Thursday, March 27, 2008

I take it seriously.

It being spring cleaning. I had a few days off for the holiday, and used my time wisely to get a few things off my to-do-list:

shave my legs (seriously, it was scary)
finish off a hollow chocolate Easter bunny (it was going to go to waste)
whoop Mook's butt @ Ping-Pong (I'm a mean Ping-Pong-er)
work on/submit my IIFF entry (there are still 2 days left to enter!)
organizing blog layout (check out the picture sideshow on the left column)
find/bid/win a Wii on E-bay (I'm going to waste-away playing Guitar Hero)
donate to Team on the Road (do your part to support March of Dimes!)
talk to Mook about talking about our next steps... (I'll explain further)
buy more tampons (clearly not)

There is more on the list, but I know you aren't interested in hearing about me shopping around for better car insurance, or the stern conversation I had to have with our pest control service because we have ants invading our kitchen. the blog has gotten a few tweaks! I added a slide show so you can click at your pleasure to see updated photos of the doggies, and other random photos. The NC Bloggers met on the 15th, and we snapped a photo after lunch--be sure to look at the beautiful ladies! It was wonderful to be with each one of them-hope we can do it again soon.

I've put up my first poll! I've been writing for the Infertility Diaries for a month, and would love any feedback. Thank you to those of you who have visited and passed along your thoughts/comments-I greatly appreciate it. Also, keep an eye on this widget-it will let you know each time there is a new post. There is a weekly series on Fridays, called the (in) Fertility Friday Five--come check it out!

Because I know you all are wondering about my disastrous situation the other day: yes I did have to use TP as an emergency pad to get by until I could get to the store. That's all I have to say about that.

I want to thank each of you who read Gotta have faith. Whether I conveyed it or not, it is one of the most sincere and emotional posts I have ever written. It is clear from the comments that it's difficult for all of us who are either: a) still in the trenches, b) on the other side, and c) not really sure where we belong. Two comments that really captured me were from Sarah and E , both who are mothers after battling IF. Both stated they they felt that I didn't need them anymore, and I was quick to reassure them that I do.

I need to lean back after you lean on me.

That's what a community is all about. I "get around" (so to speak) in this community, and I love offering support and comfort--that is my nature. I hope that each of you realize that I am genuine. I'm not just commenting to comment or be a false supporter-I fear that some of you feel that I am, but as I am learning in counseling-I can't apologize for who I am, so I'm not going to. I'm the real-deal-Holyfeild, and that's the way the cookie crumbles.

A perfect example of why I need to lean back: I had planned and worked on a meeting for RESOLVE in my area for 2 months, and our first meeting was set for the evening of March 12th. I showed up early to get the room set up, information ready to pass out (I even had 2 dozen Krispy Kreme donuts!) and I sat anxiously waiting for people to start coming in. 15 minutes passed, then 30 minutes, then an one came. I sat quietly in the room alone feeling just that: alone. I was prepared to be the strong one for others to lean on, but in that moment I needed to be the one leaning. I haven't given up: hopefully the right ingredients for a meeting will come together, and we'll establish a great group.

Not too much to report as far as talking about talking about the next steps, but the conversation has been opened again. After babysitting for our friend's little girl (who we adore) we got home that night and all we had to do was look at each other and know that it was time to start talking let the games begin!

Before you click away, Mom Logic and REDBOOK are asking for 2 minutes of your time to take this short (and painless) IVF survey. It's short and sweet. Please help out and click: here. Thanks!


  1. Please e-mail me the next time you try to have RESOLVE meeting. I am in the triad and would love to have a group. I hate I didn't know about that meeting.

  2. You had a meeting with Krispy Kreme doughnuts and no one came? What is wrong with the world?

  3. That was a nice update. We love GH, and have recently entered the world of Rock Band as well. You get to sing!
    Anyway, I do read you at Redbook, but I haven't left comments because I hate signing up for more stuff! You're doing a great job.

  4. I am jealous of your Wii-ownership. I need to add finding one to my to do list as well.

    I'm loving your Redbook posts, and I've been trying to think of something fun for the 5 on Friday list, but I'm coming up short. I'll keep thinking though

  5. Good Luck with the talks! I'm amazed at all this fancy blog bling AND the Redbook diary! I can barely manage one low tech blog and everyday life!

  6. I wish I was closer so I could be involved with the fabulous things you are doing! You are sincere, no doubt about it, and I could smack NC'ers for not showing up for the freaking donuts in the very least.
    You have inspired me to go home and spring clean. I feel like I have been walking around in a haze with this endless cycle and I have totally put my life on hold. I can't do that. I have to strive to be better at balancing things
    Thanks, always, for your insightful posting and column (which I still religiously read!!).

    Your puppies ARE SO CUTE. I want to just snuggle up with them!

  7. I've tried to subscribe to your infertility diaries via google reader and it's not working. Any ideas for me? I hate not reading you regularly!!!

  8. JJ- Honestly you are doing a fantastic job. I enjoy your posts and love the blog "bling"! It is exciting that you and Mook are starting the talk again. Feels good to be on the same page.
    Keep doing what you are doing girlfriend!! I love it!

  9. So great to see the NC Bloggers.

    Is there a list of their links somewhere?

    You are all so beautiful.

  10. Sorry the meeting didn't go as planned, don't give up though, it sound like you are doing such a good job.

    Oh I so want a wii after playing on one at christmas.....perhaps I need to start working on husband boy......pppllleeeaasse!

