Monday, April 28, 2008

Chunky or Smooth?

Betcha think I am going to ask about your peanut butter preference.

Actually, I want to know about what type of applesauce you enjoy. I used to be strictly a smooth savorer and imagined the chunks in the "chunky" variety to be dead worms. Yum...

Don't you miss having that child-like rationale for things? Of course now I know that they are just chunks of *apples. So this past weekend when perusing for fruit to pack in my lunches, I grabbed the chunky variety and have enjoyed the bits of mush that-are-not-dead-worms as I taste a spoonful...

While we are on the topic of chunky and smooth, I want to tell y'all that I am not looking forward to "chunky butt" that comes from the PIO shots. I have enjoyed having my "smooth butt" for the past few months--no raised bumps from the injection site, no bruised surfaces. (let's not even talk about the other connotation for chunky butt...that's an issue too)

Ahhh, we can tie this right back into applesauce! From my extensive research on production of the sauce, the very substance is created from bruised/dented apples. So while I've always been a fan of my smooth butt, I gave chunky a try--and said "yes" to PIO injections for our first IVF and the FET.

Me no likey. Hell, I can put up with the needles, even the pain...but it gets a bit awkward trying to sit down for a meeting in someones office doing the "pregnant-lady-sit." You know the one--when a woman has the belly that causes her to lean back and ease ever so slightly down into the chair. Well it's not so cool when 1. I'm not pregnant and 2. my ass feels like a pin cushion.

So my questions are this: should I stick it out with "chunky butt" or ask for suppositories this time around? What are your experiences with the suppositories? If you have gone from one to the other, which do you prefer?

"Kate" the IVF nurse, isn't partial either way--well, she really won't give me a straight out answer--I may be very straight forward and tell her I really would like to know if one is better over the other. I do have a confession to make: I initially chose to go with the injections because I believed that the PIO got into my system faster--a silly superstition? Maybe. Maybe not--Ive read that suppositories work just as fast (if not faster) And my progesterone levels have always been good, so I don't want to jinx anything!

Your thoughts/suggestions are much appreciated! And don't forget to tell me what type of applesauce you prefer...

A few housekeeping things: I have removed the word verification thingy---getting SO annoying. Others have agreed. All comments are open--it will just go through moderation to prevent spam.
Also, yahoo mail seems to be the biggest spam monster with my e-mail: please check your spam filters before emptying! Especially those who have left a comment/emailed me about the Braces Bunch! And lastly, Mook says "thanks ladies" for all the feedback--we should have his SA results soon as well as the infectious disease panel (more about the "lady that saved the day" later...) Karyotype will be back in 2 weeks...that's the biggie.

*Really, you can tell me--it really is dead worms, isn't it?


  1. I was always a smooth applesauce kind of girl until I tried Trader Joe's chunky apples. That stuff is crack.

    As far the old progesterone, I think I'm old-fashioned and think the efficacy of PIO is superior to the supps.

  2. I can only do smooth anything... unlike you, I have never been able to grow up and get past the thought of what the chunky parts might actually be. I even pick tomato chunks out of spaghetti sauce. I'm a big child.

    I asked my RE about the progesterone and their protocol was to start with the oral and supps and do a P4 test about 4-5 DPO and make sure it is working. For me, it worked great last month. After weeks of Menopur injections, I really could not stand the thought of more shots, so I was thrilled. The supps are no big deal, though. Laid down for 20 min after using and then wore a pantyliner afterwards. For me, it was better than dealing with more injections!!

  3. I thought your title referred to my thighs: how they are vs how I WISH they were.

    Not an applesauce fan.

    If suppositories are an option, I would definitely go with that. Me no likey shots. At. All.

    P.S. for Mook: JJ MUST go to BlogHer this summer. The fate of the world may depend on it.

  4. I like chunky applesauce - hmmm, yummy.

    I have done both suppositories and the PIO shots. I actually prefer the shots - I didn't get bumps or too sore. I froze the area first and that helped a lot. I found the suppositories too messy.

  5. I didn't even know that chunky applesauce existed. I only like the flavored applesauces. At the moment, I've got pomegranate, peach, and cran-raspberry applesauce in the fridge. And I vote, yes, dead worms.

  6. th Mel on the chunks of anything. Ew.

    As for progesterone, I prefer shots. I don't have too bad an issue with bruising or soreness, and I hate hate hate the prog suppository messiness. EW messiness. That's worse than chunks!

