Monday, September 19, 2011

Hey! Sock it to me!

I was so happy to hear that Ms. JW Moxie over at The Smartness was bringing Sock It To Me back this fall! Who knew that a pair of socks could make so many people giddy? Oh, they do.

Ive sent and received some rockin’ socks the past few years Ive participated, and this Sockeroo was no different.

This time around, I received not one, but THREE pair of awesome socks from the lovely Amy @ Justamere IVF — and I will put all to good use, since it’s about this time of year that my toes begin to freeze and won’t thaw until next July. :: fact ::

Looky, looky at my awesome knee highs (my favorite kind of sock, too) ——->

And yes, those are bluebirds on the last pair of socks – thanks again, Amy! I appreciate you helping me feel warm and fuzzy — not only my toes, but being such a great bloggy friend!

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