    Just had a look at redbook, looks great, you are a star x

  11. Love, love, love the Wii. Started playing real golf because of it! And GH rocks! Rockband is our new toy and we are freakin' hardcore rockers now. :) BTW, I have thought you nothing but supportive and I love that I get to read you twice. You are doing a fantastic job on Redbook... can't get your celeb post out of my mind.

  12. I am glad for your updates and generiousity to the IF community in the area. I wish i lived closer also .. althought i know I am not longer available to go to resolve meetings -which i see both sides of now. It's true - we do need eachother to lean on in all all the different steps of this journey

  13. Oh JJ, how could anyone not think you are sincere and really that sweet!

    And the empty meeting? I wish I could have come, or at least given you a hug after (and maybe shared some donuts?).

    The posts are great. I admit, I don't comment cause I'm too lazy to sign up too. But keep it up!

    Wishing you luck and faith as you enter ... the talks.

  14. Love the changes to your blog. Just wanted to let you know I'm keeping up with your exploits at redbook (but I haven't commented because I'm too lazy to sign in).

  15. I haven't read the Redbook entries, but I will start today!! Thanks for your supportive comments on my blog this week. I appreciate it. Glad you got some spring cleaning done!

  16. You've done a great job with your to-do's...I soooo want a Wii. Maybe I'll check out ebay too.

  17. Love the blog face lift! Also, been reading your Redbook posts, but haven't posted (mainly cuz I am reading at work and um...I should be doing work...). I do have the widget up, tho!

    I do like the fact that you have been talking about the Male Factor--something I feel is not addressed enough in infertility circles...and I like the Friday Five idea.

    Most importantly tho---
    THANK YOU SO VERY VERY MUCH for what I got in the mail today!!! It is so cute! I will have to get a picture of Willow in that outfit just for you!

    (And yes, all the sentiments in your card are totally reciprocated!)

    I often worry about people I have met through the blogsphere. I worry and hope and cheer them on but sometimes I worry that my very presence is hurtful to them...I am double-edged as I have secondary infertility and expecting...

    I truly hope the best for you and Mook and its great that you are still posting and keeping tabs on ALL of us!

  18. Dh & I help facilitate a pregnancy loss group that meets twice a month, so I know what you mean about setting everything up & being all keyed up -- & then nobody comes. We've had that happen more than once. We've also (within about three weeks later) had NINETEEN people show up!! (which is really almost too many) At the moment, we have something like 18 couples on our call list = a potential attendance of 36 (!!) people -- but only three showed up at our last meeting. So you never know, & you can't take it personally (but it's hard...!). (((hugs)))

  19. Oh, I am so into the Wii! We are definitely buying one so that I do not go to our friends homes and spend the entire evening hanging out playing with their kids. I like the layout changes, especially the pics of your awesome furry pookies!

  20. I want to thank you for all of your wonderful comments on my blog - they have been very helpful (and I never doubted their sincerity). And, I can't believe no one showed up for the Resolve meeting! We don't have one in my area which astounds me because I am in one of the largest cities in my state. But, go figure.

    Keep up the good work - and I'm glad that you and Mook have started to talk about talking. It is the first step.

  21. JJ-I have tried to get on to your redbook column for 2 days now and my web browser at home, work and my iphone keep locking up. Is something wrong with the site?

  22. My heart totally went out to you when I read the bit about the Reolve meeting. You have such a big heart. ((hugs))

  23. I loved your photo album JJ! The pups are so sweet and look at all those beautiful belles from NC. I am so lucky to have you and your big heart in my support circle. You can lean back on me anytime.

  24. Kudos for knocking those things off of your to-do list!

  25. omg, mo and jo are so freaking cute together. those pictures killed me! each one I was saying out loud, "aawwww!" the little guys looks like a great snuggler, and the older one looks like he's enjoying it. so very sweet. I'm going to show my hub when he gets home just to see his smile. thanks for sharing the yumminess.

    sorry about the resolve meeting. hope you didn't eat all those KKs yourself. mmmm, donuts.

    and you just lean on in whenever you need to... ~luna

  26. Thanks for always leaving a great comment when I need it the most!

    I have viewed you column but have issues with the site closing down on me. Sorry I haven't added anything to you posts.

  27. I think it's fantastic that you are trying to get a reslove group together. I am so sorry that no one showed up! If I were you I probably would have started sobbing. If I lived where you live (not sure where you live, actually?) I would TOTALLY be coming to your group.

    It definitely comes through that you are a genuine person.


  28. JJ, I for one am so very thankful and grateful for your support. You are a HUGE part of our community and I don't know what I would do without you. You have made the road much less painful and I feel much less alone.

    PS: I'm jealous that you got Guitar Hero.

  29. Wow! That sucks about the Resolve meeting. I keep looking for one around where I live that is active. If I lived near you, I would have come. Did you eat all the donuts? You are always such a pleasure to keep up with.

  30. Wow, I'm surprised nobody showed up. I just sorta thought you were going to finish up with 'all these people came and it was good', but you didn't, cuz they didn't. I'm kinda dumbstruck by that...

  31. I have great faith that you will be able to build a wonderful, thriving RESOLVE group in your area. Your Redbook posts are great, and the community is so fortunate to have you. Hopefully we NC bloggers can get together again soon. Oh, and good luck with the talks with Mook.

  32. I love "I need to lean back after you lean on me." So perfectly said. Lean this way anytime.

  33. for the record, in a million years i never would have doubted your genuine-ness


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