Thursday, August 28, 2008

Lucky 13

A little blue, a little pink--just to cover both case scenarios. And no, this is not the cake that we ate yesterday-- but ours was yummy too. I enjoyed every single bite of (both) pieces that I consumed--one for me, one for Ron.

So here I am at my goal. Don't be fooled--I've already set more of the g-word, but this one was truly a milestone, and one that is being treasured. I woke up feeling so thankful, and had a nice long chat with God. Have any of you seen the new show The Cleaner? While I am not a former drug addict on a mission, I do find myself just talking with God--while it's not the formal type of praying, it feels comfortable and I feel connected. I've had a lot of alone time with the big man upstairs and it's always nice to remember to share the good moments too...I tend to ask so much of His time in the scary/bad moments.

The second thing I did, was to take out my nifty doppler that came a week ago--thank you Nancy for the great recommendation. It's actually the same brand my OB uses--just not as high tech. It's a small wonder that I don't have that thing in hand and on tum at all times. So there was Ron, making some noise for me--heart beat and squirming. We talked for a bit (well I talked, he listened) and I said "I love you" about 20 times, and I promised cake for later.

To keep this post from being a novel, I will break down some thoughts and hopefully keep from going so long between posts-annnnd really get back into blog-mode, of next Wednesday I am off bed-rest! Let me share why this is:

-At it's largest, the hematoma was 5cm. It is now .9cm (as in point 9) Hallelujah!

-Last week, we had a scan at 12w1 day, and I was measuring 12w4d-all good growth. Previa still there, but they will continue to keep an eye on it.

-Because I was measuring ahead, our u/s technician recommended to go forward with the NT scan and measurements that day--she was afraid we'd miss the window. Originally we were going to wait until Mook was back in town this week, but I knew he'd be OK with me going forward with it. The tech was soooo nice--she said she could get he measurements, even though I didn't have a full bladder. Ron was being a "side-winder" and made it difficult at first to get them, but she was willing to take as long as needed--fine with me, but I have to say it was a tad weird when she started jiggling the dildo cam to get Ron to move. Umm, yea. Most action I've seen in months.

I was not expecting this, but my blood work was back and since the tech got the measurements, the Doc was able to give me the results that day! I held my breath, said a prayer, and he turned the computer screen for me to see:
Chances of Down Syndrome before testing: 1 in 777. After testing/bw: 1 in 5, 749
Chances of Trisomy 13/18: 1 in 300. After testing/bw: 1 in 10,000
Extremely thankful for these numbers-but even if we are the 1 in those numbers, this child is loved no mater what.

These past few weeks have been a true test: one I could write numerous posts on, and hope to get my thoughts together enough to do so. But when does infertility stop becoming a test? I think it forces you to look at life in a whole new way-a more appreciative way. And I am capital A appreciative.

Next appointment is at 14w1d-my sweet OB said that typically he wouldn't see me back until 16w, but he knows I would stalk him if he made me wait that long. I want that hematoma completely out of my vocabulary. I tried my darnedest to peek at the goods at the scan, but no go. Our official anatomy scan is 18weeks, so some time to play the guessing game--which is fun too.

But really it's been a day to day thing. No talk of nursery, plans, etc. Im not quite there. We've talked names, but that has been going on since the day we got married. Not new territory. I do have some questions I need help with: Im having a hard time convincing myself that the pain in my left side I had all day yesterday was round ligament pain. Help diagnosis me--it feels like a muscle cramp, but sometimes is REALLY painful. Other question: I am a hot dog fan. I can't escape it. I did wait until after the 12w mark, and made sure it was cooked, but stuff I read says no to hot dogs at all. Do I need to lay off the dogs? (I had one tonight...)

As far as how Im feeling: everything crossed, I seem to be past the nausea. Still have some food aversions. I have a headache everyday, sometimes really bad. The nose is still stuffed up, and have a feeling it will stay that way.

We've started telling family and close friends...I still get nervous about it. Im very protective of the news--but Mook on the other hand, tells everyone he meets--which is cute. When he was coming back from PA last week, he bought a baby name book and the whole freakin' airport bought him a drink.

