Wednesday, May 9, 2007


I was tagged for a few fun-things, which has helped me keep my mind off of waiting for our bloo.d wor.k and med list to come back...which I'll update on later.


I was so honored when I did my daily-click over to Sticky Bun to find that she had nominated me for a TBA. Many thanks! I still consider myself a rookie-so I appreciate the nomination and I do hope that our experience will be a learning tool for someone who finds our blog-I have learned SO much from all of you!

I have to use my rookie status and nominate all the blogs I read-I have benefited from each and every one. I am so thankful you all are willing to share your stories-everything from heartbreak to joy. I feel so connected to all of you! Thanks for sharing your life with me!


Amy wrote a beautiful "I Am" poem and tagged me to use my right-brain and come up with my here goes:
I Am...

I am a planner and a thinker-
I get annoyed by those people who don't use their blinker.
I make a mean 14-layer-chocolate-cake
Some call me as stubborn as an old rusted gate.
I love to make lists and cross off the complete...
Don't ask me to run a marathon-I get scared to compete.
You won't find me in any high-end store,
Instead look for me relaxing on the shore.
Perfection sometimes consumes me-I want to impress!
I aim for high levels of success...

I am not yet a mom and some days I'm not sure
I'm cut out to endure...
Most days even I don't feel mature.

But at the end of the day, my makeup removed
All I want to do is cuddle my Mook.
My desires are simple, I'm not asking too much
I just want to feel that tiny human touch...~~~~~~~~

Rebecca has given me a series of inter.view questions. I'll post the first 2, and answer the last 3 in another post. I would love to do this interview-process with The Braces Bunch, so girls in the group-be thinking of questions to send around with your notes! Not part of the Bunch, but want to be? Click on the "smile" visual on the right-side navigation bar.

1) If you could choose somewhere to go and live in the world for the entire month of May - your job/home/family/etc aren't an issue, although you may take whomever you like - where would you do?
Since it's my birthday month, I would want to go camping/hiking at the base of Mt. St. Hel.ens...a strange answer isn't it? I was born the day it erupted, and I have always wanted to visit and learn more about the landscape before and after it erupted. I would take Mook of course, and we would travel around that area and hike down inside the crater (as long as she's quiet!)

2) Do you read a lot? What do you like to read?
I love to read. I got hooked reading the Dr.ew series when I was little, and that kept me reading even when I was "required" to for school. I try to read all sorts of books--but I have to admit I'm a big Patt.erson fan! I also have a decent size commute to work, so I enjoy a lot of audio books by all sorts of authors.
And lastly (but not least!) here is my "good deed" that Bea encouraged us to do: my letter to the local Star.buck$:
Dear Michael,

I wanted to write directly to you to tell you how much I enjoy my morning coffee--not for the boost it gives me, but for the kindness I receive from the people behind the counter. Your staff is always ready to greet me, and remembers me by name. They take great care to ask how I am and tell me to have a great day. Please share this letter with your staff and thank them for making my caffeine experience a delightful one!

A pleased customer

So this ends the tag-o-licious post-I am going to go through and catch up with all of you! More to come about our recent developments and results...


  1. oh, what poet you are indeed!

    And how nice of you to thank your local starbucks!

    Oh and LaLa loves your postcard so much she wants to pin it up in her room. I think she's hankering for the beach or something :)

  2. That cake looks great! If you could share the recipe my husband will love you forever.

    I'm a May birthday too so I'll have to think about that question..

  3. Loved the post JJ!! Its so nice to have fun sometimes, I think I have forgotten how, so thanks for reminding me. Love x

  4. the rhyming couplets, the perfect accompanying pics, the good deed... very impressive!

  5. Perfect post since it's my first time here!

  6. Thanks for doing the tag! Your poem was great-very unique and creative!!

  7. Matthew M. F. Miller says:

    Starbucks truly does employ the nicest folks. Dan, at my local store, greets me by name, has my drink waiting and always makes me smile.

    I make him mix CDs to show my appreciation. I love his kindness, and yours, too.

  8. Oooh, Mt St Helen's, now that would be an interesting holiday spot!

  9. What a lovely poem! I need to work on my good deeds too.

  10. Hi... LOVED THE POST! It is so nice to get to know you better. Happy birthday and send some of that cake when you bake one.
    Thanks for the comments on my blog!

  11. What a great post. You rock.

  12. I love your "I am" poem! And your letter to Starbucks, so nice to let them know you appreciate them. All too often people never hear nice things like that.

  13. I started this meme! So, I was anxious to see all the places it made it! Great poem.
    I tagged you for a new one on my blog.

  14. I just wanted to say thank you for my snail was such a fantastic surprise. Thnak you forbringng the idea to life!

  15. Hmmm...I thought I'd see more about the recent results that you alluded to at the bar and the bottom of the post. Hmmm... Well, I'm glad you're perfect and here is an apple martini to celebrate.

    I love your reason for climbing Mt. St. Hel.ens.

  16. Loved your post! The choccie cake sounds amazing - 14! I also have a need to impress. Maybe I could impress someone with your cake - you must post the recipe!

    Hope you're good xx


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