Tuesday, November 11, 2008

And breathe...

Well, what a week. It merits using color throughout this post.

-Sick dog
-Still sick dog who continues to do crap that will make her sick
-Another visit to the ER (for me, not dog)

And good things too!

-nursery colors have been chosen
-Ron has perfected the "bounce the remote of my tum" trick
-lovely meeting and spending time with Rachie from Infertile Turtle!

Soooo: Sick Dog.
Last Saturday, while getting ready for a Halloween party, Mook yelled from the shower: "Where's the soap?!" We were in the process of having our master shower redone, so we had been using the guest bathroom for about 3 weeks-this shower is just the full bath with the pull back curtain; our master shower is the glass door kind. These details are important, because it explains the crime. So in response to Mook's cry for soap, I yelled back "It HAS to be in there, because I just replaced it." Well it wasn't. Our first thought was that our neighbor's throwing the party were playing a practical joke. Umm, yeaaa that was amusing: playfully accusing our neighbor's of stealing soap. I'm pretty sure they think we're a bit nuts now! :0)

Oh well, we just had a ghost in the house...ooo spooky Halloween. So Sunday came and went without incident. Monday came and went without incident. Then Tuesday...Mook got home to find puddles of vomit...with suds in it. We found our ghost. She had been able to climb into the shower and grab it off the shelf.

ER vet told us to monitor her overnight, and we took her to our vet first thing Wednesday--she had definitely eaten the soap, and was quite sick because of it. They kept her overnight and thankfully nursed her back to health.

Why she is doing this now when she is almost 4? Well...our theory matches the vet's: she is craving more attention, and because I've been keeping that exact brand of soap in bed with me for my leg cramps, she is associating that smell with me. Hopefully she has lost her interest in soap after all this...

Howevvverrr: Still sick dog who continues to do crap that will make her sick.
She's been eating the trash. Going room to room, and pulling it all out and ripping it to shreds...she's never done this in the past. Again, the vet thinks it's smell association. She's hacking and not helping herself get better...I don't need another large vet bill. Could be back the crate for her during the day if she doesn't change her behavior.

Another visit to the ER (for me, not dog)
Saturday we had a nice day planned: some errands, breakfast at our favorite diner, meeting up with friends...Thank goodness we got all of that in before we made a trip to the ER. After having lunch with our friends, I went to the restroom to find that I had gushed fluid. Not comforting. Also, my heart had been acting funny since Thursday--skipping beats, making me catch my breath. So in combination with the gush of fluid and my heart, I made the decision to head off to the hospital.

Our on call service sucks. I have put in a formal complaint-they didn't call me back until Sunday. So I made sure to make that quite clear when I got to the ER to check in. Thank goodness, they got me back pretty quick--got me hooked up to the monitor and the doctor on call happened to be right near by. The monitor sung with Ron's heartbeat, and soon it had to be turned down because he making so much noise kicking the monitor in protest. Way to go, son!

Fluid: ended up just me being "juicy" Uh huh, the on call OB was very witty--she kept telling us, "The penis keeps me in business." Had to laugh at that one. But really, this whole juicy business freaks me out--and it's just something I'm going to have to deal with.

My heart: they did an EKG, took some blood to see if my thyroid is out of whack--of course I didn't have any palpitations while hooked up, but they have continued and it makes me catch my breath. I had a regular OB checkup today, and thank goodness he was able to get me into see a cardiologist tomorrow. I realize that my heart is pumping more blood, so hopefully that's all it is. But it's frequent enough to make it a concern--the OB agreed. I'm also having circulation issues in my legs, so Im anxious for tomorrow.

Next appt won't be for 4 weeks, and it's a biggie: glucose test and u/s to check on previa (please pray that it moves).

Nursery colors have been chosen.
YAY. Thought it was going to take us a lot longer, and be a lot harder-but we've already put a test swatch up for the 2 we chose, and it's a go! Will share photos when the room is a bit more complete.

The remote trick.
I can't wait to catch it on video--I'm planning to keep my phone with me the next few nights when I go to bed--this seems to be the prime action time. I never get tired of that feeling. So grateful that I will be 24 weeks tomorrow...

Lovely time meeting and spending time with Rachie from Infertile Turtle!
She was in my tiny little town visiting her brother--small world! So we were able to meet last night for about 2 hours--we got kicked out of Panera! Talk about a lovely person--I wish we had more time to chat and just hang out-hopefully we'll be able to visit again soon. She's gearing up for her first IVF, please stop by and wish her well!

