Sunday, March 14, 2010

Suck My Duck

Oh the things that can be inferred from that title.

My thoughts regarding all this skin stuff: "Suck it!"
My thoughts about my exhaustion from being a single parent 5 days a week: "Suck it!"
My thoughts regarding being in a different time zone during Daylight Saving Time: "Suck it!"
My thoughts about Daylight Saving Time in general: "Suck it!"

Thank you for all your thoughts and abiding with me while I navigate this new phase...I'm definitely still in a mental space where I'm not quite sure how to take it all in--especially the family building part of it. My results came back and I have advanced a stage for one of the moles-so if I get any other growth back, I will need further surgery. The MRI is on hold (thank goodness!) unless I see growth for the cyst. I go back in three months for another check up.

So how am I dealing with it? I did what any person would do!

I hopped on a plane with a one-year-old by myself to travel across the country.

But it was so worth it.

O-man and I are currently out in Cali to help Rotten and family celebrate Miss C's first birthday. I absolutely love that the two kiddos were able to be with each other for their special days--I came out for sunshine, and when they came to us last month, they got snow!

But really, I have been anxious to tell a certain someone to "Suck it!" and more specifically to "Suck My Duck!"

This is my new friend, Patrick--the certain someone who I've been waiting to meet in person. A bit of a back story: Rotten has a pretty sweet collection of Rubber Ducks, and when I found out that one of her friends was on a mission to find her the smallest Rubber Duck in existence, I decided that I, in fact, would find the smallest one in existence. What can I say? I love a challenge. And lucky for me, so does Mook. My darling hubby ended up finding a Rubber Duck that is made for a dollhouse--and it is TINY!

And just to really rub it in, we made a shirt for me to wear to C's birthday party yesterday, knowing Patrick would be there.  

The party was great, the company is even better, and just to top it all off: O-man is once again, trying to show off for his woman. He has been toddling at home along the furniture, but he has really been walking here! I love it! And Miss C started walking at our house. How cool is that? He's also learned how to drink from a straw, and how to dismount off the couch without going head first into the floor!

So while I may not be finished feeling like I need to tell the universe to "Suck it!", I feel refreshed and renewed being in the sunshine and surrounded by great friends (and their great families!) Happy Birthday, C! We are so glad we are here to celebrate with you and watch you two trouble makers have fun!


  1. The duck thing is sooo funny! My boss has a huge rubber duckie collection too - funny enough he's never bought a duck for it, they're all like gifts from people who want to add to it! :)

    So glad you got to get out of Dodge for a while and I hope life is kind to you when you return. xoxo

  2. It sounds like a great trip. The t-shirt is too cute. Does Patrick get to keep that with the tiny duck as a memento?

  3. The duck t-shirt and mini duck is so funny. It sounds like you had a great trip.

    I'm sorry all the health stuff is sucking so badly.

  4. What a funny story with the duck. Sounds like fun. Where in California?

  5. I love the rubber duckie challenge! I am glad you had a great trip and that you have such good friends!

    Sorry about the suckage, but know that it will get better!

  6. i love the shirt and the challenge!!

    sorry about things sucking! ugh!

    But it sounds like CA was the perfect trip at the perfect time.

  7. Glad to hear you had a good trip.

  8. Way to go on finding the smallest duck - that's pretty darn cool... as are you. The sucky stuff will all work out in the long run honey, it always does. You'll know what to do next when the time is right, until then I'll be thinking of you and praying for you.


  9. So glad you were able to get away for the t-shirt.

  10. Sounds like a fun trip is just what you need these days, even with the time change. Rest up and have some fun!

  11. That is a funny duck story! And Patrick looks like a hilarious fellow!

  12. OMG, that shirt made me laugh out loud. I love it.

    so glad that you got to celebrate with everyone you love.

    and I'm keeping you in my good thoughts for the healthy stuff. Prayers have been sent. :)

  13. It would not have been the same without you! Thank you for coming all the way out here and celebrating with us. :) We've had so much fun and will miss you when you are gone. My family loves you too so now you have two more places you can visit when you need to "get away from it all."

  14. Your attitude rocks! Love the shirt.

  15. oh how I adore you. This post cracked me up.

    YAY for being able to get some sunshine and hang with good friends.

  16. It sounds like traveling to CA was exactly what you needed!

    LOVE the shirt!

    Just adorable...

  17. Love love love the duck, and people can in fact suck it!

    Sorry all of the travel has been such a total pain in the ass!

  18. Isn't it amazing what great friends and sunshine can do for your mood?

    I'm sorry you find yourself in this phase and I hope it is just that - a phase.

    LOVE the duck story!


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