Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Merge Slowly Onto Freeway

I feel a bit like the driver in this car these days:

I know I have the strength to merge onto the Blogger Freeway with you wonderful ladies, I just find myself hitting the breaks lately. But I love to drive, and I want to get out of the 35 mph zone and get back to cruising at 65 mph, so I'm putting on my blinker (I'm a polite driver!) and asking that you kindly let me in...

Ahh, that's better. Now I can put the top down ('cause I gotta be in a convertible) and I'm gonna crank up the tunes and rock on down the road. I'd follow you ladies anywhere!

So while I haven't switched to being a Mini-Van-Mom, a certain tiny little passenger in my auto-mo-bile has required that I run a Full Service Station. And I've found that I quite enjoy being a full-time grease monkey.

And being a full-time grease monkey has obviously put other things on hold. Like life. But the funny thing goes on. Whadya know?! I never knew how much I could cram into a 2-3 hour period (length between a filler-up). And those 2-3 hours go faster than they did pre-Mr. O Man. So just in the past week...I have gotten LIFE back in some sort of order. Bills paid, rooms cleaned, laundry put away and most importantly: finished the nursery. For the first month and a half of his life, we have had a path to the crib and a path to the changing table. Mucho clutter of baby-stuff covered the rest of the room. Now mucho clutter is all in its place-and makes a happy JJ and Mook. I'm sure the O-man is glad to have a proper room too. In fact, I just asked him and this is the reaction I got:

I know some of you will say-ALL that can WAIT, spend time with your child. I promise, I spend precious moments that turn into hours just staring at this precious boy. And now that I do feel organized, I am able to spend that much more time with him. Organization is my middle name. All must be in its place, and then all is right with the world. Hallelujah.

Even the mundane task of moving all my blog subscriptions from Bloglines to Google Reader is complete, and I feel like I can get back to actual blog reading and commenting--what a concept! And yet it brings me such joy to have all my categories in place and updates galore to read. Now I just need to work on giving my blog a face lift...

Since I couldnt get my thoughts together in time for O-man's 2 month b-day, I will have to combine that with his 3 month update in 2 weeks...yea, just typing that seems impossible. How can he almost be 3 months already?

And just a funny side note, I seem to be having issues with POST pregnancy cravings. I never really had strong cravings (other than liquids) so its not helping me shed the extra pounds when all I want to eat are these:

Ahh, Krispy Kreme...such a love/hate relationship.

And just a few other random updates, since I have asked for opinions/suggestions in posts-past. I ended up getting this diaper bag:
Its a JJ Cole--and it really has been great to carry his necessities plus serve as my purse. I have kept bigger items in a canvas tote in the back of my car, and that has cut down on the amount I need to carry. I love the fact that it's a messenger bag-I can sling it over my shoulder and grab his carrier in one swift motion.

I decided to return to work part-time. Im very grateful that my boss was willing to work with me-we are both testing it out until mid summer to make sure it's working for both of us. There was just no way I was ready to leave O man yet...and so its worked out well that I can work from home with occasional trips to the office. As I said, I am diggin' being a full time grease monkey...

And lastly, but certainly not least, I am so excited that I will be going to New York City in early June to meet an incredibly special friend, who I've come to call my sister across the pond: Bee Cee! We are spending five glorious-girl-days in the Big Apple, and I can't wait! As many of us say time and time again, while we wouldn't choose to battle infertility, the special bonds we form in its shadows are built out of steel!

And as this community continues to support those experiencing loss and celebrating with those who feel joy, I am so incredibly grateful to be able to merge back onto the freeway where I know I'd be welcome.......even without using my blinker.


  1. When I was nursing, I couldn't get enough sugar. I'm normally fairly addicted to sugar, but this was out of control. I just wanted frosting all the time.

    Glad you're getting things in order - organization makes you feel much more comfortable about spending all your time staring at the baby!

  2. Nursing caused cravings for me for baked goods that were unbelievable. I could eat a full batch of shortbread a day at times. I have sworn to myself I shall not do that to that degree this time around because it was bad back then.

  3. Oh and he is soooooooo adorable!!!!!

  4. Rolling down the car window to say hello! Glad you are back on the road again. :)

    *That is one adorable baby you've got there!

  5. You are One Heck of a Woman! I enjoy your blog/friendship very much. I understand the need/want to orgainze, I lack the Drive ......