  7. Hey JJ, I had zero issues w/ PIO in ethyl oleate. No chunky butt either from it (well maybe a small minor bump or two but nothing that was really rough).

  8. Umm, please please please don't think I am a freak. I make my own applesauce. So it is chunky. In my defense, I live in like the apple growing capital of the country.

    I used 200 mg suppositories 2x daily for countless weeks on end. At one point I was up to 3x per day but that was because of my sucky progesterone issues. They worked well for me and were so much better than shots (& bruises, etc.)

    Totally invest in pantyliners though.

  9. Hmmm, if it's becoming painful and you can switch to a different product that is just as good I say go for the change. I do shots for my multiple sclerosis med and I stopped injecting into my stomach and my arms because of the chunky factor. I didn't think it was too pretty in sleeveless shirts and bathing suits.

  10. I don't like when my food changes textures on me, so I'm a smooth girl. Same for peanut butter.

    As for the shots, I've never done them but I wasn't a big fan of the suppositories. They make such a freaking mess and I always felt like I was moldy or decaying. But I've got nothing to compare it too, so those thoughts probably aren't even worth a penny ;)

  11. I don't care for applesauce - though I do really like apples, apple pie, apple crumble and etc.

    I never did understand why anyone would choose injections over suppositories - mind you I never did get pregnant so what do I know. I used progesterone pearls and they were no fuss at all.

  12. smoothe, definitely, unless I make it myself, maybe.

    oh I hate prog. shots so much, my butt still hurts from March. I know people use suppositories, but my RE is a firm believer in the shots for IVF because it's stronger and they can regulate it more accuratelt, unlike messy supps. where you "lose" a lot to seepage. (with iuis, she thought supps. were fine.)

    if you need shots, forget PIO and ask for P in ethyl oleate. you can use a much thinner needle. it still hurts, but way better.

    good luck. ~luna

  13. Hated the progesterone suppositories...messy, icky...but my son is the result of my IVF/ICSI cycle. I did NOT get pregnant using PIO with our FET (but the embies were 5 years old, so who knows?). I guess my point is that either way is probably OK.
    Tough choice...good luck.
    By the way, here's a little too much info: my butt is chunky style anyway, so PIO didn't make things any worse! :)

  14. I love the smooth kind. I don't know why, I just do. And now, I want applesauce. GREAT! :P

    As for the progesterone, I say that if you would be more comfy with the suppositories, then ask for them. I would rather deal with the mess than take the shots, but that is just me.


  15. I don't have any input for the progesterone, sorry.

    But I have to say I'm a smooth applesauce kind of gal. It's just too damned hard to chew those chunks with these build-ups on my back teeth...the whole teeth-not-meeting-thing being a bit of an issue.

    Good luck with all the tests!!!

  16. I have very fond memories of eating my Grandmother Webster's homemade applesauce that was really chunks of apple in syrup and cinnamon. She'd can quarts and quarts of the stuff that she made from the apples grown by two 100 year old apple tress in the backyard. Whenever we'd visit my Grandparents in the small town in Indiana where they lived, she'd give us some. She quit canning apples in her late 80s (she was still canning tomatoes until her mid-90s). I've never found any that compares. So I guess my answer is that I like Grandma Webster's chunky.

    As to the PIO vs Progesterone suppositories, I never did the PIO, just the suppositories which are messy but painless. My progesterone though was "through the roof" per my NP during the process which may be a factor.

  17. I'm doing prometrium as a suppository, and for me, it's the way to go. Pantyliners are a must, but it is way more comfortable that the PIO shots. I tried the ethyl oleate, which was WAY better than olive oil, but still made me sore. And then there was just the timing of it, as it was hard to do myself, and so it became a much bigger production than the suppositories, which I could do myself. My RE was insistent on PIO for IVF, however, and the new clinic seems to be similar. I've only gotten to do suppositories with ovulation induction.

  18. In case you couldn't tell from my very long-winded comment last time, I like smooth. Apple sauce, peanut butter and progesterone-all smooth. IMO, apple sauce and peanut butter aren't meant to be chewed and butts aren't meant to be chunky.

    The messiness was no big deal to me. Nothing a panty liner can't handle.