So I have a lot to catch up on with all of you--and I cant wait to reconnect. Thank you so much for being patient with me...


  1. This is wonderful news. I'm so happy for you JJ! That sucker has shrunk big time. And it sounds like Ron is doing really good. The doppler definitely helps relieve some anxiety.

    I think I called my OB three separate times with pain on my lower left side and was told every time it was round ligament pain. I never believed them until it went away (had to have gone on for a month or so). Sometimes it felt like a cramp, other times like a sharp stabbing pain. Would happen with movement or without. That being said, call your doc anytime you have concerns. That's what they are there for, right?

    So glad you are doing better!

  2. Oh sweetie! Hooray! Go RON! We're 3 weeks apart, but I consider us to be dude date buddies.

  3. yay yay yay...I'm so glad that dang thing is finally going away and your bedrest is almost over. I hope you can soon feel like a "normal" (whatever that means), happy, pregnant woman. So nice to hear from you. Take care.

  4. What great news to end my day on.

    I'm loving this post, JJ.

  5. Jj this is so excellent!

    I would agree that it is RLP. If you are ever worried, you dial that number and have them tell you it's RLP. That's what they are there for.

    I ate LOTS of hot dogs, it was the only thing I could eat some days.

    You are doing fantastic things for Ron, keep it up

  6. What a fantastic happy post to read after a crap-tast-tic day. I am beyond happy for you sweetie!

    Looks like all the well wishes for Ron, and vanishing thoughts towards Voldy are paying off!

    The pain....I had bad pain that I was told was round ligament pain. I was further along than you and I dont really know all that much about it, but ya gotta've got a baby in there! "he" is growing daily as is everything else in there. I'd imagine thats all it is.

    As for the hot dogs....ummmm, I've never heard you shouldnt eat them. I wonder why? I would think as long as they are fully cooked it wouldnt be a problem. But what the heck do I know.=)


    Giant hugs for you!

  7. So so awesome. Point 9 wahfrickinhooooo!!!

    I would say with regards to hot dogs buy kosher and you should be fine. I never like hot dogs but then I bought some Nathan's longs and omgosh they are sooo yummy!!!

    OK I'm sure you do- but what a relief to HEAR from you first of all :), and that this hematoma has decided to EXIT...must be all those harsh words from us here in blog land wishing it out.....and I am just thrilled thrilled thrilled that you are at goal. You have done so sickeningly amazing its scary. You are a total pro at amazing mommy already!!!

  9. Yipee! Hurray for a great post full of good news! I'm loving the .9 numbers for Voldemort!

    I'm sure you're counting down to next Wednesday when you can get off bed rest!

    Keep on hanging in there!

    Love, Susan ; )

  10. Yippee! Thirteen weeks is awesome! Go Ron!

    I've been eating hot dogs. My only rule was that I don't eat them from the sketchy looking carts by the side of the road or the wrinkled ones that have been sitting out in those roller things at the mall. But ones that I cooked myself, I was totally cool with. I think it is one of those lunch meat/soft cheese things that got out of control because some people are stupid. Just know what you are doing and you will be fine!

    I've also had pain in my side that I have been convinced is not related to round ligiment. I still have no idea what it is, but I keep having it and everything is fine and keeps kicking me in the ribs.

  11. I'm so happy for you!!!!!! I love to see your updates.

    As far as the pain in your sounds, sounds like round ligament pain to me. I went to my OB, because it felt like I had a cyst bursting on my right side. But if you aren't feeling comfortable with it, call your doctor. Better to be safe than sorry!

    As far as hot dogs, I hate them, but I ate PLENTY of deli meat. I didn't cook it. That's all my body craved. I had Subway 2-3 times a week. The chances of listeria, are so very low for deli meat and hot dogs that I decided to not worry about it (I couldn't worry about every little thing. The doctor said everything was ok, in moderation), because it was making me sick not to eat it.

    Take Care!

  12. YAY for milestones! I'm happy you've made it so far and that your hematoma is getting smaller and smaller! .9! :)

    It sounds like round ligament pain to can be very painful for SURE.

