Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Info Does A Body Good

And info is what I shall provide.

I will need some info as well, so keep your peepers peeled:
  • I have yet to master the milkshake in the shower--planning on giving it a whirl later this week or weekend.
  • Mook and I spent 3 hours in BRU/Target this past Saturday: definitely had some teary moments, but I'm glad we got started on planning for Ron. At one point, I sat down in one of the gliders and said a prayer of thanks, and also said a prayer for all of you on your different journey's. As much as infertility has hurt us, it has kept our minds and hearts focused on the gift we have been given--made this process of registering much sweeter.
  • We have our crib. It was the last one in stock at the store, so we definitely lucked out--and it's also set up and sitting beautifully in the nursery. Talk about special...Mook was so joyful putting it together-no grumbles or cursing at all! I documented the whole process...
  • We registered for some other big things: travel system and mattress. But the rest we left for another time--I still have some thinking/researching to do.
  • Here's where I need info from you: any suggestions/ideas of where to look for bedding for a boy? I'm not looking for a fancy theme--really looking for basic colors, with some design in there. Just no trains, planes or automobiles--we'll save that for when he's older. Thanks in advance!
  • This past Thursday, I laid down for the night and Ron was not ready for bed. So I told Mook to try again to feel him (we've done this a few times now, and Mook leaves frustrated not being able to feel) Well, Ron did not disappoint. I will never forget the look on Mook's face when he felt the movement--it almost scared him! He kept jerking his hand back at the shock of it. I love that he can feel him now, too.
Other tidbits of note: I am sorry to my bloggy friends--bloglines ate my new-updates over the weekend, so I am behind on reading. And as I read to catch up, it warmed my heart to see that Janna loves me :0) I love ya back! I love so many of you...but today I want to send this to two bloggers: Astral, because it's her birthday, and to No Swimmers-please go give her loads of hugs today.

  • Voting: I did it. I am grateful for the opportunity to vote, and I pray for the future of this country, no matter what the outcome is. Not to mention, I'm so ready for this election to be over. I dream about the candidates because of all the political ads I see before falling asleep.
And last (but certianly not least) as the holiday's approach, it reminds me of the incredible generosity the blogging community extended to us this time last year when I was selling my Christmas CD through Shop Mom and Pop to help fund our FET. As a reminder, this CD is a professional recording of eight holiday songs (original arangements) by yours truly--guest appearance on one of the tracks by Mook! I am opening my "shop" again, and all proceeds from the purchase of the CD will go to the U.T.E.R.U.S. project.

How to order: The cost of the CD is $16. I will be able to accept paypal payments (credit cards may be used through paypal) and checks. Shipping is $2 to US and $4 for international. Please be sure to list an e-mail address or include one in the comment section/e-mail to me if you do not have an e-mail link associated with your blog. This is how I will get the paypal information to you! (You can simply e-mail me if you don't wish to leave a comment here--I welcome both!)

So there is loads of info you today. Re-read at your lesiure. :0)


  1. For bedding, look at landsend.com. They have some cute designs, but no airplanes/trains/etc.!

  2. For my first son we did a Beatrix potter theme. I loved it. Cute but not girly. We got 80% of it on eBay mostly new too!

  3. Everyone should buy your Christmas CD, this is Alison's personal plug for JJ's Christmas CD... it's awesome!! :)

    I got that DwellStudio Circles set from Target, which I'm sure you've seen. There wasn't one place for all boys stuff, unfortunately, I only found a handful that I really truly liked. Check out: overstock.com and jcpenney.com for a few off the beaten path. Also, I ended up finding the Circles bedding on a whim, I got so frustrated with not finding what I liked that I just picked paint colors and then decided I'd get sheets and blankets to match. Randomly I found the circles collection, but that's not to say you have to have an entire bedding set, just find a few pieces in a few colors you like. :)

    And how's that for pregnant brain rambling?? :)

  4. I like The Company Store bedding. They don't have a lot of crib sheets, and they are mostly plain, but I love the quality. It might be good to stock up on just some fitted crib sheets.

    I'm so glad you are savoring every moment of this.

    And I am rooting for you and that milkshake.

  5. Your post today made me tear up. It made me realize again how thankful I would be if I were to ever get pg also. Congratulations, and enjoy every little moment of this.

  6. I went with Target's gender neutral animal themed bedding - I think it is all adorable. I can't wait to be able to watch D assemble the crib!

    That is so cool that Mook finally got to feel a little Ron movement!

  7. Yay for voting!!!

    So do we get to see the nursery yet? Are you gonna post some pics?

    You are a doll for still checking in. Smooches.

    I remember a few of our gmail chats and transfer music... and to think you are at BRU these days. Awwwww.

