Wednesday, September 10, 2008

15 Weeks

Thank you, Merci, Muchas Gracias! You ladies are the best on-call doctors out there. To know that I could come to my blog, post a very important and pressing question (because Im a worry-wort) and then get answers almost immediately, makes me feel so warm and fuzzy. Truly, thank you.

So the update on the s-o-s. Come to find out....they never sent off my urine sample. Was it a busy day at the office? Did a nurse flake out? Who knows...but I'm just glad they gave me medicine regardless. When I talked to the nurse that day, she along with my doctor were pretty convinced it was a UTI or those bladder spasms caused by some sort of infection. I trusted their judgment, and took the medicine as soon as I got home. And lo-and-behold, it worked--it's just still strange to me, since I have had quite a few UTI's in my time, and none have ever felt like this. I am still getting the sharp pains every once in a while--but not in the frequency I was having them. At my appointment on Monday, they told me that they would still send off the sample (which to me is a bit gross--can pee be tested more than a week later?) and would call me if the results came back any different. I was fine with that--but expressed my concern about the pain coming back. I still have a few days left with my antibiotic, so I'll just have to see how things go once that is gone.

In other news, I'm 15 weeks today! Each Wednesday morning, I do a little hip-hip-hooray cheer and say a pray of thanks...each milestone is worth celebrating, even in the smallest of ways. I went back to the doctor this past Monday-given the fact that the hematoma was present again last week, he said to keep me from stressing, he'd have me come in for a heartbeat check and cervix check. (both of which were good. HB was about 146, and cervix long and closed). Of course I wiggled my way into getting another ultrasound--I think they felt bad about the urine sample, so they had me come back later that afternoon. And it was worth it.

I got the better of the 2 u/s techs they have--I really honestly cant stand one of them. So I was thrilled when I saw the other one grab my chart and call me back-she spends so much time, and explains everything as she does it. She did both trans-vaginal and abdominal to make sure she got all angles. Still complete previa, but the placenta is "nice and thick"--and she took the time to measure my vaginal canal too, and check for any "spots" that might cause the pain--come to find out I have a short vagina :0) So I could just be feeling a lot of what is going on right at my cervix. And I need to say this quietly, so I dont jinx it again...but the hematoma was completely gone. She took other measurements, and gave me a really nice shot of Ron--if you would like to see, they are in the Glamor Shots. We also made our anatomy u/s appointment: October 2nd!

The next little bit is simply for my reference and to give a list of things for anyone else who may be feeling/going through similar things, feel free to skip...


How I'm feeling/what my body is doing to me:

Nose issues: pretty much since 6 weeks, and it shows no sign of letting up
Dry skin: it looks like I never put lotion on
Ready to call it quits by 4pm: not necessarily sleepy, but my body just doesn't have the ummpf to do much of anything
Still the occasional toilet worshiping-if I eat too late, or something too sweet, it all comes back up
My boobs still haven't changed-I feel the occasional twinge, but no swelling or darkening. The girls are just chillin', which is fine with me--Im already a DD, so I'm hoping things will just stay status quo.
My bladder: along with those spasms, Im just having issues with the pee-production. I guess it really is all the shifting and moving around down there. I try my darnedest to drink all day long--but even then, I'll only pee once or twice during the day. Then I'm up peeing 4-5 times at night!
Twinges/Cramps/RLP: definitely have felt the round ligament pain in both sides now, and can distinguish what it is. I'll get these strange twinges/pulling if I take deep breaths or shift while sitting-right near my pubic bone-those sort of freak me out. And I'll get a very dull like AF cramp, but its fleeting-but its mostly if I've been in one position to long.
My belly button: I know this sounds silly, but it's exciting for me. It's changing! I can tell and see that it's stretching out-and this makes me more aware that I'm getting a bit of a belly, and it's not just flab.
Weight: Until Monday, I had actually lost 12 pounds...sort of concerning to me, but the doctor was reassuring me it was OK given all that I was going through: the bed rest, nausea, etc. But I have gained back 3, and hopefully will stay at a healthy gain for the remainder.
Absent-Minded Professor: never believed the whole "pregnancy brain" but it's either that, or I'm randomly loosing brain cells.


Im very excited to be getting back to reading blogs--slowly but surely I am catching up! It's been like sitting down with a good book--sad, good, bad, and all in between--Im enjoying re-connecting--and I'm making my way to new blogs as well!

As a total side note, Im still trying to get a support group together in my area--Ive been working with a counselor through one of our hospital systems--we hope to get at least a few meetings in before the holidays. I will most likely step out as I start to "show" because I know all too well what that feels like, but I have wanted this group to happen for so long, that I hope I can at least be a part of it at the beginning. So again, if anyone in the NC area is sure to get in touch!

