Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Nesting Anyone?

I've always been an organized person, so when you multiply that times ten=you've got one panicky JJ and one exasperated Mook.

Honestly, we are dealing with the nesting feelings pretty a-ok: we knew with my personality that when it did hit, that we'd both have to brace ourselves. Since we've been able to talk through the small tiff's we've gotten into, and continued to communicate about the panicky feelings, we're working through it. Mook's been a trooper, and I will share his efforts with you shortly!

First an update on my appointment from this week--it was short and uneventful. Probably the last one that will be like that, so I'll take it. It was more of a follow up from last week, and a time for me to ask more questions-no checking of the cervix or previa this time. He was comfortable with passing me on the glucose test, so that made me feel tons better. He said that he would keep an eye on my urine sample each visit. So I celebrated with a Krispy Kreme donut last night :0)

I asked about hiccups (his, not mine!), growth scan, and when we would schedule my c-section. Ron gets the hiccups at least 3 times a it started to worry me that it was too often--but doc man said it was perfectly normal. I wondered when we'd do an actual growth scan, since all I've gotten up to this point is just a belly measurement, which has always been OK, but I want to know how his little body is growing. As far as the c-section date, we will most likely know the date after my next ultrasound, which is January 12th. I'll be right around 33 weeks at that point. I won't go in next week, due to the holiday, but I go back on the 30th for a routine check-in, which may involve a swab test and a visual check on the cervix. He also mentioned if I start to have more then 4 Braxton Hicks contractions in an hour, that I need to call--he'll want to get me on some meds. As of right now, I have about 4-5 a day.

We had our last baby class last night--I do think it was worth it, esp for Mook's benefit. Just helped us make a plan of action and understand all the small details. I've already got my hospital bag half packed...a bit crazy to think about, but after learning more about what this complete previa situation could cause, I'd rather be safe than sorry.

I finally did it. I finished registering (at the giant, BRUS and my favorite french store, Tar-jay). I honestly would still be only a little of the way through if my friend hadn't offered to take me, and get it all finished. I'm so thankful she was able to do that--even Mook came along--he doesn't pass up an opportunity to use the gun. I also found a great bedding set on e-bay, and it goes really nice with our nursery colors.

Speaking of the nursery, here are some photos to look through. I'm really in awe every time I walk by or into the room--I just get the biggest smile on my face, and say a prayer of thanks and one for things to come. Thanks to Mook for all his hard work!

I've come out of my pity party, and am focusing on the positive and trying to remain in the holiday spirit! Looking back to this time last year makes my heart ache: we were really having a hard time with our IF journey, and it was right before we started counseling. So I am counting my blessings-life really is a gift.


  1. I love the dual colored walls so much. It looks really good, girl!! Doesn't it feel so awesome to have the major stuff knocked out? Now you just wait until your shower and fill it up with lovely gifts!
    I am glad things are going well and your appointment wasn't interesting. Boring is good! Kinda crazy that in such a relatively short time, we'll have several new blogger babies. I really just love it.

  2. Your nursery looks great! I hope it's all coasting for you from this point forward.

  3. I hope you get through your nesting unscathed! Mook sounds like a real trooper... and what a great job he did on the nursery!! Love it!

  4. The room looks great! And that's good news about passing the 3 hour test.

    So, where are you registered?

  5. I love that the room has two colors. It looks awesome.

  6. The room looks great! I'm glad that your appointment was non-eventful. Those are always good, boring, but good. Lemy got hiccups constantly too. It worried me at first, but then I just got used to it. Not surprisingly, she gets them all the time now too.

    Can't wait to hear about your next scan! :)

  7. Luuuuurve the mustang. Luuuuurve it. I have a 94 5.0 GT and it's my baby. Used to have a 06, too, but...well, the CHILDREN! :)

    Sounds like things are doing well!! Good luck as it all amps up!

  8. life a gift.
    love the nursery!

  9. Oh, JJ! The room looks fantastic! I love your little hand painted canvasses. So cute!

    I am glad your appointment was uneventful, and I'm glad that you and Mook are figuring out how to deal with your nesting and panicky stuff, too.

