Tuesday, May 15, 2007

8 is Great!

M over at DTBAM tagged me for another fun-floater that is going around...this one is gonna be fun. There are some things that are very random and a tad insane about me. Hope you stick around after you read them....

So here are 8 random things about myself:

1 I cannot (and I really mean cannot) have an odd-number of e-mails in my inbox. I don't know if its a symmetrical issue (since I'm big on symmetry!) or a slight obsessive compulsive tick, but when I look in either my out.look box at work, or my g.mail I have to make sure the count of messages is an even number. So lucky for you if you come in and are an "odd" number, because I am going to be quick to respond to get you outta there!

2 I was born on the day Mt. St. Hel.en's erupted in Washington State (5.18.80) and right before my grandfather retired from flying with Un.ited, he made a trip out to WA, and collected a baby-ger.ber jar full of ashes from the eruption. I loved holding it my hands when I was younger--I thought it would give me great strength and even make me a little hul.k-like when I got mad-thank goodness my temper is not fiery hot (most of the time)

3 I hate wire hangers. When Mook and I got married and bought our house, I did a mean sweep of every closet, box and piece of clothing to get rid of them! They give my shirts "shoulder boobs" and it drives me crazy! Nothing but plastic hangers in my house...

4 Maybe the weirdest one-I look at numbers and think of them as "male or female." I remember the first time I ever admitted this to anyone was to my sister on a road trip from Rich.mond, VA back to Jame.s Madd.ison Univ. I saw a road sign, and decided to tell her my "secret" I really thought she was going to call the loony bin. Let me explain: I grew up watching Sesa.me Street and Gro.ver used to help me learn my #'s with puppets dressed up like a man or a woman...well he did such a good job that it was burned in my brain. So for example, when I write the number 34, I see male number 3 and female number 4. Crazy, right?

5 I hate spiders. A lot. The summer before I went off to college, I woke up one night to swat something off my face that felt "funny." Well that funny feeling was a half-dollar size spider, and to top it all off, when I reached over to turn my bedside lamp on, her babies were hatching all over the lamp...fabulous.

6 BUT, I love bees. Well, I have been stung by one, and I don't care for that--but I love what they represent--the strength and determination all through their lives. At one point in my younger years, my sister and I were both going through hard relationships/breakups, and we decided that we wanted to find a man who would treat us like queens--what woman doesn't! And our last initial is (was for me) the letter B. So I am the Qu.een Bee and my sister is Lil Be.e, and my mom is Mommy Bee! I love collecting unique things with bees on it--and Im still trying to convince my sister to get a bee tattoo with me=)

7 I have to clean the kitchen every night before I go to bed. I hate waking up to a sink full of dishes and food stains-I like a fresh, clean start!

8 I read Ti.ger Ey.es by Jud.y Blu.me 8 times. I loved that book when I was a teenager-and now, I can hardly remember the whole plot... Guess it's time to make it 9!

So now I am supposed to tag 8. So tag, these people are it:
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  1. How funny! One of my best friends in college also thought that numbers had a gender. I think 8 was female. I'll have to suggest the sesame street theory to her - seems totally plausible.

  2. OMG I LOOOOOVED Tiger Eyes. It's that one where her dad was killed in a convienence store robbery right? I think I read that like five times myself. I should re-read!

    Great 8s. I don't remember the male/female thing from sesame street, but everytime someone counts, I start singing "one two three... four five six... seven eight nine... ten eleven twelve... and they all played games... at the ladybug picnic!" :)

  3. I agree about the kitchen! No messes in the morning for me. Thanks for the tag!

  4. OMG you were born in 1980??!!!

    i LOVED me some sesame street. i used to watch it in the morning when i was getting ready even when i was in high school b/c i just loved that show. sadly, it is not the same now. i miss all the old school stuff.

  5. Matthew M. F. Miller says:

    What a fun game, and I don't think any of your revelations qualify you as insane.

    OK, the odd number of emails thing is borderline, but sounds like you're a pretty cool lady to me.

  6. I'm with you on a bunch of these
    No metal hangers-They go in the trashe as soon as the dry cleaning bag is removed!

    Cleaning the kitchen before I can sleep. M thinks I'm crazy, but hey he culd probably leave dishes dirty until there wasn't a single on left.

    I don't think of numbers, but sometimes letters remind me of the Letter People. Do you remember them?

  7. This is great...it really made me laugh.

    I have the wire hanger obsession too, except I make my other half have them all!

  8. I can't do the wire hanger thing either.

    I HATE spiders too. I can't go into our basement because I am convinced that there are spiders just waiting to drop on me. Yes I have an overactive imagination...

  9. So funny! So I'm leaving the ninth comment...is that going to freak you out? Should I leave another just to be sure you have an even number? :-) hee, hee...

    Thanks for the tag--I'll have to give this some good thought. :-) This is going to be fun!

  10. Wire Hangers?!? Have you seen Mommie Dearest?

    Thanks for tagging me! This will be fun.

  11. Tiger Eyes was a great book! I also hate wire hangers and a sick full of dishes!

    The baby spider thing always freaks me out. I have seen this twice and each time I have felt sick - eeewwwww.

  12. I love reading about other people's quirks!

  13. The wire hanger thing - completely normal! I don't allow them either.

    Loved the story about your grandfather and the volcanic ash. Very sweet.

  14. I can't even remember tiger eyes and I read all of the judy blume books.

    I also love bees and used to keep them with a previous bf. I'd like to again but my husband doesn't seem keen on having 20,000 little fuzzy pets in our garden.

  15. I can't have odd numbers of emails in my inbox either. Or odd numbers of unread ones, unless it ends in a 5. Can't have the volume on my stereo on an odd number except 15. I see days of the week as different colours. Very weird.

  16. The number gender isn't wierd, I think it comes from growing up with Se.same St.reet. I even have characteristics for numbers. 5 and 7 are female, 6 and 8 are male. 6 and 7 like each other but 5 and 8 trying to pull them away. Now, that's wierd!

    Thanks for sharing your quirks. And thanks for tagging me as well.

  17. Great post! Your 8 things were WAY more interesting than my 8 things! Thanks for participating.

  18. I am soooo with you on the spider thing. *shudder* That's totally creepy and I would have needed many years of counseling after that experience.

    Thanks for the tag!

  19. So many things, i don't even know where to start. A fun look into your psyche.

    I remember when Mt. St. Helens erupted I lived close enough it got dark and EVERYTHING was covered in ash. Of course, I am showing my age as i was TEN at when you were born :). it was great 'cuz we didn't have to go to school the next day!

  20. Just curious, is the number 8 male or female??

    I loved Judy Blume as a teenager! I think I might just spend some of the summer reading the 'classics' again!

  21. You know, in Portuguese everything has a gender, including numbers, so I guess you not crazy LOL.
    1980???? I feel old.... I was born in 1978, the year that the first "test tube" baby was born I guess that was a sign of things to come

  22. Too funny! I loved that book too and your eight things. You are hysterical by the way!


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