So I'm settling in a little more each day with how things are progressing--I did have a total meltdown last week about everything--Mook didnt know quite what to do with me with all the crocodile tears and shuddering. Not whining or playing the sympathy card here, but it has been so hard to go a whole day of this pregnancy without some type of fear. I've looked forward to this phase of my life for so long, that I want to be thankful and joyful-so each day I'm doing my best to push fear out of the limelight...


  1. I am so happy things are doing better. YAY for the beast being gone gone gone.

    On a side note you might want to change that to read RLP instead of RPL.

    So happy for you hun!!

  2. Yay- Voldy has been vanquished again!

    Yes, tinkle sample can still likely be sent off. As long as no one has been cracking that thing open and playing with it, whatever is growing in there is what was growing in there when it came out in the first place.

  3. YAY for 15 weeks and for the great news on the hematoma. I am so happy that things are progressing deserve it! :) I can't wait for the October 2nd update! ((HUGS))

  4. No you-know-what any more? Gone?


    (deliberately not naming the h thing just in case...)


    PS- as for the pee-pee, yes it can still be sent off if it's been kept sterile, but the bugs will have multiplied a bit in the interim givng elevated counts, although refrigerating it will have slowed that down some.

  5. Yay for 15 weeks and for the disappearance of voldemort. Glad the antibiotics are helping.

  6. I was always the biggest critic of Baby Brain. I scoffed and rolled my eyes at women who used that as an excuse for absent-mindedness.

    Oh how I'd love to apologize to each and every one of them now. Baby Brain is REAL! And it's happening to me, too!

    (Really glad to hear that things are looking on the up and up. No hematoma... shhhhh... and the bladder pain is subsiding - yeah! Great news)

  7. Yay for 15 weeks! So very happy for you!

  8. Hey you! So happy to hear that that he who shall not be named has quietly snuck away (hopefully fully vanquished and never to return).

    Its so wonderful to hear you happy and even enjoying your pregnancy...


  9. i had dry skin throughout my pregnancy, and i tried Mambino Organics Natural Glow Face Serum (it used to be sold under the brand 'Mi Amore.') All of their products are marketed for pregnant women -- natural, organic ingredients/safe during pregnancy blah blah blah, but the stuff is AMAZING. Try it - it gave me that 'pregnant lady' glow I so wanted :)

  10. I am SO happy to hear "you know who" is gone! Yay!

    I suffered from pregnancy brain something awful with my daughter...sometimes I think I still have it! Of course, she's four now, so that's wishful thinking. ;)

    Happy 15 weeks!

  11. Omg! Omg!! Its gone?! Wooooo!!! I'm so happy for you!
    Dont worry about the mild cramping. I used to get cramps after having and "O" and like you said, if I sat in the same position for too long. TMI? sorry. lol!

  12. Yay! I'm so so excited things are going better! Your anatomy scan is the day after mine!! Everything crossed that the stupid h-thing stays far far away! xoxo

  13. I think that 14 week 3D picture of Ron is him showing you how he vanquished Voldemort!

    So glad to see your update. I hope your UTI goes away soon.

  14. Oh, hooray! I am so glad that it is gone! That is awesome.

    I still have fear every day. Hence, we still have no nursery or baby stuff, other than a few gifts. Maybe we'll stop at a store on the way home from the hospital.

  15. I'm so happy for you, JJ! It sounds like things are finally getting better.

  16. Oh yey, yey, yey! Glad that you're here and that things look so good! And just to keep it in perspective, the fear just demonstrates how deeply you already care for this little one! And I hope that with each picture of adorable little Ron, you can let go a little bit more of the fear, but I know it's hard. Still thinking of you!

  17. so,so,so,so,so, so happy for you!! My dh never really let go of his fear but I decided to start ignoring mine about 17 weeks...

    Did I mention how happy I was for you :))))) Yay!

  18. You're doing so well! And I am SOOOO happy the SCH is gone. Phew!

  19. YAY! It sounds as if things are going really really well for you right now! I'm so happy to hear it!

    Every little milestone IS worth celebrating!

  20. I had a miscarriage right before I got pregnant with the Wee Sausage, and I went to the ER because I had such terrible cramps. Turns out that *I* had at UTI as well which was exacerbating my cramping! Never knew that could happen!

    Hooray for Week 14! Go Ron! I'm so glad things are looking up, JJ. We're almost due date buddies!

  21. Happy 15 weeks! I AM SO HAPPY TO HEAR THAT THE HEMATONA IS GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and thigns are going well with you you. I had many meltdowns during my pregnancy, it is normal to worry

  22. It doesn't matter when I drink or how much - I always seem to do all of my peeing in the middle of night.

    I'm glad you are feeling better and hope that is the end of the UTI and the pain. I'm also glad Voldy's gone too - hopefully he didn't leave a Horcrux :)

  23. Yes. (I whispered that).
    The hematoma is gone. (I whispered that too).

    I am so happy to find out Ron is doing good. Sorry about your meltdown. All these things you have been going through do need to come out now & then, otherwise they get bottled up inside, and that can't be good!

