Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Shower Curtain Saga

While O-man spends his first weekend with his Aunt and Uncle, Mook and I were going to lay around and do absolutely nothing after the toll the last few weeks have taken on us...

And then we had one small conversation over dinner last night that changed everything.

I casually mentioned that I'd like to get a new shower curtain for our guest bathroom, that is also O-man's bathroom. I wasn't ready to make it completely "kid" themed, but that it needed an update. No big deal, one purchase at Target and we'd be home and lounging in front of the TV.

Well we made that purchase. Got a few other little things, and did go home and veg in front of the TV and we were asleep by 10:30, and even slept in this morning--go us!

But since we got up?

The new shower curtain has been hung...but we've also done a few other things:
  • converted the crib to a toddler bed
  • hung black-out curtains in Omans room
  • removed a piece of furniture from his room and moved it into another room
  • redecorated guest bathroom
  • posted items on craigslist that we no longer need
  • drawing up plans to turn current "home office" into a play room
  • moving said "home office" to a more condensed space
  • removed frames, and hug new ones with plans for other decorative changes
  • set up a reading/play tent in O-man's room
  • re-distributed items in O-man's room to be more toddler friendly
  • scrubbed both bathrooms
So after seeing that list, it may not surprise you that there came a point earlier that I couldnt find Mook. I called and called...only to find him here...

I consider myself a fair "boss" (heh heh) so I gave him a break...but he only gave me time to add more to my list.

And after all that? He's still taking me to dinner later. Wonder what conversation we'll have this time...


  1. May I suggest two things?
    - which spa to go to for massages
    - what movie to see tomorrow

  2. That disgrunteld employee add-on made me do a spit take. You're a funny one! And great job on the project(s)!

  3. Toddler Bed??? Wow - Big Boy! Have fun tonight!

  4. I'd hide in a tent too! You're a tough taskmaster!

  5. H and I do this all. the. time. We start out the day on a simple mission, and suddenly, we're embroiled in some major project (it's how my laundry room/half bath became one large room with new toilet, vanity and tile, and how a quick trip to Home Dep.ot for some lightbulbs ended up in a new vanity/paint/etc. for the other bathroom!).

    And hey, looks like your employee was TOTALLY slacking on the job! He probably earned the break, but still. You gotta be careful with that, lest they end up thinking they can just hang out in tents ALL the time!! HA.

  6. Hahaha....isn't that funny how things happen :-)

  7. sounds like MY life this weekend too...
    beause one job turned into about 5. We converted toddler beds into a full size, new mattress, new sheets, new curtains and I've decided I want to paint our bedroom adn bathroom too. OYE, but I am waiting until April. I want to be lazy until then. *giggle*

    that picture of Mook was FUUUUUNNNNYY!

  8. I've always found this to be my life, too. One little project somehow snowballs in to a MASSIVE ordeal.

    We are converting the crib to a full sized bed in the weeks to come. I am excited but sad at the same time. How is is possible our babies are big enough for this?

  9. Hey, that tent looks reeeeeeally familiar. ;)

  10. hello productive! can you send some of yourmotivation (or employees) over here? we have some stuff that needs moved!


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