Thursday, February 18, 2010

Better than Aflac

It's true.

We really do come to life when you are: 

a) asleep
b) on loopy-loo medicine that makes you hallucinate
c) when you leave the house
d) all of the above

Let me properly introduce myself. 

My name is British Rubber Ducky. Yes, that is as creative as they got here in the Jeans Household. Well, thats CAPTAIN British Ducky to you, since I've taken command of the premises.

I've taken it upon myself to round up the troops around here--as it seems our Commander and Chief Master O-man and the Lady JJ have been quite under the weather the past few days. No worries, I am in constant communication with Mr. Mook while he is away on business, keeping him posted on the most up to date information.

As you can see, I have charged Rowdy the Garbage Truck to do what he does best.

Goodness knows there have been plenty of those to clean up. Would you believe me if I told you Lady JJ and Master O-man have gone through two big boxes of tissues the past few days? That's a lot of snot.

So obviously with all that snot, we need to keep things as clean as possible--avoid spreading even more germs. Our newcomer, Grow-Bot, has been happy to keep us on a very strict disinfecting schedule.

Don't plan on passing him by without getting a squirt! Sometimes he gets a little overzealous with the dispensing.  We've unfortunately been unable to keep the large brown four-legged-creature that roams the house from licking up any leftovers. It doesn't seem to mind though...

And what is an important ingredient of getting back to good health? A well balanced meal, of course!

Chef Scout has done an excellent job keeping Lady JJ and Master O-man well-fed. Warm meals, and keeping them hydrated with water, green tea and milk.

I've also made sure that those pesky every-day tasks have been taken care of, as well.

Spot has taken care of e-mail correspondence, paying bills online and updating us on any current news. He's really enjoyed keeping track and reporting all of the Olympic results--the athletes seem to only ever win an A, B or C though.....

And lastly, Learning Puppy has been assigned the task to clean up around the house--dusting, running the vacuum. Not too much to ask, right? Well, he has quite the mouth on him. Every time he touches something, he says "Haaannnnd" How disrespectful to tell me to talk to the hand!
So I gave him time out.

As you can see, he used his time-out very wisely. He made sure to check and make sure all of Lady JJ's shows were recording on the DVR. It was hard to get him out of time-out since he became quite interested in some show about oranges, rich women and plastic surgery? Why anyone would watch that is a mystery to me.

So rest assurred that me and my team have it all under control! While we wish Master O-man and Lady JJ would get better soon, I think we could get used to this....

*Can you tell I had one straaaaaaange dream? Silly cold meds.*


  1. Glad to know your army of plush critters are keeping you guys in good health and the house running in tip top shape. Get well soon!

  2. I hope you and the little guy are feeling better soon and that the toy army is taking good care of you.

    I think that you should add some Girl Scout cookies to your special get-well diet!

  3. Scout! My girls have Violet, but we need to pick up a Scout for Nolie. ;) Love those things.

    Sure hope you all get to feeling better soon!

  4. sending you both good thoughts to feel better soon. i also can't understand why anyone would watch those "real" housewives. (are you team vicki or team alexa?) hahaha love auntie california

  5. So glad you are holding the fort down Captain. Your team looks like real experts and very happy to know you are taking care of business. May I request when Lady JJ is up and running you do come back and guest post and you seem to be very cool my man. Best wishes to all for a speedy recovery! xoxoxo

  6. So glad all the toys are doing their jobs well!

    Send well wishes to JJ and O-man for us! xoxo

  7. Oh sweetie pie, I'm so sorry you're under the weather. Our whole family had the same ick, plus the stomach thingy too..Good times.

    I love how all the "guys" are taking care of you. we recently got Scout for the boys and OMG sooo cute right? I love how he says thier names. It makes me giggle just thinking about it.

    sending lots of "NO MORE SNOT" hugs to you and O-man.

  8. Hope you are on your way to being well. Looking forward to seeing you next weekend!

  9. So, you are creative even when sick, eh?! Very fun post, thanks for brightening my day!

  10. Bwahahahaha, thanks for the laugh. I hope you and O-man feel better soon.

  11. Do your toys want to come play with ours and whip them into shape? Our toys are big ol' slobs.

  12. This was so cute. :) Hope you're both on the mend! And I'm glad you've got some little creatures taking good care of you!

  13. This is an awesome post. I've always beleived that they come to life at night or when we leave the room. Suspicions confirmed for me when Creepy Puppy (Learning Puppy) started telling me he loved me at 4am from Ruby's dark and empty room before she was born...

  14. Heh. Here's hoping the Jeans household feels better SOON!

  15. I KNEW they came to life!!
    Oh I hope ya'll are feeling better soon. Thank goodness your funny bone is still working. phew!

  16. Love the critter post. Too cute!

    Ummm...I am IN LOVE with your spoon rest!!!!! In. Love.

    I hope you all get well very soon.

  17. Hope you guys feel better soon!!

  18. Hope you and O-man are feeling 100% soon!

  19. Personally I think Talking Bear should STAY in time out. He freaks me out a little. :) Glad you are all on the mend.

  20. Love this! I'm so glad the troops are taking such good care of you and O-Man!
    Get well soon!

  21. Cute toys! What a fun post! Oscar has that Leap Frog doggy, too. He is obsessed with. I'm getting a little tired of some of the songs, lol.

  22. who says drugs are bad? :)

    i hope you all feel better soon!

  23. Wow, even sick you are so creative! I read this the other day, but I can't comment on your blog from my Blackberry (which is how I do most of my blogging during the week). I hope you are doing a lot better now, that Mook is home taking care of you, and that the toys can get a little break from their duties!

  24. you have such a great staff woring for you! I hope that you guys feel better soon

  25. I hope your crazy dream didn't involve all of O man's toys taking over your house. Oops! Hope the Jeans household is feeling better soon!


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