    Our clinic is really indifferent between the two forms and they let their patients choose. One difference is that with the suppositories, the level that shows up in blood work is lower because it mostly gets absorbed directly by the tissue (near or in the uterus). On day of transfer, our clinic looked for P4 levels higher than 6 if on the suppositories, versus wanting to see a level of over 20 of on PIO.

  19. Smooth applesauce.

    How is your progesterone level when tested? If it is on the low side, go PIO. If it is normal, then suppositories should be just fine.

  20. Are you sure you want to hear my answer to this question? lol. You may remember that with my first fresh cycle, I was on the PIO shots, and then after a positive pregnancy test they switched me over to the suppositories. My progesterone level dropped so fast that I think it shocked even my RE's staff. The doctor alluded to the fact that he believed that because I didn't absorb much (if any) progesterone from the suppositories was possibly a big reason why I lost Lila's twin, and that if it had gone on even one day longer I could have lost her.....

    So, me..not a fan of the suppositories. They were disgusting as well as useless, at least for me. Of course, I'm the only one I've ever heard of having this issue.

    So, for my entire first trimester with Lila, I was on progesterone in oil shots once per day. I did have the "chunky butt". It wasn't excruciating, but it wasn't pleasant either, and there was some bruising. For the cycle last summer, the one in November, and this past one, I was on the PIO shots all along, and oddly enough, I didn't get the chunky butt. I used progesterone in ethlyl oleate and progesterone in oil...whichever I could find for sale cheap from other fertility ended up mostly being prog. in oil. I would sit on the heating pad on the highest setting for about ten minutes before and after. I had one in the morning and one in the evening this last time, so maybe extensive heat is the answer to no lumps.

    So, my advice...skip the suppositories. I got used to the PIOs.

  21. I'm currently using both injections and suppositories (lucky me). I think I prefer the suppositories and if I'm pregnant I get to stop the injections and keep the suppositories (which makes me both excited and nervous).

    As for the applesauce, it's been a while since I tried chunky. I'm generally a smooth girl though.

  22. Hi sweetie! I didn't see your chat message tonight. Got back last night. I haven't even had time to check in on anyone yet. Hope you are doing well.

    As for PIO, I didn't get much damage by injecting warm and massaging it vigorously afterwards and applying a heating pad for 15 minutes. I had the suppositories last time too but the newer Endometrin. It was 'wet' but not slimy.


  23. I am a chunky-style girl. Chunky peanut butter and chunky applesauce.

    But I still can't get on board with PIO. They were the only part of the treatment process I ever genuinely feared. I didn't get there with our IVF cycle and that was the only silver lining.

    On this go around, I had suppositories (Endometrin). They are rather yucky, but I would take them over a shot any day. As for absorption and effectiveness, I had hot flashes so bad I thought I was going through the change, so yeah, I think they worked.

    PS - I am almost sure the bumps you get from shots are worms. Muh wah ha ha.

  24. I had 1 IVF pregnancy with each (singleton-PIO, twins (FET) supps) I think they're comparable, just make sure they check your levels in the beginning. Supps are easier to boost (add an extra dose)if you feel your progesterone falling (which I either imagined or actually felt). I didn't enjoy the leaking, especially since back then they were PINK...

  25. Chunky or smooth.......thought you were asking about my sick!!

    I am a smooth girl too....for anything. Bits and lumps make me feel sick. Orange juice is my biggy, can't have bits in it, weird I know.

    As for the progesterone, I have only done suppositories. I found them ok and to be honest it was a nice break from the needles.

    Go with your instinct, I don't think there's much to chose between them.

  26. I'm on Critine 8% gel - and it ROCKS! I did the injections until the postitve pregnancy test, and then the gel. Only once a day = and you don't have to lay down afterward. If that isn't an option - supps are good... but messy. Blech.

    Panty liners for sure either with the gel or the supps.

  27. I am not partial to smooth or chunky as long has it has cinnamon in it. I like the cinnamon flavoring. If it doesn't come with cinnamon, I add my own.

  28. I like both smooth and chunky...depends on the mood I'm in. But it has to be Mott's...nothing else.

    As for the PIO, I only did the shots so I can't attest to any other methods.

    One other thing...I checked my spam and can't locate your email...can you send it to the alternate one I gave you? The work one?

    Thanks! Amy

  29. I used Crinone. Not that messy, just a bit gross and drying to sensitive areas. Better than giant needles in the ass.

