Sunday, February 28, 2010

Luck of the Irish

I don't think there is a drop of Irish blood in my lineage...what a shame, eh?

Mook definitely does, so that means the O-man at least has a wee bit of the "Luck of the Irish" running through him.

I can't help but think of this Family Guy song...

So to coax a leprechaun to visit my house this St. Patty's day, I thought I'd enter Lori's Limerick Chick Contest 2010 .

Here are my entries:

 There's a blogger named Suzy who's a knitter
She tweets a lot on twitter
She sure is sweet with all those tweets
Cause she supports every person she meets

Shes got a story to tell
(un)complicated , and with only one L
There's lots of corn in site
And she'll make you a custom invite
So visit her site, she sure is swell

Be sure to see the other entries and VOTE for your favorite this week!


  1. I'm 1/4 Irish and Matt is about the same, so Elizabeth is more Irish than anything else.

  2. Great video -- I'll have to share with my Irish husband!

    And awesome entries, too. Are you SURE you're not just a wee bit green?

  3. Love the rhymes!

    "and we don't tan well, either" HAHAHA! Love that video!

  4. Oh yeah, meant to add in there:

    So funny, for years my Dad was sooooo proud of his Scottish heritage. He wore a tie with our tartan pinned with our crest. All sorts of proud!

    Then he found out we're actually Irish. Hahahaha!! Turns out we come for the group that went to America, not the group that went to Scotland. Hahahaha!! I still like to tease him about that.

  5. Fabulous....I especially loved the second one!

  6. I'm so flattered! Love the limericks!! :)

  7. Like the limericks, love Family Guy vid.

  8. Love the limericks.

    Aidan has an Irish passport (in addition to his British & Bermudian passports) so hopefully we can get some luck coming this way! have to live there for 2 or 3 years to qualify for citizenship so that won't be happening for a while!

  9. LOVE your limerick about Suzy!

    These really put me in the mood for March!

  10. nice limericks. may the best chick win!

  11. I'm not Irish but I do love to talk like them and drink their Guinness. Your limericks were cute and funny :-)


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