    Hang in ther & happy 15 weeks!

  24. I know you don't want to jinx anything, but the gone, gone, gone is SO worth celebrating!! So many of us on here have been praying for you so hard, this is just the best news!!!!!!!

    What a beautiful heartbeat. My baby's is always in the 160's, but the first few u/s was in the 140's.

    I'm sorry about the UTI, but really glad they treated you for it anyway, and that some of that pain has gone away. When I read about what you were experiencing, I could not help, since all I'd had was the typical RLP. Glad it wasn't anything unusual!

    Way to go for reaching 15 weeks!!! We are exactly 6 weeks apart, as wednesday is the day I too celebrate one more week of growth for Baby Girl!

  25. *whispering* It's gone? Well and truly gone? That is FANTASTIC NEWS!

    And whoo hoo for 15 weeks!!!

  26. I am so happy that things are better!! No more hematoma!! That is the best news.

    I hope things stay this quiet for the rest of your pregnancy. It was soo good to see an update.

  27. YAAAAY! I'm so glad to hear all the great news!

  28. JJ- I'm still interested in helping and being in the support group. Keep me posted. Also I am so happy for you.

  29. Such GREAT news!!!!!! Can't wait for Oct 2!!!

  30. Congratulations on reaching 15 weeks!

  31. Not to jinx anything, but I'm like Harry Potter, in that I refuse to use "He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named'... So, GOOD RIDDANCE, VOLDEMORT! Get thee gone!!!

    I'm so happy for you. Congrats on 15 weeks!

    And yeah, even though I'm off the TTC rollercoaster for the time being, I would LOVE to know more about an area support group, as I seem to discover that despite actually preventing contraception at this exact moment, if my dreams are any indication, I have some serious unresolved issues surrounding infertility. So, yes. Let me know what you work out.

  32. Yay! I am so glad to hear things are going well for you!

    Did they say if your previa had moved at all? Apparently, mine did. It's still covering my cervix but moved. How that works, I haven't a clue.

  33. Hi JJ,
    I am so glad to hear that all is going well and that Ron is doing well. Hopefully that is truly the end of Voldy.
    And 15 weeks. That is awesome news. Sorry about the uti thing also but atleast they gave you some medicine for it.

    Hang in there. Can't wait to get more good updates on you and Ron.

  34. I am so gla you are doing well and settling in. I really hope that everything goes smoothly from now on!

    Take care!

  35. YAY for 15 weeks! And YAY that he who shall not be named is vanquished!

    I am so happy for you. I hope you can squish that fear the comes your way each day!

    : )

  36. Stay gone, Voldy!

    Can't wait until the report about Oct 2!

  37. Glad the antibiotics seem to be doing the trick (how the heck does pee sit around for a week and nobody notices?)
    Congrats on 15 weeks!

  38. So long Thing That Will Not Be Named! Glad you are starting to feel better

    (and I was obsessed with my belly button the entire pregnancy--never was a belly rubber or anything like that, i just played with my belly button all the time---wait, that makes me sound really weird ;)

    So glad things are moving along for you

  39. I'm so happy to hear things are going so well for you JJ!!! Congrats!

  40. Wow, I'm so glad that the hematoma is gone... how exciting!!! And every peak it Ron is well worth any sneaky maneuvers pulled at the OB's office! So glad to hear that you're doing well and already 15 weeks along... congrats!

  41. Happy 15 weeks!! I'm glad you and Ron are doing okay. Voldy--don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya!!

  42. I am SO excited for you!!!! WOOT WOOT!

  43. JJ!
    Great news! It is so good to hear the spring in your step.

    I'm sorry that it is hard to have a day when you aren't worrying. But look how far you have come!

    I am so happy that whats-its-face is gone. I will be keeping thoughts that it stays that way.

  44. Yea! The SH is gonzo!!!

    And I hate to tell you this, but the pregnancy brain doesn't go away very quickly either - at least mind hasn't. Oh well.

    Congrats on the big 15, too!

  45. Congratulations on your pregnancy - my wife is about half-way though her first pregnancy, after struggling with infertility for years - it's always great to hear other people's good news too!

    The Broken Man

  46. So glad things are looking up for you, JJ. Hope the rest of your pregnancy is marked only by the delightfully normal things like belly button changes and stretch marks (but not too many...)

  47. Glad all is well! Checking in on you from time to time.
    I'm curious as to what the nose issue is? I had a stuffy nose-- like couldn't hardly breathe out of it, especially at night. And I'm NOT a mouth breather-- so I found this really hard. And you're not relaly supposed to use I was constantly shooting up with Saline drops...which did JackShit for my nostrils. ;)


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