Oops, got a little winded. Thanks for reading all the way through...I'll be sure to post an update on my cardio appointment and as always, prayers and good thoughts are always appreciated.


  1. Wowza, you're busy! :) Zoe insists on eating things from the bathroom trash can, but only the bathroom trash can. He doesn't bother the little ones full of paper, dry sheets, receipts, etc. in our bedroom. Weirdo. The soap is much scarier though. I guess you could switch to body wash? :) Seriously though I hope she finds a new way to express her need for attention.

    Glad to hear all is well after your hospital trip. I think you've had enough health scares already, hopefully you'll have somewhat calmer waters from here on out.

  2. OH YUCK.... soap and trash. YUCK

    I hope the puppy gets better soon VERY soon.

    Can't wait to see Lil Ron do tricks

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about the ER visit. I'm happy Ron is doing well, but worried about you and hope you get some answers.

    Sorry about your Dog too... "Behave doggy! This is not the time to act out!"

  4. I wonder if your pup is doing this because she senses change in the air. I didn't have this issue with my dogs, but I think female dogs are much more perceptive when it comes to pregnancy and babies.

    "The penis keeps me in business." That is pretty interesting, but us IFers don't REALLY NEED that we just need the stuff that comes out. Ok, I'm sorry that sounds pretty gross!

    Oh, that feeling...I miss it!

    Can't wait to see pics and hear how your carido appointment goes.

  5. Sorry you had to make another trip to the ER. Hope the next appointment goes well.

    Bad doggie! She seems so laid back. Hopefully she gets over it soon.

    I'm looking forward to a video of Ron doing tricks for the camera!


  6. Ha! The penis does me no good in getting knocked up!
    Charlie is a stinker about getting in the trash, but he's not too bad. My aunt's dog always ate things and threw them up though - I hope it's just a phase and your doggy gets over it before the Ron comes.
    I also hope your heart is ok - scary.

    I totally need to see this remote trick...strangely, I think my husband's belly can do the same thing...

  7. What a post! And color coded, too... I still haven't been able to figure out the different colors in one post. Probably another thing to try to figure out when I am in the 2ww.

    Sorry, I had to laugh about the sleeping with soap & your puppy associating that with you! :) Although, freaking vet bills suck! Sorry it was so much drama & I sure hope she stops the trash digging!

    I can't believe you didn't mention the ER visit last night!? I am so sorry you went through that this weekend! I will definitely be praying for even MORE peace as you continue through this pregnancy. Very glad to hear that all was well.

    Remote trick is awesome... I'm waiting with baited (sp?) breath for the video.

    Yay for the nursery colors + meeting up! I had a wonderful time & it was so encouraging, refreshing, & inspiring to meet someone that can truly relate to what I feel & has been there. I really appreciated you taking the time & sharing your story.

    We made it back aroun 4:30ish... not too bad of a trip, but so long... around 11.5 hrs (although that did include an hour breakfast stop).

    Have a wonderful night!

  8. I have to wear a panti liner every single day for all of my pregnancies. Fun, eh?

    And Whoa on all your happenings! I'm so far behind in commenting but wanted to leave a quick little note to let you know I read it all. (the remote trick was cute!)

  9. Sounds like my dogs. I feel for you!

    And the "juiciness" yeah, its definitely not fun. There was a point where I was wearing full on maxi pads because of it. Bleh.

    YAY for (almost) 24 weeks! So exciting! Time is just flying by!

    Thinking of you and Ron and praying that the previa is no longer an issue. ((HUGS))

  10. woof--- I am sorry that it was all so stressful! I am glad to hear that Ron is doing wonderfully. I just wish you were too!!! Good luck and please keep us posted. ~Many hugs~

  11. I have PVCs (premature ventricular contractions) which is a fancy way of saying I get extra heartbeats. Actually, I think *everyone* gets them, but some people feel them more. When pregnant, I always felt them more often and more acutely, but I assume (like you did) that it was because of the increased blood volume pumping through there. It was like my heart would thump against my chest really hard for a beat or two, and then I'd get lightheaded and short of breath. Not much fun. But, luckily, they always went away quickly.

    Hopefully your situation is something as simple as that. I'll have everything crossed for you.

    Has your dog been cursing? Is your dog a Catholic? Guilt over dropping the f bomb is why most people would eat soap. But wait, it's a *dog*. Apparently a nutty dog at that. I hope she works through whatever issues she is having and doesn't get sick anymore. Poor pooch!

