Monday, July 2, 2007

I'm that person...

I'm that person who has a renewed sense of hope after so many lovely ladies getting BFP in the past few days.

I'm that person who sits here with a half smile on her face with a circling thought: I WANT to be that lucky.

I'm that person who has officially been trying "over one year to get pregnant"

I'm that person who wonders if simply sniffing a nasal spray is keeping my ovaries from popping out some eggs.

I'm that person who is worried about every single little detail: bubbles in the vial, sticking a vein, not enough eggs/too many eggs, my egg-his sperm not being friendly....oh the list goes on.

I'm that person who is hiding her face even as she types this: Will there be a BFP left for me?
(*funny how I think that the universe only allows a certain amount of BFP's..............but really, does it??)

Baseline ultrasound tomorrow. Last BCP was last night. Tick-tock....


tagged by Sarah

10 things I can't stand

1 Worrying
2 Worrying that I worry
3 Colonies of ants in my kitchen pantry
4 Rude children
5 Jealousy
6 Long lines at the DMV
7 Stereotypes
8 Macy Gray's voice
9 IF
10 A runny nose (mine especially)

20 things I love

1 My mom's voice
2 Mooks hug's
3 My sister's laugh
4 My brother's goofy jokes
5 My dad's witty personality
6 cold ice cream
7 mexican food
8 margaritas
9 wine
10 my pillows
11 my doggie
12 pasta and meatballs
13 evening walks with mook
14 having a REALLY clean car (i need to work on that)
15 vacuuming
16 singing
17 sitting at the beach with a book
18 james pat.terson books
19 building a snow man
20 camping


  1. I am so sorry you have to be that person....but I will be holding hope that there is a BFP left in the universe very soon for you.

  2. I hope that there is a BFP that is left for you and for me. Good luck with your scan.

  3. you aren't alone. I'm that person too. (except instead of nasal spray, it's the advil i take for my back pain)

    I'm excited for your cycle and I'll be crossing my fingers for you. Waiting until you ARE the one to announce those three little letters.

  4. I love your lists, and am glad you had a relaxing vacation.

  5. Oh yeah, and I just bought these Guatemalan "worry dolls" that you put under your pillow at night. I think they help... want some? :-)

  6. I hope that there is a BFP waiting for you verym very soon. :)

  7. Here is to another BFP - yours!

    Once you have a few injections down, I am sure they will get easier and you won't worry as much about air bubbles and stuff.

  8. Good luck for the scan tomorrow....I've got my fingers crossed for you.

  9. I hear you about the ants! We had ants in our pantry, which are thankfully not there right now (knock on wood). If you want to know my ant battle strategy, send me an email, and I'll give you the details.

    I really hope that you'll get your BFP this cycle. There aren't actually a finite number of BFPs to give out in the world, it only seems that way...

  10. I thought the universe only alotted a certain amount at times too! I'm thinking of you and look for some good luck to find you soon!

  11. There really should be enough in the universe for us all.

  12. WOW, i am so glad that I am not the only one that questions the quantity of BFP's!!! Good luck at the scan tomorrow. Wishing and praying for the absolute best for you

  13. I'm hoping there are BFPs for all of us wanting so desperately to have a baby.

  14. You know I'm a worrier right along with you. I'm hoping the universe has it in them for at least two more bfps this month! :-)

  15. I hate how IF makes us question everything. Best of luck with this cycle. I'm rooting for your BFP!

  16. Wishing you a BFP really soon. You so deserve it. You're such a kind and generous person, your BFP has to be just around the corner!

  17. I'm that person too. Not nasal spray, though - for me it's jogging, stressing, etc. Because you know, if I just relaxed.... (And air bubbles aren't dangerous unless you're injecting into a vein, I believe). Good luck, may you have a BFP.

  18. You are that person that will get a BFP soon....
    I am that person that stares at the 2 lines at an OPK just wishing that was a HPT...


  19. Best of luck. I know there is no set number of BFPs in the world, but I feel you've earned one.

  20. I have a good feeling the next BFP is yours! :-) It will happen.


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