    But in any case, if you feel concerned, call your doc!

    The dopper was pretty much my ticket to sanity (uhm, yeah) with my pregnancy. I know for sure we'd have been in the ER at least once had I not had it...and I used it up until the day I went into labor to check Ethan's heartbeat. I LOVED that thing!

    Plus, I reasoned that this could be my only pregnancy and it helped me enjoy it, so WHY NOT? :)

    As for the hotdogs, I liked them too! I didn't have a ton of them but when I did I made sure they were very well done. That's my reccomendation!!

  13. Yay for shrinking hematomas!

  14. All such wonderful positive news. Thrilled on your behalf, but I can understand the use of the doppler- I used mine right up until term (in fact even in labour after my waters broke at home!). It helped so very much.


  15. Round ligament pain can hurt like all get out! So glad the labs/ u/s went well and that Ron is growing like a weed!

    As for hot dogs, as long as you aren't eating a pack a day shouldn't be a problem. Ask doc if you are concerned.

    I used the doppler right up until delivery too...every night. Drove my husband crazy, but it was my reassurance before I could go to sleep.

  16. Congratulations!!! A growing Ron and a shrinking Hematoma. So nice to hear good news. Continuing to keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

  17. So was Mook drunk when he got off the plane if the whole airport bought him a drink?? I hope not. So happy for you that you've made it to this 13 week milestone. Also the doppler is great that it's reassuring you. So very happy that the hematoma is almost gone. Hugs to you and I hope you soon are enjoying your time off the couch.

  18. Ahhhhhhhh, breathing a sigh of relief! Great news! I love lucky 13 today!! xoxo

  19. Reading this post makes me sooooo happy. I'm so glad you've made it this far, that the haematoma has shrunk so much, that you're off bed rest and feeling better about things in general. I've been thinking about you loads and praying lots. I hope the rest of the pregnancy is a bit easier (or at least less stressful). Yay for healthy babies and good test results!

  20. Yay! So glad you are past the 13 week mark and that the hematoma is shrinking like a whatever shrinks really well (could not think of that something - moosh brain) and that Ron is doing so well!!!

  21. I am so happy to read so much good news in that post! I'm thrilled the hematoma has decreased so much.

  22. Great news JJ. I'm so happy you'll be off bedrest soon and I bet you are too.

  23. I've been wondering about you and am so glad you posted! Also glad the SCH is SOOO small! Yay!

    As far as hot dogs, do you have Koegel's where you live? They are higher quality (not so many other "parts" if you know what I mean...), and if you cook them at home I think you're fine. At least that's what I do, and we have chili dogs at least once per week. :)

    You keep taking good care...

  24. HOORAY!!!!!!! I am so happy for you

  25. It's always so good to hear from you! Thank God for all He has done for you and Ron!!

    I've been told that certain symptoms during pregnancy were round ligament pain. I tend to think they just say that any time you have an abdominal pain. As for hotdogs...I don't eat them during pregnancy, but I'm ultra paranoid. I don't even eat chocolate b/c of the tiny amount of caffeine, so I'm probably not the best person to ask. From what I've read the hotdogs just have to be steaming though, so as long as it was cooked really well you're safe I'm sure. Plus, you'd know by now if it had listeria in'd be pretty sick from what I understand.

  26. That is wonderful news to hear! I'm so happy to hear this!

    I will make the sacrifice and have some cake for the both of you also.

  27. Glad everything is going well.

    Can you pass some info on your doppler? We are wanting to get one soon.

  28. Wonderful news all around! I am so excited to hear that the hematoma is making it's way out and Ron is getting bigger and stronger by the minute...yay!!!
    By the way, I'm pretty sure I ate a hot dog at least every other week when I was pregnant with the girls...there was just something about them that caused them to be one of my only cravings. Ball.park Grill.masters the best!!!

  29. I am so very glad that you and baby have reached this milestone! Here's to getting off bedrest soon!

  30. So glad to hear that everything is going well!!!

  31. I'm really thrilled to know that you are going off bed rest! That is a huge milestone you've past and hopefully the rest of this pregnancy will be without incident.

