Monday, December 4, 2006

Blog you, VERY much!

Thanks to each of you who have taken a moment to say "Blog you, VERY much" to the person(s) who inspired you to start your own blog.

Here is the on-going list of posts dedicated to saying "Blog you, VERY much" Take a moment to read a few, come back later and read some more. It's quite a connected network we are all lucky to be a part of. You may be surprised to find that you have inspired one of these blogs!

Remember, there is no cut off to be added to this list of BYVM posts!

Enjoy, and thanks! Feel free to use the logo on your blog to show the love!

JJ says BYVM to Manana Banana!

Tracy says BYVM to Geohde!

Debby says BYVM to Sunny!

Loribeth says BYVM to Ann, Pamela Jeanne and Mel!

Geohde says BYVM to Julie!

Lori says BYVM to Mel!

Seussgirl says BYVM to Julia and JJ!

Samantha says BYVM to Jenny and Serenity!

Ms. Planner says BYVM to Mel, Christina, Watson, and Sticky Bun!

Kristen says BYVM to Jamie!

Grad3 says BYVM to Leah and Mel!

Trace says BYVM to Shop Girl, DI Dad, and All Those Pills!

Serenity says BYVM to Square Peg, Nikole, Jenny, Hopeful Mother, Bea and Keeping the Faith!

Waiting Amy says BYVM to Mel, Sticky Bun, and Leah!

Pamela Jeanne says BYVM to Bumble!

Farah says BYVM to Jaime and JJ!

Kate says BYVM to Uterine Wars and Julie!

LJ says BYVM to Mel!

Sharah says BYVM to Julie!

In and Out of Luck says BYVM to One in a Million!

Courtney says BYVM to Lindsey and Larisa!

Barb says BYVM to Julie, Kristen, Mel and Baby Steps to Baby Shoes!

Claire says BYVM to Ann, Meredith and Jennifer!

Mands says BYVM to Tertia!

Ivonne says BYVM to Larissa!

Es says BYVM to Kirby!

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  1. JJ - I'm sorry, I didn't realize you were compiling this list. Here is my post of Thanks:


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