Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Thumbs Down

Really, did someone forget to tell me that your body starts staging an all out revolt against you once you hit 30?

On a cloudy day in May, I awoke as usual around 6:45am with the sounds of O-man singing his “Good morning, world!” song, and as I reached over to turn off the monitor my left thumb throbbed in pain. I thought, “Oh I must have been clenching my fist in my sleep.” and went about my routine.

Three months later, I not only wake up with the same throbbing pain, but it lasts all day long. Sometimes preventing me from picking up O-man.

Is it the curse of the technology age? I am guilty of being on my computer or with my iPhone in hand most of the day. So I’ve tried a slew of different things from home remedies (ice, heat, rest, Advil, a thumb brace from the drugstore) to all out not touching the computer and limiting the use of my phone to using it just as a phone (gasp!)

Last night was probably the worst its been — my thumb was shaking involuntarily and aching non-stop. So it sounds like I’ll be making an appointment with an orthopedic doc soon.

Anyone have any other home remedies for me to try as a last-ditch effort?

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