    I am so happy for you and Fam. Happy 3 months

  6. I hear ya. Clutter just makes me feel completely stressed. That picture of O is perfect!

  7. Sugar is something I'd kill for when I'm nursing too. Especially fatty sorts of sugar. And I'm so glad to see a post from you. So glad you're back!

    (I find I'm a heck of a lot happier when I get a chance to connect with my blog friends as well as parent)

  8. JJ! He is so FREAKING cute! I love him!

  9. OMG... I could bathe in a bath of M-&-M's right now... or any chocolate for that matter. Never in my life had I wanted this much chocolate. Pretty soon, Cailin is going to be drinking chocolate milk! I had no idea cravings continued beyond pregnancy. :) Looking at that chocolate covered donut even made me drool, so at least you know that you are not alone.

    And welcome back to cyber space by the way. We have all missed you terribly. Oh, and Cailin sends O-Man big wet sloppy kisses too.

  10. What delicious pictures (the baby AND the donut)! I was just thinking the other day that I crave chocolate more now than I have in my entire life and I'm 13 months pp so not really sure what that means.

    Welcome back, JJ!

  11. Oh, he's soooo cute!

    So, is your name "J Organization J" or "JJ Organization"? How does it work when you have only one name? Like Cher? If she says danger is her middle name, is it more like her last name?

    Too much thought. Need more coffee.

  12. Glad to see you back on the blogger highway...with the top down, nonetheless!

    Also, your little man is one of the most adorable "little men" I've ever seen - truly...what a ham!

    We were the same way the first month or two after Julian was born - more focused on not missing a moment with - laundry/cleaning can wait!

  13. Beep! Beep!

    Totally hear you on the organization. I feel so much better when things are in their place--even if other things are chaotic.

    Thanks, BTW for the Time Capsule letter!

  14. I'm so glad to hear from you JJ. O man is getting more beautiful everyday! KK is like my crack. Always has been. I can't imagine not seeing that HOT DOUGHNUTS NOW sign and not trying to wreck my car to get there FAST! It is a staple of southern society. KK and Sweet Tea!

    It always makes me feel better to get things in order, I completely get it. I am in a state of disarray. Just trying to put one foot in front of the other. I thought to myself yesterday how crammed my purse is getting and how it now weighs about 20 pounds and I probably need to purge it of some unnecessary items. Yeah, I'll get to it, when I can't pick the darned thing up! ;o)

  15. Welcome back! We missed you! And look Baby O--he is SO HANDSOME! YAY for working part time and enjoying being a mommy. Isn't it awesome? :)


  16. Good to "see" you and O again!

    He's SO big, already!

    I could use some of your drive to organize, as I totally lack in that department.

    Happy 3 months!

  17. Welcome back!!!! 3 months already!!!??? he is so cute and looks like you OMG...

  18. YAY! Welcome back on to the blogging freeway...whew, and just in time for my IVF. ;-) Glad to see another pic of your beautiful baby and remember that this IS possible.

  19. That is one cute pic of your little man.

    Welcome back to the blogosphere, I don't get to visit as often as I'd like either.

  20. Hey! It's great to see you here again. It's so hard in the beginning to get used to the whole baby routine and keeping up with general life. You sure find out which tasks are important and which ones can wait. Keep on enjoying this wonderful time with your handsome boy!

  21. Oh my gosh - I loooove smiley baby cheeks! Go kiss those baby cheeks!

  22. The O-man is just wonderful!

    And, I totally have cravings now that I never had when I was pregnant. And the best part is that I can eat most things now and not worry about morning sickness.

  23. That's awesome that you got some organization done. It really puts a mind at peace.

    How amazingly handsome is your baby boy!!?!! The O-man has the most brilliant smile. It could light up a room.

    MMMMMmmmmmm, donuts. (That's my Homer impression)

  24. Love the new blog pic- it's perfect! Welcome back! ;)

    Do my current craving still count as post- pregnancy???

  25. Wait! Will we overlap in NY? I'll be there the first few days on June. I love the new banner :-)

  26. I'm glad you're back.... I want to smother that boy in kisses right now!

  27. Hmmm Krispy Creme...I totally understand that craving! Sadly, they recently closed the very last one in my area! Boo!

    PS *LOVE* the new blog header! Too cute.

  28. yay for getting back in! it took me a while to figure it out too and i'm still not at full speed. p.s. the o-man is delicious and happy almost 3 months to him!! him and my boys are about the same age! :)


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