Tuesday, January 3, 2006

Shop to make JJ & Mook a Mom & Pop!

First I must say a big THANKS to Mel for giving all of us an opportunity to shop! What more could you ask for?

If you are here, then you are looking for information on my shop item, which is my very own holiday album/CD. (Does anyone say album anymore?)

I've always had two big dreams:
1) To be a mom
2) To be a professional singer

As you may know through reading this blog, it has been a bit of a struggle to achieve that 1st dream.

The second dream: I may not ever be on Broad.way or have the number one album on the Bill.board charts, but I have been fortunate to be able to record and perform music that means so much to me. Music/singing is a true blessing, and I am thankful that through Shop to Make Mom or Pop, that we can save the money that is raised to go towards dream number one.

So here is the scoop on how dream #2 will help me with dream #1:

What: A collection of holiday music on my holiday CD : "You, Me and a Ch.ristmas Tree"

All music is original recordings of holiday classics with beautiful instrumentals and my vocals (there is a very special guest-artist appearance on one of the tracks!)

When: Available December 6, 2007 (pre-orders accepted!)

How: The cost of the CD is $16. I will be able to accept pay.pal payments (credit cards may be used through pay.pal) and checks. Shipping is $2 to US and $4 for international. Please be sure to list an e-mail address or include one in the comment section/e-mail to me if you do not have an e-mail link associated with your blog. This is how I will get the pay.pal information to you!

Final Details: There may be some questions that need answering past what I have listed, so if I start getting specific questions I will post an extended FAQ here. I am glad to answer anything you want to know! Thank you again so much for your interest--this means so much to both Mook and I, as we want so much to be a MOM and POP!



1. Where do I mail the check/who do I make it out to/how much?
I will e-mail you my mailing address and name if you leave a comment/or e-mail me. Please figure in the shipping ($2 for US and $4 international) to get your total along with the cost of the CD: $16


  1. Just a thought... If you setup an ebay sale for them you could point people to it and have them "buy it now". Then you wouldn't have to give people your personal info too. :)

  2. Hey I am trying to figure out how to pay with paypal.

    Count me in

  3. Sure, I'll buy one. I will also pass the link along to friends and family if you elect to set up an Ebay auction. I can be found at Yahoo under this same unsername.


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