Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I'm currently sitting on my kitchen floor.

No, really, I am.....see:

I did the act of sitting, because I needed to retighten the straps on O-mans booster chair since it came with us on our Travelin' Circus journey last week. And now that the task is done, I haven't found the motivation to move just yet....

Maybe it's because I see all the dog hair on the floor and know that as soon as I stand up, I'll want to sweep.

Maybe it's because I like the feeling of the cold floor on my bum.

Maybe it's because I have been going full steam ahead since returning home, O-man is napping, and I'm just tired.

Maybe it's because I can take a few minutes and look around the kitchen from this current point of view, and see shadows of great moments that have taken place in this room.

Maybe I should make more time to just sit :)


  1. You should DEFINITELY spend more time sitting (and less time worrying about the dog hair):).

  2. A different perspective is a wonderful thing.

    And sitting on the floor when you no longer have good reason to feels liberating in an odd way.

  3. Oh, dear. Usually when I'm sitting on the floor for extended amounts of time, it's because I can't motivate myself to actually move from sitting to standing. Even pre-pregnancy, I had an incredible amount of inertia-- start moving and I keep moving, but I stop, and I may as well give up on the rest of my day!

    We've taken to calling the babies "The Oofs" because moving around in any position that requires lifting the belly results in an "OOF!" Rolling over? OOF! Standing up? OOF! Getting out of the car? OOF! And with any luck, it'll only get worse from here... must start doing some gentle squats to build those leg muscles!

  4. That sounds like a wonderful idea to me. Cute feet ;o)

  5. Thank you for the visual. I was wondering which way you were facing.

    I am assuming you posted this from your iPhone. Don't you love that app.

  6. :)

    I too would like 2010 to be a year where I can just "sit" sometimes. Enjoy the view.

    let's hope we both get to do that a little more often .

  7. The dog hair can wait....
    Good dog.

  8. A little sitting is good for the soul.

  9. A different point of view is sometimes just what you need.

    Nothing wrong with sitting sometimes.

  10. I have so much to do in the next 72 hours, and I am on the chaise.

  11. It's the moments that I am the busiest where sitting is the most alluring. I try to give into that temptation as often as possible as I never regret it. Ever. :)

  12. Sitting is an excellent position. But what would have been the creme de la creme would have been to slowly, ever so slowly, lean your head down to the floor and take a five minute snooze...mmmmm

  13. Funny all the things you think about when you take the time to just sit.


  14. I think it would have been funny to fall asleep there and then suddenly wake up covered in dog hair, drool coming down one side of your face and think..."WTF and I doing on the floor?" BWAAAA HA HA HA

  15. It is hard jus to take a moment and sit... just stay there for a little longer! You are so sweet

  16. Perhaps it's because you sat there and had a moment where you looked at things like booster seats, toys, and all things child related, and thought..."Wow, this is my life." It's pretty cool, eh? :-)


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