    I've had a few weird pains here and there too, I think it's probably par for the course, but like others have said, call you doctor if it worries you.

    And for hotdogs, I'm like the rest: eat 'em, enjoy 'em! Just eat 'em good and hot to kill off any bacteria.

  32. I cant tell you how happy I am for you and the Mook. Ron seems to want to be sticky for as long as necessary and I hope you continue to have good visits.

  33. So glad I am to see this post. I went to LFCA and noticed you weren't on the bedrest list and got worried!!

    YAY for decreasing hematomas and babies that measure on course!

  34. hurrah! Happy 13, sweetie!
    I am so so happy for you & SO thrilled that things are going so well.

  35. Happy 13 weeks JJ! It's so good to hear that you're getting off bedrest and that you're doing well!

    Yea for Ron!

    PS...can't speak to the hot dog or RLP...<8')

  36. Yay! I'm so glad you're almost "back on the horse" so to speak and off that couch! :)

    I love that you said that you talk to God all day. My grandma always told me that "God pays more attention when you have an ongoing conversation with Him, rather than when you yell out for him in fear, anger, or worry". I don't know if that's true, but it's a nice sentiment. :)

    I will probably have hot dogs thrown at me for saying this, but I think you're ok to eat them as long as they're a) hot, cooked all the way through and b) you know they're fresh because you made them and you're not getting them from someone sketchy. :)

  37. Wonderful news about the hematoma shrinkage!!

    When I was going through my hematoma issues, I also as very bull-dogish about them checking on it. I was not about to "wait and see"...I needed to know.

    As for the hotdogs - go for it as long as it's cooked. I think the concern is from uncooked or undercooked hotdogs. So don't eat them straight from the fridge and maybe don't eat them from a vendor unless you know for sure they are hot off the grill.

  38. That's great about the SH!
    It's so good to hear from you. You sound so happy!!!
    And good for Mook for getting drinks. He has to be so thrilled, too.

    Just so happy for you both. Good job Little Ron!!!! Happy 13th!

  39. I am so friggin happy to read this, JJ! Excellent news. As for the hotdogs, I've been eating them...I like mine charred, so they're definitely cooked..and my little bugger has been rockin and rollin, so I guess it's ok. Hugs to you and Mook and can't wait to "see" you more often!

  40. WOOO WOOOOOOOO! Yippie on the big 1-3!!! Awesome! Awesome on the NT, you are rollin now girlie! Couldn't be happier for you. Don't have any experience with the ligament pains, so can't help you there. But I can just tell you that I'm so happy for you and my prayers never cease!


  41. Congratulations! This all sounds so great. Just a thought on the hot dogs.... right now in Canada we are having a listeria outbreak from tainted processed meat and 15 people have died (all elderly in nursing homes). I'm absolutely not trying to freak you out more (though as I type this I realize I am), but since you asked, I might steer clear of processed meat. I'm sure you are well aware of the risks of listeria on a fetus. However, heating processed meats to steaming temperatures is supposed to kill off any listeria, so you may not need to worry about the hot dogs if they are very hot and well cooked. I know how it can be when you have a craving!
    Congratulations again. I'm sorry this is a bit of a bummer comment! Oh, and my round ligament pain felt exactly like you are describing.

  42. Yay JJ! I had to giggle about the everyone buying Mook drinks. Was he trashed? LOL! I hope next week comes flying around the corner for you guys - and that things continue to go smoothly forward as well. As far as the hotdogs. I have them from time to time - just cook em good and they even have nitrate free ones if you're concerned with that. But the tad bit that's in them shouldn't make you fret. I even enjoy my little bit of caffeine everyday as well. But don't think too poorly of me, LOL! So glad to hear you're doing well and thanks for the update. ((hugs))

  43. I am so happy to hear about Ron and the shrinking hematoma!

    And my previa was diagnosed at 12w and yesterday at 16w they said it was still there but it already was moving so I hope the same happens for you!