  30. I like the smooth applesauce. I prefer to eat my textured apples as whole apples.
    Girl, I have done so much Progesterone. I can tell you about lots of types! PIO (olive and ethyl oleate) both gave me cellulitis that caused a double sized, red bum and fevers ranging from 101-103 for up to a week after stopping the shots. I have done the suppositories, they were messy, but gave me a whopper of a yeast infection. Come to find out, I'm allergic to the plastic/latex in the capsule. Then I did the oral tablets that is produced by ONE pharmacy in the US and it takes 2 weeks to procure these suckers. I had no side effects from them, but my RE likes the idea of PIO or who-haa P4 better. THEN I found, (da da dadah!!)CRINONE GEL! It is fantastic. It isnt gooey or chunky. It really absorbs. I did the 8% (whatever the highest dosage is) twice a day. No yeasties and no problems, other than the IVF and FET didn't work. A pantyliner would be good. I did one of mine before I went to bed, and it absorbed really well. Even nookie was fine (sorry,TMI)I asked if this was a suitable substitute for the progesterone, she said yes. I felt like screaming WHY THE HE** DIDNT YOU TELL ME THIS WHEN I WAS SUFFERING WITH CELLULITIS? Some things, we weren't meant to know.
    There is a drawback. When you do suppositories or crinone, the P4 doesn't show in your blood work. It is going in at the needed site and doesn't get in your blood stream like PIO. It does get in the blood stream but to accurately measure the concentration isn't possible. (the Lab Techie in me just came out ;o) I also think that some people have issues with the PIO, some don't. Never know til you try! My dosage was 3cc of PIO. I still have chunks in my tushie from last JUNE's IVF! (and January's FET)
    SO NEXT TIME, I am doing CRINONE and have no qualms about it. Its what worked best for me. But I am the poster child for side effects from any kind of drugs, really. I think for us, this has been a trial and error thing. I think finally, we will have the right combination the next IVF.
    Sorry for the long post, I have a lot to say about P4! ;)

  31. I've never gotten to the place where there was something inside me that would like something like ohh progesterone, so I wish I had an opinion but, i don't.
    As for the apple sauce, I use apple sauce in my baking to reduce the fat (it HAS to be smooth for that). As a warm condiment for pork, I add some apple myself, for the texture.

  32. I don't know that I have ever had chunky applesauce?

    I've only ever done supps...but I hear the PIO is much better.

  33. I would take a lumpy rear (although I never had any significant pain from the PIO shots) over the never-ending oozing of suppositories any day.

  34. I've done both. The shots are painful, but I preferred them to the suppositories, which I could feel dripping out of me throughout the day (ewwwwwww!) It just depends on which downside you want to put up with.

    I'm not really a fan of applesauce, I'd rather just eat apples!

  35. One vote for smooth applesauce please!

    Are you icing down before the shot? I didn't do that at first, but after icing it was much better during and after. Well, okay - as good as it can be. :)

  36. Thanks for the sweet comment :)
    I have to throw in a vote for the shots though I had to laugh at the pregnant-lady-sit!! Too funny; I remember it well!!
    I just absolutely HATED the suppositories and remember telling several people I would rather have 3-4 shots a day than have to deal with those slimy, clumpy (yep, more chunky stuff sorry for TMI!!)make-you-feel-like-you-are-leaking-all-day-long horrible little bullets. In a nutshell, didn't like 'em!!
    Oh, and I am not an applesauce fan but I'd probably go with smooth b/c I have a thing about the texture of my food :) However, I do prefer chunky PB!

  37. For both my IVF's I was/am on the suppositories. I've never done the PIO shot so I can't compare.

    I do the suppositories 3 times a day. Sometimes it's inconvenient - especially when it disrupts sleep. They are also a little bit messy and you will have to wear a panty liner for the entire time you are using the suppositories.

    The great thing though, is that they are pain free, and lumpy bum free - which I think are worth it. (Plus, my butt is chunky enough!)

    In regards to applesauce - I've honestly never even seen chunky applesauce. I don't think they sell it here! However, I still think I would prefer the smooth.

    Good luck with your progesterone decision!

  38. I'm not even going to tell you what I thought you were talking about with the subject... Suffice it to say that I've been thinking about male factor infertility for too damn long.

    I'm all about smooth applesauce. Smooth peanut butter too. And don't bring me tapioca pudding - I imagine it's full of fish eyes. And those beans that people put in chili? Cockroaches. Yuck.