    Can't wait to see picture of the nursery and a video of the Remote Bounce. I spent hours -- literally HOURS and HOURS watching that myself!

  12. Hoping it moves :)Sorry about the hospital trip- the increased PV discharge got really impressive by term for me.


  13. sounds like your sweet pup is acting out. our vet used to tell us it was out of boredom. and yes attention. I'm sure she anticipates a big change. have you tried some clever toy she actually has to work at to keep her occupied a little?

    glad to hear things are moving along so well with you and ron.

  14. Whoa JJ, that is a pretty crazy time you've been having....

    Glad to hear that Ron is doing well despite the "juicyness" ;) KUP on the heart situation ok!

    Take care of yourself and Ron!!!


  15. So sorry to hear you've had to make another trip to the ER, but I'm so pleased everything looks ok. Will be praying for you as you meet with the cardiologist, and I hope that goes well and provides a bit of reassurance.

    And poor, poor dog. I agree with somewhat ordinary - maybe she senses a change and is acting like a jealous sibling. Sorry you're having to deal with that, though.

    Big hugs to you.


  16. you have been so busy, girl!
    so so relieved that the ER visit had some mellow answers for you- PHEW!
    sending some belly rubs to the puppy.

  17. So I had seen on your twitter side bar thing that your dog was sick from eating soap. Poor baby. I hope that doggy never tries to eat soap again though.
    Glad to hear all is well after the hospital trip. I hope the cardiologist visit goes well too. I've had the heart palpitations off and on for years now and while it's a freaky feeling they always tell me it's not a problem.

  18. JJ, glad all is well, considering all the action recently. Sounds like you are doing well with going to L&D when you feel something isn't right. Continue with that. I never cared who thought I was nuts. This is Ron we are talking about. Nurses and docs can scoff all they want (but they never do, we just think they might).

    Hope your pooch is feeling better.

  19. My dog has been doing the same thing. Being naughty at every chance she gets... And then trying to lie directly on my belly.

    Hope the doctor appointment goes well and crossing my fingers the placenta moves!

  20. Delurking to say that I'm 23 weeks and experiencing the same "missed beats/have to catch my breath" sensation. When I mentioned it to my doctor she seemed to declare it a normal symptom. Still annoying and somewhat frightening in my book. Hope you're feeling better!

  21. My cat's been sick this week and cost us an expensive vet visit, although she seems to be okay now. Nothing like having vomit all over the house!

    Good luck with your appointments - I hope everything will be okay!

  22. So glad to hear you're doing OK after your trip to the ER.

    As for your dog, maybe it's time for some dog proof trash cans. They might come in handy once you have a toddler getting into everything too.

  23. Glad you are ok. I sometimes am convinced I am dying when my heart does funny things, but my OB assures me I am fine.

    Yay for the remote trick! JAG only does it when no one is around or I can't reach a camera. Isn't it cool to see, though?

    Keep kicking away, Ron!

  24. Juicy?! That was so funny.
    And thyroid is what came to my mind too. I hope that all comes back clear and that is was just a freak weird thing. Glad to hear your safe home with Kickin' Ron!

  25. Oh, my! What a weekend!

    Your poor puppy! When I used to live in a house with four dogs, 4 cats, and two rabbits (which, yes, was totally insane- my roommates and I were total pet people...), we had to monitor this kind of thing all the time. I totally recommend lid-locking trash cans (haven't read all the comments, so someone might have already mentioned it), and they could be handy for when Ron begins toddling.

    And sucky trip to the ER. I have had more than my share of trips to the ER for chest pain/palpitations/breathing problems. I don't recommend it to anyone, and I'm sorry that you're having to deal with problems that are best checked by the ER. Just scary. Sorry about that!

    As for the nursery, I'm afraid that I must demand pictures soon! How exciting to be close to getting everything squared away.

    And as for the remote trick, he's a clever one! He already knows that TV is no good for the Under Two set! Already self-disciplining! Smart kid, that Ron! And yeah, that would be totally cool to catch it on video.

    Here's hoping for a much less eventful week this week!

  26. I can't believe that you are 24 weeks now. The time has flown by. Seems like you were just saying goodbye at RB. I've been a bit busy and just getting to your last 3 posts. Glad the Heart Dr gave you some reassurance about your ticker and so happy that Ron is smackin the "mote" (thats what we call it in our house) You continue to be in my prayers always as I count each Wednesday a BLESSING! Just a few more to go!! HUGS!

  27. Lucy one of our black labs likes to eat soap too. Been doing it since she was little though. Thus we have to keep the bar high in the shower.


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