Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Transition

He's been in the big boy bed for 3 weeks now...he's done great! The biggest adjustment?

Earlier wake-up time for me.

It was a lot easier to just let him play, sing and gradually wake up when the crib was up, but now.... hes up and ready for the day early, and I am just not a morning person. No need to try and hide it. Even coaxing him to lay down with me and watch Timmy Time on Disney Jr (which I looooaaathe), doesnt always work to keep him in "calm" mode for a bit longer.

Just gonna have to find some stronger coffee? It's worth it to see him do so well with a big adjustment :)


  1. :)
    I remember being so anxious about moving E to a big girl bed. I thought she'd never stay in it or sleep. I didn't have too much to worry about except that naps were gone.

  2. I'm so glad the move to a big boy bed is going smoothly.

  3. Beautiful room for a beautiful boy. But thumbs down on the early mornings AND I HATE TIMMY TIME! I think whoever came up with that should be SHOT! I hear those noises in my head CONSTANTLY! Stinkin' Timmy....

  4. We will probably be tackling this transition starting early summer. I'm not looking forward to it, but only for selfish reasons. :-)

    Our neighbors boy stayed in his crib until he was 3. They said he never tried to climb out and since they knew he was safe, they kept it. Maybe we could wait a little longer....?

  5. What a big boy! We were also worried about Henry rolling right out of the little hole, so Nick made this little piece for it and covered it in padding and fabric. That way he can crawl over it without getting hurt, but it keeps him from rolling out of the bed. (we are over protective nerds!)

  6. I love that he can fall out of that small spot in the bed. :) Good thing it is close to the ground eh! :)

  7. Oh, man. I'm not looking forward to that. Not the fact that he can't lay there and look at his rainforest while I try to wake up a little bit more or that being in a toddler bed puts him one step closer to college and moving out. YIKES!

  8. Oh's such a big step right?
    (We just transitioned to the full size bed with both of them in it)

    I love his room, the peace I can feel in there. GOOD LUCK with the transition for all of you. :)

    (at least the fall is only a couple inches now...that's what I kept telling myself) *HUGS*

  9. We put Little Bit in her big girl bed several weeks ago, and she has yet to get out of the bed without me coming into her room. We've told her she can, but she just stays in her bed when she wakes up and plays with all her "friends". I'm not gonna mess with it because I'm not a morning person either! HA! But the thing is, we haven't moved Chipmunk into her big girl bed yet b/c I know she'll get out the minute she wakes up and get into EVERYTHING!! :)


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