    And no, I don't have any actual helpful input. Thanks for asking. Go with whatever is most effective and might give you the best chance for real live babies.

  39. Just... WOW! Good question! Great VARIETY of answers!

    I just had to decide that today, as I'm heading into IVF 1. I chose the shots, simply because they were cheaper. The nurse said we could switch to supps if I hate the shots. She was exactly like yours, and offered absofuckinlutely no preference.

    I like the ice idea and will try that.

    LOVE the Redbook blog, btw. I went to read Jen's and there you were!

  40. I like smooth applesauce when it's bought from a store. However, when my sister makes me applesauce every Fall, it's the chunky kind and it truly kicks ass.

    As for PIO vs suppositories... I'm a fan of the PIO. Mostly it's because I am all about maximizing anything and everything related to our treatments. You can't get more extreme than injecting progesterone intramuscularly. Also, I truly hated the suppositories because ... there's not great way to put this ... I just leaked all day long. It was a warm, goopy, nasty mess. As if all if it isn't a shitty kick in the teeth, sitting in a pile of thick, hot yellow goo was nearly enough to put me over the edge.

    Yeah, pretty lame of me to shamelessly beg for comments when I myself have been so atrocious at commenting lately. Please know I read every single post and keep you in my prayers each night. I'm not just blowing smoke up your ass, it's really the truth. xoxo

  41. Delurking here on the progesterone issue. I have no opinion on the applesauce; I didn't even know it came chunky.

    While I can't compare the supps to PIO, I just never could bring myself to give myself an IM shot. Hell-o! It's like you're being stabbed- by YOURSELF! Yeah, I can't handle that. Yes, the supps are a mess and I wore pads by night and pantyliners by day for 8 months of failed IUIs (so I also can't compare PIO to supps for IVF; sorry). My point is: I didn't have to stab myself when sperm issues were why I wasn't getting pregnant and it very likely didn't have anything to do with my progesterone. If you don't have a problem there, I'd opt for less stabby and absorbent pantyliners, but that's just me...

    PS. Good luck on this cycle, JJ!

  42. I've never had the chunky applesauce, but I have issues with other texture-added foods. I don't like nuts in my brownies nor fruit in my jello.
    I used Prometrium suppositories after my IUIs and a couple of cycles on its own, including the one where I got pregnant. It's not that bad at all just leaky. My clinic uses either PIO or Prometrium with their IVF patients.

  43. Never had to do butt injections and don't think I ever could... one more vote against :) I say the suppositories - I have no issues with them.

  44. Actually I thought you were going to refer to heels (for shoes). My mind is always on shoes :-) Smooth being a wedge heel for summertime, or chunky - which I trip in. But as far as applesauce, I do like smooth.

    I tried the Endometrin progesterone suppositories. At my doctor's urging, I didn't do the PIO shots because he feels with all the research coming out - results with both are equal. I've been on the suppositories 100mg three times a day since retrieval and I'm now 8 weeks. I just use a pantyliner and am okay. I don't lay down afterwards either - I haven't noticed a difference either way. About the second week they start to burn a little - like a yeast infection? But by week three it's gone, and if you're pregnant you really don't care about a little burning. No IM shots for weeks was my motivation! I've had good results. Hope that helps!

  45. We've never really done the applesauce thing so not sure but I like most things smooth!

    Have also never used the PIO shots so I couldn't really say there except that after all the injections with stimms, I really prefer to not use injections! I never really had a problem with the suppositories, you do get a bit sensitive down there because you constantly feel wet but I'd prefer that to an injection any day!

    I've also heard that they all really do the same thing so why put yourself through the pain when there's definately enough of that to go round!

    Thinking of you always xxx

  46. I'm an either or kind of girl...

    As for progesterone, I am a fan of the suppositories only because my hubby bitched about giving them to me and felt like he was hurting me every time.

    And frankly, I don't need any more chunky bumpiness on my booty than already is there!

  47. Smooth!

    My RE told me that the sups are maybe slightly inferior to the PIO, but not enough for him to tell someone they shouldn't use them. So I said I wanted the sups, because I am really afraid of needles.

    When I got my box 'o meds, they had gotten me PIO, so I just went with it. I'm doing PIO this time too - it didn't bother me much. Just a sore tooshy!

    Good luck deciding!!