    But I am absolutely thrilled you made it to this milestone...It's only the first of many for you, Mook and Ron!

  44. Happy 13 weeks, and congrats on getting off bed rest!

  45. FANfuckingTABULOUS. :)

    I love love love my doppler. And I'm so glad it'll be with me for the entire time, because due to my cord insertion issue, I'm going to be the ~most~ freaked out at the end.

    I'm so happy you've made it to this milestone and the great u/s and NT scan and bloodwork. Everything seems to be going great.

  46. I am really glad to hear this good news and I hope things continue to go smoothly and that soon you'll be able to exhale and really enjoy it all! Take care!

  47. JJ,
    Congrats for kicking ass on that hematoma! I know that your bedrest made all the difference. I hope that after next week, you get to enjoy that boring pregnancy that everyone deserves.

    As for the hotdogs, I am sure they are ok if you heat them. I didn't eat any lunch meat at all while I was pg. I was too paranoid. made lunch harder to figure out. I lived on lean cuisine margherita pizzas and dark chocolate covered dove bars for lunch. That and low sodium triscuits with melted cheese. Ah...those were the days.

    Thanks for the update. Thinking of you often!

  48. So happy to hear this great news, JJ! I've been thinking of you often and am so happy for you that you come off bedrest next week. Keep eating cake and enjoying the good moments!

  49. I ate hotdogs while pregnant. Not all the time, but I'd say probably once a month either for lunch or dinner. And baby and I are fine. I think it's like anything else--in moderation and be smart about it (no eating it straight from the package) and everything should be OK.

  50. So rooting for you guys! Congrats on hitting this big ol' milestone! Here's hoping for many many more in your future!

  51. I'm so happy for you JJ!

    You've done so well.

    We bought a doppler to get us through the early days and I still use it from time to time when TP is being a little quiet. It's the most wonderful noise in the whole world.

    I've had round ligament pain off and on throughout and with varying degrees of severity. Sometimes it's SO sharp and painful.

    I can't tell you how happy this post makes me. My DH went around telling the world proudly about our news and I was much more cautious. I STILL feel a twinge of fear at 30 weeks! I think we'll always be afraid.

    Hoping that haematoma has vanished by next scan xxx

  52. Hooray for Ron!

    13 is a wonderful number sometimes.

  53. OMG JJ, I AM SO HAPPY WITH ALL THE GOOD NEWS. I am doing the happy dance at work. Happy 13 weeks my friend! The second trimester is so fun! I am so excited for you. I am so excited that you will off bed rest!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you God!!!

    As for the round ligament pain, I had a lot as well. It felt jsut the way you desbribed. Since you beeing monitored so closely I would not worry.
    take care and keep us updated when you can

  54. This is all such wonderful news! I was teary reading all the details and then cried when I read the whole airport bought Mook drinks!

    As for the hot dog thing, as long as it's been heated to steaming then it's ok. Same goes for deli meats as the risk is getting listeria and heat will kill it.

  55. I am so glad to hear that things are progressing beautifully! It was such a relief when I made it to 13 weeks and then getting the results of the NT scan made me feel so much better. But we still didn't make any plans until after the anatomy scan, so I completely understand how you're feeling.

    Know that I am thinking of you, Ron, and Mook and praying for you sweetie! HUGS!

  56. I'm so glad to hear that your hematoma is shrinking!!! And I'm even happier that you got to eat that 13 week cake!!! Awesome!!! God is SOOO good!!!

  57. Yaaaay!!! I'm SOO glad to read some good new!

    I have had strange pain on my left side my whole pregnancy too. I heard that the decending colon is over there, so that could be it. My doctors have never found anything wrong even though I am still tender there to this day.

    As for the hot dogs, I think as long as they are REALLY hot, they are ok. Maybe not the greatest nutritionally speaking, but I have been craving Hot Dog on a Stick so I've been indulging as well. ;)

  58. JJ! What great news! I love the decimal in front of the number nine!!! (I also loved when my SCH was no longer visible on u/s).
    Enjoy your pregnancy--bring on the uneventful second trimester.
    So happy for you.

