. :)

  31. Stopping by from Niobe to wish you luck in January.

  32. Like everyone else here I loved your CD JJ And since the Christmas tree is up until Saturday I think it means I can still listen to it a few more times before I have to put it away until Christmas comes around again.

    I'm sending a million and one good thawing thoughts your way.

    I am praying with everything I have that 2008 is the year we all get our BFP, that we all grow stronger and that we grow even closer to our significant others.

    All our love and best wishes to you both for 2008

  33. You did a great job creating a balanced perspective on 2007. It's mighty impressive, I have to admit (especially since my own list leaned toward the negative...)

    Here's to a 2008 that lends itself to a list of more positive than negative events....

    And fingers are crossed for your frozen cycle!!


  34. Happy fertile thoughts for 2008!

  35. What a great reflection in 2007, best wishes for this FET cycle.

  36. Wow...your meds are paid by the cd sales - that's excellent! I wish I had a nice singing voice.

    Good luck as you get started in this new, potentially wonderful, always exciting year!

    Even though I have lots of wonderful memories from 2007, I'm looking forward to moving into a new year with open arms that I hope will be filled by years-end - wink, wink, wink!

    Stay warm...and may you get all you want in your life this year!

  37. thanks for the comment! Happy new year! Yes I hope it's a GREAT for both of too AND everyone else. Baby dust to everyone. :)

  38. May 2008 be the year our dreams come true. I guess it's time for me to get off the couch too. This is our year. Happy new year JJ.

  39. What a big year 2007 was for you. Always interesting to take a look back and see how far we've come.

    I thoroughly appreciate your need to live outside of your head. I, too, spend a lot of time there ... and while there are some good insights that take shape as a result, I also find that my dh, friends and other activities suffer from lack of attention.

    Here's to 2008 and a year of balance -- and, of course, wishing that your little embies succeed wildly. Best to you and yours...!

  40. man, i have EVERY BELIEF that this is your year. your cycle.
    take it from me, it.can.happen.

    love to you.

  41. happy new year, JJ! congrats on just surviving all that 2007 threw at you, and here's to much better news in 2008! this is your year!!!

  42. I am so, so glad to read that the money from the CDs will be used for your meds...that is awesome!!!
    And yay for the holiday sizzle :)
    Daniel and I had our most serious "couch time" right before our IVF procedure. It just brings out the hard core truth...which is sometimes tough to hear. We still have those difficult discussions now that the babies are here but, to me, that's a huge part marriage is all about. So many people give up when the going gets tough but you just gotta stick it out and talk it out. And don't you usually feel SOOO much better after those talks and the air is clear (for awhile, anyway!!)?!?!? I'm glad you guys made it through to the other side and here's to a fresh start in '08.
    And many, many positive thoughts and prayers headed your way for those embies!!!

  43. I am so thrilled to see that you had such great support for your CD! I'm also very glad that I could be one small part of that helping hand. I'm wishing you all the best on your FET and thinking of you always. Take care, sweetie! Thanks for everything you do to make all our lives better.

  44. Oooooohhh.... good luck!

    Happy thawing!

    (Nice to hear from you)

  45. You're one amazing woman :) Here is to a wonderful 2008: may it be your best year yet!

  46. Hoping for a wonderful '08 for you,



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