  48. YUM, now I want some applesauce. I love all kinds, but chunky is my fave.

    As for the progesterone, I chose to do suppositories for my FET. I had to do the PIO shots for my IVF and I had a really hard time with them. Chunky bruised butt and all. I really did not want to do them again. Suppositories aren't that great either with the discharge and soreness in the who-ha, (I did them for three IUI cycles) but I prefer them to the shots.

  49. I've never used the shots so I don't know how it's different, but the suppositories are fine - just freakin gross. Seriously, i'm disgusted by my own cha cha. Don't know if that's any different than the with the shots, but seriously... uhh... chunky, slick, thick, and nasty. But if it gets what I need...

  50. The suppositories are kinda annoying in their own way--messy, kinda icky, and not really into sticking things like that up there. That being said, if you don't like the bruises and pin cushion of the butt--suppositories are the way to go.

    I prefer smooth applesauce too.

  51. One of the things least appealing to me about IVF is the PIO shots. When I asked my RE if I *had* to use PIO, he said that I could use a new suppository (sounds like he was talking about Endometrin), but that it's about five times the cost of PIO. Hearing all the stories of PIO-related chunky butt have made me waaay more inclined towards Endometrin...

  52. You know, I'm not sure I've even tried chunky applesauce. I might have to get back to you on this question.

    I hope the others can offer some insights about your chunky butt question. I laughed out loud at the image of you easing yourself into a chair in a meeting, though!

  53. Smooth applesauce, chunky stuff in general is kind of gross.

    I've only used the suppositories, sometimes up to 3 times a day. They're kind of gross, but my RE insisted that they work best. On the plus side, it was 30 minutes per suppository of built in rest time (if you lay down for about 30 minutes after insertion, you tend to get less drippage afterwards).

  54. I started off with PIO, which did not hurt as badly as I thought it was going to. As soon as I got a positive beta, though, they switched me to suppositories. I was really happy to be switched, and they seem to have worked just fine, even if they're a little messy.

  55. I am a smooth applesauce fan, and although I have not done suppositories, I prefer PIO. I have done the PIO shots for 4 cycles and would gladly do them forever if it meant a baby.

  56. Oh my god I never check Spam I just delete the wonderful 96 msgs that I have gotten in the last 10 hrs. HAHA I prefer my applesauce smooth, unless I make it myself and it is a true homemade applesauce. That my dear only happens in the fall and then I freeze it in little containers for the winter. One day when my ovaries act like they got some sense Ill share my homemade applesauce with my baby!

  57. We don't use PIO in Australia, so I've done suppositories and crinone. Apparently they both work the same.

    PIO will give you higher blood progesterone levels, as it's absorved into the bloodstream first and makes it round to the girly bits eventually, whereas the suppositories etc are absorbed locally, and leach into the bloodstream later (and more slowly). Both methods will give you enough progesterone (or should, for most patients).

    I found the suppositories irriated my vaginal area. In hindsight, I think this is why I had more spotting with them despite increasing the dose. I spot on some unmedicated cycles despite excellent P4 levels, too. The crinone seemed to be associated with the least spotting, anyway, but I don't think that had anything to do with the lining of the uterus, just less external irritation (suppositories did make me a little itchy). Crinone build-up does have a certain papier-mache quality to it, though.

    I think you should choose according to personal preference. Medically, you should be ok either way.


  58. I can only go by my experience but: five rounds of IVF with suppositories=all BFNs. Sixth cycle (at Big Clinic)with PIO, which the RE there claimed was the "gold standard"=BFP. No idea if it made a difference (my hunch is that the embies were actually viable at Big Clinic...helps a lot) but I'm a PIO fan now. I'd probably choose discomfort over doubt any day. Good luck whatever you decide!

  59. I like smooth applesauce.

    I wanted to ask: do you still need more stim meds? I went through my supply today and have some Bravelle and Menopur that I could send you if you need them. E-mail me and I'll give you the breakdown.

  60. I just now read your last Redbook post on the grocery store dreams. I haven't had one in awhile, and actually had completely forgotten about it, but sometimes I have dreams of chewing gum that I can't get rid of it too! It is REALLY sticky and I'm choking on it, pulling it out of my throat and it just keeps coming and coming. Wonder what that one means.

  61. Ethyl Oleate
    Ethyl Oleate
    Ethyl Oleate
    Ethyl Oleate
    Ethyl Oleate
    Ethyl Oleate
    Ethyl Oleate
    Ethyl Oleate

    I cannot stress it enough.

