Monday, April 23, 2007

no hope lost

I am surprised that any of the last post made sense-since I had "med-head" from the sud.afed I was popping like candy...which turned out to be a waste since shortly after posting, I made myself go to the doctor-turns out I had pneumonia! Wowzers...I was down and out the past few days!! Mook was a fantabulous nurse! He took such good care of me! And I thank my lucky stars we didnt have any procedures planned this cycle, as it would have been a total BUST since it fell on the same days as my sickly state. So no hope lost!

Thanks to everyone for understanding where I was coming from about the "feeling left out." I definitely feel VERY welcome and supported in this tight community, and I am forever thankful!

Mook and I plan to sit down this week and really dig into our financial situation--the beginning of July seems far off, but next week is already May. Holy cow. Baby Blues said it last week, and I'll second the notion that waiting sure is easier when there is no waiting to do! If anyone on the IVF train, or those gearing up for it, has any good info on getting the best price on the meds or what to do as far as a loan if your insurance doesn't cover squat, I'd love some info!

Just wanted to pop in and remind every one that it's not too late to join
The Braces Bunch
!See the previous post for instructions! Thanks to those of you who have jumped in--this will be lots of fun! I will get an email out to you all soon!


  1. Good lord! pneumonia?! I'm so glad you went to the dr., and that you're feeling better.

    As for the meds, if memory serves, I think that Sarah from For the Flavor once posted something about where you can get the meds a bit cheaper. Might be worth poking around her old posts.

    Good luck with everything--and be sure to post on any lessons learned on the saving $$ front. :-)

  2.'ve had a rough ride! Hope you're feeling much better now.

    Can't give any advice on the $$ front, as its all ££ here in the UK!

    Hope the digging around in the finances brings some joy.

  3. Yikes! Pneumonia, I hope you are feeling better!

    I have been getting meds through a mail-order pharmacy that was recommended through my clinic. I don't know if they're cheaper or not, but it's convenient. Your clinic may be able to help you out.

  4. Oh dear, what a week! Hope you feel better soon!


  5. Hope you are feeling much better!!
    As far as the pricing on drugs, I was given the numbers for three different pharmacies and I just called around to find the best prices. There actually was a pretty big difference between the one I chose and the other two. I had been using MDR for my IUI cycles but switched to Freedom for IVF. They did a great job, as far as customer service, and there prices were a bit less.
    July will be here quick so it's great that you guys are planning ahead!

  6. oh my gosh, i'm so glad you're over the pneumonia!

    i do have some tips on the meds actually. i had no coverage at all, and my nurse recommended the online pharmacy Schraft's, which specializes in fertility drugs (and has been bought by walgreen's, but still does the same stuff). They have a discount program, and they also participate with another discount porogram you can sign up for called designRx. they helped me figure out which program would be cheaper for each drug I needed and saved me a bunch of money.

    blogger won't let me post the links here, but if you can find my very second post from February 5, it has all the prices i paid and links to the programs (if you can't find it send me an email and i'll get you the info). hope this is helpful!

  7. Yikes! Glad you are no longer gripped with pneumonia!

    I am just learning about meds and $$$ myself. I am already learning from reading the previous comments!

  8. Oh my goodness! Pneumonia! That's awful. I am glad that you are feling better.

    I wish I had some advice on where to get cheap meds. I get mine through insurance. I do know of bloggers who have gotten meds through other bloggers. Sometimes people have meds left over. Just a thought...

  9. I bought a lot of meds through I think I probably saved $5K over the 3 ivf cycles. You can try to find people who live near you and meet them. Talk to them on the phone. Make sure they are on the up and up. Yes, it is illegal. I bought a lot of my progesterone in oil, and gonal-f through people there. You do have to be careful of scams. Deal with people who do COD, you can open the package and check it first. It is a risk, but can save a ton of money.

    Also, you can ask you RE nurse if anyone who is done or PG is selling their meds. They can maybe put you in touch.

  10. I hpe you are feeling better. A dr's office told me about for information on meds and how to hook up with women in your area that may have advice also

  11. Pneumonia?? Holy Cow girl! Rest up and look after yourself. Hope you're getting spoiled rotten with chicken soup or sweets xxx

  12. Get well soon. Better get yourself in good health before July.
    Time does fly when you're not cycling. But I can't wait to get on that train! We're still saving up for that expensive train ride.

  13. I hope you're feeling better.

    In terms of the IVF meds, my dr. gave me a big list of places that sold them and I called around (most of them will ship anywhere).

    There was quite a price differential so if you're paying out of pocket definitely check around, it's worth the time and effort.

    (E-mail me if you want the info, I'm sure I still have it)


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