  8. Hmmm...I got some good bedding at BRU and Target, although neither time was I looking.

    And I'm gonna try this milkshake in the bath idea, STAT.

  9. I'm not sure about bedding because I didn't go with a theme for Julian's nursery. I bought a slew of linens (sheet/blankets) that followed a color pattern I liked, but didn't come from a set. Some sheets are green polka dot, some are ivory and tan, some are blue striped...it looks good pulled together, because most of the things in the room are these colors. Sorry I'm not much help...good luck picking out your bedding!

  10. Thank you for sending some bloggy love my way and thank you for your warm birthday wishes! I have the Christmas CD and I love having JJ and Mook sing to me!! It's a beautiful CD to listen to. I'm a big fan of polka dots. T.arget has a nice bedding set with polka dots.

  11. I found my bedding on e-bay for only $25! It was brand new and came with everything. I recommend just looking around there.

    This CD, is it a new one or the same one from last year? I purchased one last year!

  12. Land of Nod for bedding. We have the same bedding for both twins--it's stripes and dots and that sort of thing. Very cute stuff.

    Your Christmas CD is amazing.

  13. I would like a copy of your Christmas CD :-)

  14. Wow, your nursery is coming along better than mine! I will say that I found some really cute zoo animal bedding at a rummage sale, so you never know where you might find something.

  15. Honestly opinion coming...baby bedding is pretty unnecessary. Get some cute sheets...maybe from Pottery Barn Kids...that's really all you need. You won't use a quilt. They don't suggest using a bumper anymore, and even if you do you have to take it off so early so they don't roll over and smash their face into it while sleeping....and even if you leave it on then you have to take it off once they start standing so they don't use it as a step to escape from the crib. I hate themes...just go with a sweet color scheme.

    So, even though I just said bumpers are useless....I bought them anyway this time :). We don't use the cribs at first...so I bought them for looks. I got this line from Carter's: http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2646256

    It is SO soft,and I love the dot detailing. I got the changing pad to match.

  16. I got mine from Land of Nod. It is Womb with a View and it actually could be very neutral. It doesn't have a theme - just stripes, gingham and polka dots. I'll send you an e-mail with a picture. I'm very impressed by the crib. Ours went up a couple of weeks before the due date! Is is starting to feel more real?

  17. That's so beautiful that Mook can feel Ron's kicks now! So exciting!

  18. when I did my baby room (which was already painted purple/gray even though I didn't know the gender), i had a hard time finding bedding that wasn't too cutesy or gender-specific. I ended up picking a Kidsline set with animals -- despite my aversion to things too "babyfied". I ended up loving it because my son LOVED the animals. he would talk to them, point them out, name them, make animal sounds. soo cute. his little crib friends. then i realized the stripes or dots that i wanted would have been a choice for me, not for him. the animals were more for him and a good choice in the end.

    congratulations and good luck!

    BTW...my husband had a hard time feeling the baby for awhile too. once he was finally was able to feel him, every night when i'd go to bed (and baby was very active) I'd spoon hubby from behind and shove my big belly in his back so he could feel all the movements and kicking. he loved that. great way to share the kicks, punches, hiccups, etc.

  19. I just have to say--anyone considering buying the CD--DO IT! I bought it last year, and it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! JJ has an amazing voice.

  20. My favourite designer of baby bedding is the graphics based Dwell Baby - its the same as Dwell Studio that Alison mentioned (http://tinyurl.com/6rrsfs) but its pretty pricey so.... Target has them doing an exclusive line (http://tinyurl.com/5gnf8x) and they are cheaper but still as cool!

  21. You've seen what I've picked at Pottery Barn Kids... I've also looked at Land of Nod, Restoration Hardware and Gap Baby. I've decided I have expensive taste.

  22. I got mine at good 'ol Tarjay. They have a lot more online than in the store.

  23. Ummm, I'm still searching for a theme too ... and Monkey is five months old. Whoopsies!

    So, so cool that Mook got to feel Ron. SO cool. Wow, JJ. You are having a baby!!! Woooooot!!!!!!


  24. I think IKEA got's some cute baby bedding pieces! :)

    Awesome that Mook got to feel Ron!

  25. I am partial to the safari theme for boys or girls. There are some cute designs out there and we picked the one by Nojo. I also love that you are selling your cd again. I may have to get some more cause I lent mine to my mom and now everyone wants one.

  26. It's really hard to find designs that are not a million dollars- I wish you much luck on your search!

    Also, thank you for your kind words today. They were very appreciated---

  27. I'm very late. GAP and Target both carry some modern, more 'plain' boy crib bedding (solid colors, striped, dots, etc). I hope you found something!


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