    It changed everything for me. I became crippled on the PIO in sesame oil, truly, as in could not walk at all.
    I did the heating the oil, smaller needle, warming before and after where I gave the shot, massage, all of it. I still got a lemon size lump after 1.5 weeks that led me to be unable to walk.

    Suppositories are ok but my doc says they just do not have the consistency PIO does. I personally take both but the PIO in Ethyl Oleate makes it all nice.

    I also use a 25g needle.

    Good luck.

  62. Smooth for for the choice of shots vs. suppositories. I'm not a fan of either (!), but after the beating my thighs and stomach took with the shots, I'd take suppositories ... which I used and they are just marginally better than the bruising. (Do we really put ourselves through this?!)

  63. I'm not a big fan of applesauce unless it's homemade and warm. However in most foods I am anti chunk. It's my very big dislike of onions (yes I know not present in applesauce) and not know what the chunks are, therefore I avoid chunks.
    For the progesterone. I did Crin0ne for my IVF. I was told it was just as effective as the PIO. Then I started bleeding 4 days before my test day. I won't ever know if the other type of progesterone would have made a difference but I practically begged to be switched to PIO because it was something to hold on to. Also with the suppositories my understanding is that they won't check your progesterone levels which makes me really nervous.

  64. I had an absolutely terrible experience with the PIO shots. I had extreme pain and could barely walk, and would wake up every hour at night from the pain and cry. The pain lasted about two weeks even after I switched to suppositories (I don't think this happens to everyone, so don't fear if you decide on the shots).

    The suppositories were a breeze compared to the shots. So they're a little messy- big deal? I was worried that they might not be as effective (because the norm in my clinic was shots) but my doctor assured me I would be fine.

    Good luck with whatever you choose!

  65. Not a big applesauce fan. Although I love a little bit with potato pancakes. Smooth or chunky.

    Re prog., I've been RE shopping, as I have limited ins. coverage and need to maximize my chances. IM or vag P was a concern of mine for several reasons. 1) I'm single and can't imagine how I would switch butt cheeks giving myself shots, 2) OUCH!, and 3) I don't want to make the wrong choice and screw up my chances. Probably more reasons if I took more time to think.

    I did a lot of reading online. Read research studies, read that outside of the US, PIO is rarely used, read that CCRM (which has the highest stats in the country) says they work the same and gives their patients the choice, etc.

    One RE I met with who was involved in some of the research, said that there is absolutely no medical evidence that PIO is better. He said he's seen women with terrible infections and abscesses from the injections.

    Another RE I met with who prefers PIO, nontheless agreed with the research that says they are equally effective. He said his preference was due to a problem with Crinone several years ago. He said the problem has been fixed, but he's cautious. He did say that he wasn't inflexible, if someone was very needle phobic, vag P would be okay. So I asked, what about 2 weeks of PIO and then switching to vag. He said that would be fine with him.

    BTW, these were both Castle Connolly top rated REs.

  66. I didn't do PIO, but have wished for it badly. Because suppositories take forever with the whole butt up thing, and make my back hurt from the same. On the other hand, the reason my high risk OB won't let me take PIO is because there has been some research showing that taking PIO correlates with maternal kidney problems (a small likelihood, but statistically significant) in third trimester.

  67. I know i'm WAY late with a comment on this one but i thought i'd add my twopence worth.

    I used pessaries for IVF's 1 -4 and for the first 3 - that actually got to a 2WW at least - always started bleeding before the 14 days were up.

    I insisted on PIO shots for IVF 5 - which were freakin' painful - BUT it worked. Not sure if it was that or not but that's my experience.

    I always warmed the oil for at least 15 mins in my bra to make it easier to go in, we used local anaesthetic (until we got a BFP) and i made Mr G rub my ass for a few mins afterwards. I managed to avoid major pain until several weeks of use but it does still hurt now when i run - which isn't often!

    I LOVE applesauce any which way. It's a total comfort food. My mom used to make it smooth with raisins and that's my favourite but i also love it chunky! Yum, yum.

  68. This may be too late, but I prefer the PIO. The only reason is that is can be measured much better than the suppositories...and well I like to have a number...I am an accountant by the way. That being said, my RE believes that the supps are just fine and would switch to them but they are pricier and messier.


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