Sunday, July 31, 2011

Just Write.

I’m that kid at camp who didn’t show up until the last day.
Shame on me.

Calliope did a great series the month of July, Summer Camp in the Blogosphere, and the very last prompt asks:

“What advice would you give someone who is just starting a blog today?

My simple, but powerful, advice:

I have gotten so wrapped up into thinking someone coming across my blog won’t like what I am writing about; that they won’t find what I post interesting.

But it’s worth trying to connect. Who know what statement you make will touch someone else. That’s what’s amazing and wonderful about being part of a world wide web community.

I also have to remember that I started blogging to get my thoughts out and have a place for me to feel safe and secure; not scared or nervous to log-in to this space that has brought me so much comfort. We all get writers-block or a blog-haze settles over our brain…but man, I have just been completely gun-shy about sharing anything.

So hear this new bloggers out there (and old-timers…) blog with sincerity of self. Be you and just write. 
You may never have a single reader, you may become the next daily read. I may lose readers, I may gain readers, but I will practice what I have just preached.

I will blog with sincerity. And just be me.

I’m curious. Do you find yourself blogging more for yourself….or others?