Thursday, February 22, 2007


Thanks to all who left such wonderful comments to our last post-it is great to have a support community!

Last Friday was a toughie. It was hard to let Mook know the news-I sort of felt like the Grimm Reaper...not a whole lot I can do to make that sort of news any more "light-hearted." I did make one comment that made me want to shrink down in my seat..."Well, hey-at least I will never have to go back on birth control!" Nice....realllllll nice. Sorry about that Mook. I stick by my thankful comment last time about Mook-although it hit him a bit harder this time, he's still sticking this out with me. We aren't out of the woods as far as injured pride or feelings, as I am sure we will have to be prodded and poked more than we ever thought was legal as things progress with this journey.

I am on C.D 13 today...still no po.s.itive O..PK, but I'm starting to get the signs--lower temp, egg-whites and all that jazz. We got the pre..seed in the mail, so we will see how that goes! So maybe, just *maybe* we will get lucky this month? Went to the dermatologist today-since going off the BCP, my acne has come back to haunt me from my teenage years--yuck! Of course the doc said I was very limited to my options due to our TTC. She gave me a prescription for Em.ycin and Amp.icillin. Anyone use either of these?

Speaking of lucky--we celebrated Mardi Gras on Tuesday by having a Fat.Tuesday meal at our house--Mook has been before--and loved it! Hopefully I will make it sometime soon...I hear it's just bigger and better after Katrina! So we served traditional jambalaya and Mook made a King Cake. And guess who got the piece of cake with the! Could it be a sign of good fortune for us....I'd like to think so!

We leave tomorrow for a mini-vacation that we both desperately need! Let's just say we are traveling to a place where we might get "lucky" in more ways than one! We won't be ignoring our current situation, but we will not be discussing it in any great detail: this is our time to relax and enjoy before more doctor's appointments next month!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. I've been "lurking" for a bit - I have no words of wisdom to add (it took us about a year to get pregnant and we had a miscarriage, but were young and crazy enough we didn't do the doctor rounds, etc...)

    Just wanted to let you know I was "lurking" and have been captured by and enjoy reading about your journey. Hope you have a fabulous, relaxing mini-vacation.

  2. Have a lovely vacation, could it be to LV? But wherever you go, I hope you have a ball, and GET VERY LUCKY (in more ways than one...)!

  3. Lots of luck in all endeavors this weekend!
    Have you tried microdermabrasion (MDA) for your skin? It is very effective and non-painful. (It's actually quite relaxing) The bonus is that it is a surface treatment which means that you aren't taking any pills that may affect your IF treatment. I would recommend going once a week initially, then once every two weeks once your skin has cleared.
    Let us know what the Pre-seed is like.

  4. Have a fun trip and be lucky! My acne also came back after I went off BCP (thanks PCOS), and I have just been sticking with a benzoyl peroxide wash. I got a prescription from my RE, but it's basically the same stuff you can buy over the counter, just in larger quantities, so you can wash your whole face with it. It's not perferct, but it's kept things under control.

  5. I hope you guys have a fantastic mini-vacation...may it be just what the dr. ordered!!!
    Also, wanted to pass along the name of a product I use for acne. It is the first product that worked for me after, ever. I never tried prescription stuff but I tried every over-the-counter product, as well as ProActiv. The stuff I use now is called Loreal Acne Response. It is specifically for adult acne and has worked absolute wonders on me. It's a 3-step system that they say to use 2 times a day but I just use it at night and haven't seen a zit patch (maybe just one or two single ones every now and then) in nearly a year.
    Have a fun weekend!

  6. Hope you get lucky in more ways than one. Enjoy your much deserved vacay! ;-) I heard about the King Cake from Saras-P. I hope it's a good sign.

  7. Another TTC lurker here, and my heart aches for you, and I am so thankful to be able to learn from other people's experiences. This kind of story gives me the confidence to approach my doctor as soon as possible to start getting DH analyzed because both of us have this hunch that any difficulty in the baby project will be his lazy swimmers:) Thank you and stay strong.

  8. hi there, just came across your blog. i had a similar experience when i went off BCPS - never had a pimple in my life before but suddently was broken out all the time after stopping the pills. i thought it would go away in a few months when my body adjusted to the hormone change, but it never did.

    the silver lining to having to take them again for my IVF cycle is that my skin is once again clear! we'll see how long that lasts. good for you for being proactive and taking care of yours, i wish i had done the same. and good luck on your cycle!


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