Monday, April 11, 2011

Perfect Moment Monday: Blast Furnace

I wonder if I'd ever be able to work in a library?

As much as I enjoy reading, love the smell of books, and people watching, the "sound of silence" is deafening to me. I have to have some sort of noise. Whether its music, a book on CD, or the TV on in the background, I enjoy sounds.

This sound-need proves to be a bit difficult when it comes to night time. I do not enjoy the sound of snoring (from the human or dog variety--and sad to say, there is plenty of both in my house) I am a perfect sleeper and neeeeever snore ;)

But there is still too much quiet at night. So for the past few years, I have been running a small fan in the opposite corner of the bedroom. It's the perfect white noise to keep out the bad sounds and let me drift peacefully into slumber. bed-mate loathes this fan. Or as he has always called it: the blast furnace. Poor guy. Gets to sleep in swanky king-sized beds with 500 thread-count sheets 3-4 nights out of the week, and he has to come home to a pesky white noise. (and it helps me block out his snoring that I have not missed)

Recently, after re-fueling my heart and soul with a wonderful estrogen-fest, I was able to quickly kiss Mook goodbye before he jumped on another plane.

Only later that evening did I go into get ready for bed and unpack when I saw this:

Its totally the small stuff that makes my world-go-round. This note will stay there to remind not only me, but him the next time I hear him grumble about my "blast furnace"

What Perfect Moment have you recently been aware of?


  1. So sweet, that Mook!

  2. That's it... I'm buying you a sound machine just to bug mook!

  3. I love to have a fan on but BigP has this giant thing that sounds like it is dying that drives me nuts. My heart goes out to Mook.

  4. I don't mind noise when I sleep, but I hate white noise. I am a pattern type of person, so in any sort of noise my brain finds the pattern. Our ceiling fan has some kind of drag every 3 seconds. It keeps me awake. My husband would like to have white noise, but he can't stand intermittent noise (like traffic). I would hate your blast furnace too.

    Your husband is very sweet!

  5. That is so awesome. Love it!

    And thanks, also, for the perfect moment you gave me the other night. Loved attending mini-schlub-fest over the ether. Was a high point of my week, seeing you.


  6. He says he hates it, but I am sure if it isn't on, he misses it.

    Come on, Mook, tell us the truth!

  7. Love it. Too sweet!

    And I love that you just flat out tell him that you're going to run the machine to block out his snoring! H is so danged sensitive that he would be seriously offended if I told him I had to have white noise to block out his snoring. But, sadly, it's gotten to the point that, no REALLY, my darling H, I *need* something to cover the sound of your snores!!! I'll just have to get brave and blunt and hope he doesn't take it too badly!

  8. Fans make my throat dry. I think we're becoming a family that needs one though. The kiddo is a very light sleeper.

    The sounds that I think I hear are the scariest.

    Happy Sleeping.

  9. Him and those notes!! :-)

    Yeah, my hubs has to have a fan too...I call it (originally) That Damned Fan...

    I am so glad you gals got to have some girl time!

  10. How sweet! We have a sound machine that plays white noise and honestly there are some nights it's not loud enough!

    Great little reminder from him though :-)

  11. That is awesome!

    I've actually grown accustomed to the humidifier that runs in Smooch's room that I can hear through the monitor. He spent the other night away and I found myself turning both on just for the noise.

  12. Hey beautiful, I gave you an award on my blog.

  13. that is the SWEETEST thing every. Seriously I teared up.


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