Friday, June 29, 2007

The bags remain un-packed

Back in the land of reality. No more late night walks down Duval Street, and Key Lime pie at 11 in the morning! No more job offers that got me thinking, "Hey I could do this all day..."

So yes, we are back. In full force I might add! We arrived home later than expected due to storms in FL and the bags got tossed to the foot of our bed, and have remained there all week. Monday, bright and early, we had our injections class! Welcome home! That was definitely a way to focus back on what life is going to be like for the next month. It went fine--Mook and I both feel a little overwhelmed, but I know where to go for any questions=) I started Sy.narel on Tuesday-so it's an official GO of this cycle. I have made a dorky med calendar to keep me straight until my 1st ultrasound on the 9th (in case dosage changes), and I start stims next week. I'm getting quite nervous about this part--I dont think I've ever been more nervous about something silly like air bubbles and how dull a needle can be....

We had a great trip--good weather, great friends to spend time with, and as I mentioned above, even a job offer (Ill get to that...) Went snorkeling and saw a 7 foot nurse shark! That was very cool....good thing it was down a few feet that it didnt seem to be paying any attention to us. Got to have some great margaritas and other fruity concoctions, saw some beautiful sunsets and got a BEE tattoo=) I still want to get the real thing someday, but this cute little bee is still going strong on my right ankle. Spent the last few days at Mick.ey's land of residence--we let the kids in us live it up and just had a great time!

Most importantly, Mook and I were able to relax. We didnt talk in depth about what was coming up...but Mook did a great job of just catching me off guard every now and then and telling me he loved me and no matter what happens in the next month or so, that WE are FAMILY. That means a lot every time he says it...

So the job offer. The week before we left on vacation, I completed a true dream of mine ever since I was little: I recorded a CD. I can't express in words how much music and singing has meant to me since I was little--just one of those things patched into my DNA. I sang all around the house as a kid, and got enough courage to audition and get roles in musicals in high school and college--even some community theater after college. And then it just kind of died for a while...and I realized how much I missed it. How I didnt want to let that part of me fade away--it's too much a part of me. So since January, I have been working with 2 musicians I know and a recording studio, and I am now a recording artist! Pretty darn cool...
So that led me to have a tiny bit more courage when we were at a bar in KW (and no, I wasn't even drinking) to volunteer to help this guy playing sing the chorus to a song. That led to him asking me to stay on stage and sing some more....and then the manager asked Mook if we wanted to move to KW--he was ready to give me a job. I can just drift away in my mind and imagine the kind of life that would be.....but I'm still more comfortable just where I am....I just have to be good about keeping my desires in perspective and not let go of a dream....

In other news, I did get my hair chopped--a whole 9 inches. I was nervous up until the final snip! Once I get my pictures downloaded from the trip, I'll share them on Picture Pages. I've had a few panic days, where I don't like it--but overall, Im very happy with it--and boy was it great to have it so easy to manage at the beach!

So it's been a busy time...and it's about to get even busier. We hope to just relax this weekend and get the house in order (and bags unpacked) and get ready for this next step....thanks for all the well wishes while we were gone--and for the lovely BB mail I had when I got home! I love it!
Have a great weekend!


  1. Great news about the CD! I have recorded a few in my time and it is so fun. You need to post some tracks for us. :)

  2. Love that you got onstage for the first time in a long time... you GO GIRL

    I sing too - but mostly in my car. Have such bad stage fright that the only way you'll get me up there is if I'm drunk.

    Karaoke is always fun after a few beverages, though. :)

  3. Welcome back! Very impressive that you are bringing back an important part of your "past life"! Good luck with everything.

  4. Welcome back! I'm definitely looking forward to hear some of your songs! :)

  5. OMG--I am so paranoid about the air bubbles. I had to throw away one of my vials of menopur tonight because I couldn't get rid of an air bubble and I was too paranoid to inject. I've clearly lost my mind. (And, PS, can't do THAT again. No throwing away of the very expensive drugs!!)

    Glad you're back! Can't wait to see photos of the new 'do.

  6. Welcome back! Glad you like what I sent. Looking forward to your photos.

  7. Welcome back! I am excited to see pictures of your hair!

  8. I'm glad you posted!
    I always take forever to get 100% unpacked-I think it is my subconscious not wanting to let go of the vacation.
    Wishing you all the best on your cycle!!

  9. Congrats on the CD! Makes me want to write that book I've always meant to write.

    Good luck with the injectibles!

  10. How cool to get a job offer while on vacation doing something you love! Even if you aren't going to take it, it's just nice to get that affirmation that you're good.

    Injections certainly make me nervous too, but they do get easier with a little practice.

  11. Welcome back. So much great news! Your CD, the job offer, good relaxing times with dh... and hip summer 'do. Will look forward to seeing the pictures!

  12. Mook is such a keeper! How wonderful that he is so supportive and loving and spontaneous, too. Reminds me a lot of my guy ;-)

    Sending positive thoughts your way on this cycle...

  13. Excellent all aspects of thi spost.. I cant wait to see the new dew. I got inspired by you and what not to wear, I also chopped it all off. Let us know where to look for that CD so we can make it go Platnuim. Good luck on this cycle- sending lot of good thoughts and wishes.

  14. Welcome home!

    Is there somewhere we can purchase your CD? What kind of music did you record? I want more details!

    Don't feel bad about unpacking, I think I still have a few odds and ends (hotel soap, Disn.ey bags) in my suitcase from FIVE years ago.

  15. I am glad that you had such a great vacation. Wow, a recording artist - that's something.

    Don't worry too much about the injections, I know that it is stressful, but you'll make it through.

    I am excited about this cycle for you.

  16. Glad to have you back!!!!! A job offer to live in KW is very tempting, isn’t it???
    Let me know when the cd will be out, I want to buy one!!!!!!! Even though I can’t sing well, I married a musician and music is a big part pf our lives.

    You will be on my prayers and I wish you all the best for this IVF cycle... I am very excited for you and hopeful that you will get a BFP soon

  17. what do I do to be part of the "picture pages"?

  18. Welcome home! Can't wait to see what you look like and what your new hair looks like.

    The singing sounds brilliant - well done you!

    Don't worry about the injections. The first one's nerve wracking and then you hardly think about them. The needle's are so fine you don't feel them. My top tip - breathe in deeply and put the needle/plunge whilst you slowly exhale. Needley in fast in one move nad then you can slowly and gradually plunge in the drugs. No rush and the breathing really helps. You'll be fine



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