    So soon! He'll be here soon!

  10. Looking back on this time of year last year for us, it was so hard too. I was in so much emotional pain from our miscarriage & upset that J's deployment meant not doing a Jan IVF (off by a WEEK) and instead an April one. It was bad.

    Amazing what a difference 12 months can make?? I'm SO happy we're in this together! I just say "wow."

    I refuse to say I'm nesting, b/c I am SUCH an organizer and I do that for fun, so I've been doing it everywhere (guest room, nursery, office, etc). It doesn't feel like "true" nesting (yet).

    Good for you packing that bag!!! Although hang in there Ron, we'd like you to wait a little longer please.

  11. So glad that you are in a comfortable place!!! Love the nursery :))

  12. Love the room! Can't wait to see little Ron and find out his real name!!!

  13. I really like the colors you chose for the nursery...and the hand painted artwork!

    Can't believe he'll be here soon.

  14. Ack! Blogger ate my comment!

    Hrm, what did I say?

    ~ nesting really hits for me at the end. I always think I am in it and then I go freaking nutso. I remember sneaking in cleaning supplies into my shower when I was on bedrest!

    ~ Glad you are feeling better about everything. Just keep plugging along and do what you need to do for that little boy.

    ~ Hiccups - my 2nd had hiccups all the time and when she was born, she continued with them for the first few months!

  15. So glad the doc gave you the thumbs up with your glucose results. (I bet that donut was fabulous) How are those iron pills treating you? So far so good for me, but mine are small and supposed to help with the "binding" issue, so I am hoping to continue having good results despite the amount I have to take.

    The nursery looks great! We have been slacking in that area due to the possibility of moving before she arrives. I can imagine how much you must smile when you peak in there everyday just looking at your son's stuff and getting excited for when he will be there.

    Have fun with the nesting.

  16. Love the colors of the nursery. Also love the original art/theme idea. Very out of the box.

    I totally sympathize on the nesting thing. I am a total organizer/scheduler in my family, so when the nesting hit, everyone ran for cover. Tell Mook he should just humor you--you got the hard part to do!

    Willow was the hiccup girl. She was always hiccuping. We like to say she was born hiccuping, as when they monitored her just before the C-Section--she was hiccuping away. And the first few days--hiccup. (Although that was soon replaced with the function that got her nickname, from Michael--The Bean (Willow Bean)--she farted like crazy!) (Think you might prefer the hiccuping!)

  17. oh! It looks great. Love that you guys are incorporating hand made art- so cool.

  18. Oooo, I love the room! It looks so fantastic! I can't imagine how awesome it will be once you finally have sweet Ron asleep in that crib! :) I can't believe how close things are getting, I mean January is like 2 weeks away! Hoping the nesting stays manageable... I know how overwhelming it can be!

  19. Yay for Krispy Kreme! I love the photos and I'm happy you had a good appointment. I asked my OB about the hiccups as well when I was pregnant. Brynn used to get them so much it almost used to scare me. I was always reassured that they were okay and even now that she's almost 6 weeks old she still hiccups all the time! Hope you're having a great holiday season :-)

  20. The room looks great. I really need to get going. You are making me look bad! And we'll apparently have growth scans the same week. Eek! I can't believe it's nearly here.

  21. Loved the nursery pictures. Loves the colors also. I am glad that you had a boring appt.I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!!!

  22. Glad you passed the glucose test.
    I love the colors and such in Ron's room. It looks great.
    I hope the next few weeks all go fantastically.

  23. great idea with the two colors, and also how fun that you did the art yourselves.
    DH's favorite sport is also soccer.

  24. I absolutely love the room and the canvasas! So artistic of you and Mook!

    Glad to also know the Dr. appt went uneventfully-well. Here's to getting closer to the end of the beginning of the rest of your life:-)

  25. The room is going to be awesome! You know getting pregnant and having a baby had the exact opposite affect on me when it came to organization. I only nested with the baby stuff and everything else in my house has become a total disarray!

  26. What a cute, cute nursery!!!

    I'm sure there will be lots of happy moments in that room. :)


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