Monday, May 14, 2007

"The holiday that shall not be named" (and more)

Yes, I'm one of "those." A Har.ry fan. I will be truly sad when I have turned the last page of the 7th book (but I just saw today that she might write an 8th book!! More of a compilation of stories that didnt make the other books) Anyway....the thought behind my little graphic above, relates to the story of how the evil Volde.mort must never be "named"...he's just too evil to mention, and well you get the picture...

I've read a lot of posts over the past few days that led up to "yesterday" and it breaks my heart that more of us couldn't celebrate the day as moms. I held together pretty Har.ry mentality stood strong against the evil Volde.mort--I only got teary once when I ran into someone I know through work at the farmer's mar.ket that wished me a "happy ______ day" She didn't know if I had kids or not, so she was staying on the safe side of wishing a good day for me. No harm--I just got in the car and hugged my dog--I'm her mom, right?

To help me keep me grounded, I decided to focus on the mom's that I am in close contact with every day-my coworkers. I am lucky to have a small office staff--all women! We do have men that work FOR us =) So I brought each one a rose on Friday-there will be no more new babies from these women--I think that helps-they have children, but no growing bellies. There is one exception-a woman I work very close with, who I love dearly. She and her husband were never able to have children-and Mook and I are her "stand-ins." We gave her a bouquet of roses and a cute card--she was very touched. She knows just as much about what we are going through as our parents, so we lean on her for support a lot!

Of course I celebrated my mom (and M-i-L) as well! We spent the day with my M-i-L and I was able to talk to my mom last night--I am extremely lucky to have 2 wonderful moms. They are the rock of both families!

And of course my sweet, thoughtful Mook got me 2 lovely cards, flowers and a purse I had been eyeing for a while--well, it was from him and our choc.olate lab--but she just kind of stared at me probably thinking there were milk bones somewhere in the purse....thank you Mook for being so sweet and celebrating me.


In non-"Holiday that shall not be named" news-I got my CD.3 BW back last Wednesday as well as my med list. Our nurse said my BW looked "perfect." I told Mel when I visited the lushary, that it is so rare we hear that word anymore, that I took the time to enjoy it-and pray that it will keep being "perfect" as we move ahead.

So here are the digits:
F.S.H: 4.9
L.h: 3.3
Prola.ctin: 13.3

Mook's BW was good as well--he has already had his levels tested, but we both tested neg for everything else and confirmed our blood type.

As far as meds:
Brav.elle 75 IU; Meno.pur 75 IU; HC.G 10,000 IU; Syna.rel Spr.ay; Med.rol; Doxy.cycline; Progeste.rone/ Oil; Viv.elle Patch.

Any thoughts/ass-vice on these meds? I see these names floating around a lot of your blogs-so now I need to read up on side-effects and all that...
I don't have my protocol list yet, as I am doing the big task of pricing pharmacies and all that jazz. And a huge thank you to Jamie and Sarah for offering their left over meds--that will be a huge help, and Watson has provided me a great list of pharmacies to pester.


Thanks for the sweet comments on the "" poem--it was fun. But alas, I am sorry I am not able to share the 14-layer recipe-it is the family secret of my m-i-l's family: but once I find out how to ship a piece or 2, I will see what I can do!

T-minus-4 days til the b-day! I am glad I still enjoy b-day's: I don't dread turning another year older, as long as I can celebrate the heck out of it! And after the b-day I will be caffe.ine free along with Sticky Bun, Baby Blues and a few is going to be hard-but as with all things-support will help us all make it through!

Here are 2 more questions Rebecca sent me:

3) Where in your house do you like to curl up and just *be*?
An old brown leather chair that was Mook's uncle's--it is "worn" in, but just right! It's the perfect spot to read and since it's next to a window-I'll open it and fall asleep listening to outside noises...

4) How did you meet your other half?
Mook and I met my first day of college...he was an R.A and had helped my parents move my things in, since I was still in a theater production in Scotland. My dad was "won-over" by Mook before we even thought of dating! Good way to start! So we quickly became friends, had mutual friends and stayed in touch all through college-but really started to hit it off senior year when we had all the same classes...the rest is history!


  1. Thanks for the email, and can't wait to get my mail out to all of you!

  2. Thanks again for setting up the braces bunch.

    Oh and I'm a Harr.ry fan too. i'm really looking forward to the next book.

  3. Lots of good news, to be "perfect."

    Your med list sounds pretty good to me, although I can't say I've been on all of those meds, but FSH is FSH, and I hear that Bra.velle is cheaper than foll.istim, so good news there!

  4. I'm glad you made it through "the day" unscathed and that your b/w is great! I can't wait to hear how everything goes.

  5. congrats on your perfect blood!! woohoo!! and i just put your package in the mail, so look for it by wednesday or thursday :)

  6. what a lovely thing you did for your friends. I tried to celebrate all the role model moms that I know and specially my own mom... it was another bitter sweet day in my life.

  7. My only assvice with your meds - sesame oil stinks. My PIO was in sesame oil and it made my whole bedroom smell of the stuff.

    I am glad your unnamed day went well and you got a new purse!

  8. Your list of Meds brings back some good-ish memories. It was always fun to get the new batch of meds because it meant a new cycle and my mantra was new cycle = new hope.

    your list sounds pretty standard for a first go around. They may adjust as you go along. Your FSH is fabulous...good egg quality. No reason why this can't work on the first go around!

    Just could be pg soon!

  9. oh, and glad you made it through yesterday ok. It was hard for many, I know.

  10. We went to brunch for ____ Day and I got handed a box of chocolates and a "happy ____ Day!" I was really kind of taken aback. And, I know she was just trying to be nice and inclusive but, ugh...

    Glad the bw looked great. And, I hope you have something really fun planned for the bdays! (And good plan not giving up the caffeine until afterwards!) Happy early birthday!!

  11. That was so sweet of you to give out roses, it proves what a nice person you are.

    Have a fab birthday and I will be here to welcome you to the caffeine free club!

  12. Your bloodwork looks awesome! I am glad that you made it through __ Day. How sweet of you to give out roses!

  13. Ha,rr.y P.o.tter fans rule!!! I preordered the 7th book and can't wait to read it!

    Good luck with this cycle!

  14. Oooh, the leather chair sounds cool :)

    I'm glad it wasn't Mother's Day here. I think I would've just wept all day.


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