  59. WOO-HOO!!! I am so happy to see that you made it to the big 13!

  60. OMG! JJ, that's great! I have been so worried. I'm glad to hear the good news. Yay!

  61. Woohoo and yay and just so glad:-)

  62. Great news JJ!!! I am so happy to hear it.

  63. YAY!!! I'm so glad you are off bedrest. Heck yeah, that thing SHRUNK!!

  64. Yay, JJ!! I'm so happy to hear such good news! I'll confess that I'm a worrier, and I definitely have been worried about you and Ron.

    I had round ligament pain very early as well. I'd have it off and on in my early second tri, but now in the beginning of the third, I can't even sleep without feeling the weight of my kid pulling on my tissues. But man, such a small price to pay, I'm sure you'll agree.

    And um, I've totally had hot dog cravings. I didn't know they were completely off limits. I thought they were okay as long as they're cooked well. I would think it would be okay as long as you're not eating them by the fistful.

    So glad that you're coming off bed rest! Congratulations a million times over to you and Mook!

  65. Yey! Like you have the potential of stalking your OB, I feel like I've been stalking your blog to get some news and am SO grateful that everything's o.k.

    I hate to admit it, but I had an awful pain on my right side that pretty much had me curled up in fetal position and crying...I think it was round ligament pain and not the contractions I imagined. Drink lots and lots of water, take it easy, and this'll pass in the course of these next couple weeks at the latest.

    I'm going to continue stalking your blog, just so you're were one of my original cycle sistas and I'm not laying off till we've all become mothers!

  66. Oh, I am so happy! What wonderful news! Congratulations on reaching your goal, and I'm glad it's down to .9!

    Do enjoy the good moments. I know you will be (and are) a better mother because of all the hard times you've been through to get to this place. Live up the good times, lady!

    Congratulations that you are off bedrest also!!!

  67. Try soy hot dogs!!!

  68. so so thrilled for you! What a great post!!!!

  69. congratulations! i remember the NT scan being the beginning of being ever so slightly less nervous (though i refused to get my hopes up until a few days after she was born!) looking forward to more great news and can't wait to hear about that next scan!!

  70. This is such excellent news! I am sooo glad for you and Mook. May God continue to bless this pregnancy.

  71. you sound happy. that is so very nice to hear. glad ron is measuring ahead of the class. :-)

  72. Oh, JJ! I'm so happy for you! Congrats to you and Ron on making it to 13 weeks! Major milestone!

    And have cake, lots and lots of cake, for me. Well, and have some for Ron, too, who is obviously already showing an affinity for good judgement and clear thinking (just like his mamma) by so decisively asking for his very own slice. It's so important to not only know what you want, but to know how to step up and ask for it- Good job, Ron!

    And I have no specific advice to give on the hot dog front, other than everything in moderation seems to be a line of reasoning that has worked well for most people. So if I was in your place, I imagine I would chow on hot dogs as often as I needed to!

  73. One of the concerns about hotdogs in the past has been the nitrates and nitrites that are a by-product of curing. You can fine uncured hotdogs at Trader Joes, Whole Foods, etc. The Trader Joes ones taste pretty good but I think regular ones in moderation are fine. Heating doesn't really do anything to nitrates, but of course all meat should be eaten hot to avoid lysteriosis.

    Here's an article...,,44k3,00.html

  74. Congratulations on such a kick ass milestone. ;)
    I have stayed away from the hot dogs personally, but I don't blame you. We are talking about going to the state fair this month, and I don't think I'll be able to resist!!

  75. Finally some really good news. You soooo deserve it. Take care and wishing continued good things for you and little "Ron". (awkward wording, but I hope you get the point. :))

  76. glad things are going so well for you!

    as far as the hot dogs... someone told me it was because of something that was in them, which i am of course totally blanking on but i think it starts with an N? but, i think as long as you don't eat tons of them it isn't a big deal. i've eaten a couple after i finished my first trimester, and so far things are going fine :)

    congrats again!

  77. so good to hear from you.
    All the news is GOOD and that's wonderful.


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