Tuesday, January 25, 2011

these are the days

Back when we were going through treatment, and waiting for the day we would be parents, I remember sitting in the empty room that is now Oman's room and thinking about all the things I would never complain about when I had a baby.

One big one that always upset me when I saw other mom's complain about, was the late nights and tough days when their kids were sick. I vowed to never ever complain. I would welcome those late night, the soothing and the extra TLC.


As I cradled Oman in my arms for the 8th time last night about 3:30am after he woke up screaming from his awful case of croup, I cried right along with him. I felt so helpless that I couldn't do more to help him ...I was exhausted from the interrupted sleep, but all those tears were shed while I smiled. As I sang "Twinkle, Twinkle" to soothe him, I remembered standing in the dark under very different circumstances not long ago and thanked the heavens I have this amazing little boy to take care of.

I caught myself at the grocery store this morning when the cashier noticed Oman's puffy eyes and runny nose:  

"Aww you all must have had a rough night with him so sick"

I almost blurted out: "Ooooh you have no idea--Im so exhausted, I wish he would just feel better!"

But instead, I said: "We had a long night, but we both enjoyed our bonding time"


As I sat down to write, I definitely hit my wall from the lack of sleep...so I am in no way trying to project myself as a "my-kid-is-sick-and-Im-all-zen-about-it." Im definitely tired of the snot and the inconsolable crying, but this is all a part of my job description. The best job in the world. 

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  1. So lovely you are. I hope Oman feels better soon and you get some sleep.

  2. I think that is one of the ways infertility has made me a better parent. When times are tough, I remember the times when I wondered if I would ever be there and that was so much worse than what I could possibly facing at the moment.

    I hope Oman is better soon and you all get some sleep tonight.

  3. I love it. :-)

    Yeah, this New Years when W upchucked SEVERAL times on me...I wasn't that happy about it--but, boy did I smile when she snuggled up to me and I comforted her.

    You are such a good mommy, JJ! :-)

    Hope O-Man gets better Real Soon!

  4. I hear ya....I agree with others about the increased appreciation through the pain, after infertility.

    Glad you guys are hanging in there *hugs*

  5. I know exactly how you feel! Whenever Zilla drives me nuts, I take a deep breath and think to myself how different this could be.

    Sending O Man lots of get better vibes. Hang in there, this too shall pass.

  6. I hope Oman feels better soon and you get some sleep. I love this post though.

  7. I hope he is feeling better and that you can catch up on some sleep :)

  8. so well said and I completely agree! :)hope you guys both get rest tonight!

  9. It is so hard having a sick baby at home, but I make a point to soak up those moments as best as I can.

    I hope Oman is feeling better soon so you all can get back into routine.

  10. No human can go through those nights and NOT be upset or want to complain or just bitch to get it out of their system so "you go mom!" I don't think anyone would think you were any less appreciative if you let your sleep deprivation get the best of you, but you are right... those nights when I have cuddled C back to sleep because she was sick, I remember how sweet it seemed to be wrapped up in the night light of her room, just she and I getting through a rough time and knowing that only me or her dad could make her feel better. It's a pretty amazing feeling for a parent to feel. Big hugs to Oliver and you!

  11. We're in the same boat right now. I feel like I need sleep more than anything but Skeeter hasn't slept through teh night in a week - the coughing and snot is too much for either of us to keep up with.

    As hard as it is to drag myself out of bed, when I am rocking and calming him, I am so grateful for that little boy.

  12. You are absolutely right: the best job in the world. Coming from another mom of a child who didn't sleep well last night.

  13. Boy do I ever have to remind myself how blessed I am when "someone" isn't feeling well or refusing to sleep or throwing a massive tantrum. But I wouldn't change it for the world.

    Hope the little man gets to feeling better SOON.


  14. Ohhhh, I'm so sorry he has croup! Lennon is just getting over a case and I can sympathize with the sleepless nights - but we also love the excuse to let her sleep in our bed, so, ya know...;) Parenting is from a whole different perspective after infertility...

  15. Something that really bugs me is this idea that just because we had a hard time having our children we always have to be so thankful and can never complain like a mom who didn't have trouble.

    You are a mom and you have every right to complain about how hard it is!!!! Enjoy being a mom, enjoy being able to complain, it is a right that was hard won! Just because you complain does not mean you don't love your child and you aren't happy to have him.

  16. It is so rough when they are sick and no one sleeps. One thing that we found helped was a humidifier in her room. She was still sniffly, but didn't wake up as much because she could always breath. Worth a try, anyway, since there really aren't any meds that you can give them to help.

  17. YOu know how I'm going to be better, I'm going to remember this post when the tamtrums are biblical, when my nerves are shot, when I don't think I can stand another minute and I'm going to remember how you took "MOTHERING" to a new height for me....reminded me to treasure it...and "Be better"

    I am sorry he's so sick, but I am so glad you shared this with me and made me rethink some things..I will complain a lot less..I promise. :)

    get some sleep my friend

  18. Hope O-man is doing better soon--saw L's post on FB.

  19. Just another message of love and support for you guys. Hoping that the worst is over and the OMan is recovering and feeling better.

  20. I wouldn't trade the bonding time either. Even though it breaks my heart when he's sick.

    Hope everybody is back to their normal routine soon!


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