Thursday, February 26, 2009

Boot Camp

1) Did you know that "bottle" is really spelled "boddle"?

2) Did you know when you put the letters L-O-W-E-S and T together, it spells "lowest"?

3) Did you know there is no such thing as a "schedule" when it comes to a small human being known as a baby?

Ahh, it feels good to be writing...of course I have wanted to write every day since this precious little boy came into my life, but he's had me focused 100% on Baby Boot Camp from day 1, and my body has needed my other 100% to recuperate. That's a lot of 100%...

  • That first week: I say this with all sincerity-no matter fertile or infertile, it's damn hard. Hardest week I've ever lived through. ALL worth it, but I matured in ways I never knew possible in those first seven days. As I said a few weeks ago, I don't know how I would have had a chance in Hades to make it through without the help of my stupendous mother and loving hubby.
  • My boobs as a food source: Ok, I admit it. I had a romantic notion of this whole breast feeding thing. I just figured: how hard can it really be? Ha...ha...ha. Goodness. Of course my milk didnt come in for a good 4 days, due to O-man coming early--so we did have to supplement in the hospital. I saw a lactation consultant each day we were there-we tried the SNS (hooking the small tube to my nipple to get him to latch), different positions, and all that STUFF. He's actually never had a problem wanting to latch or "root" but the little booger is a chewer...and his mouth is still small. Ow. So for the past 3 weeks, I've tried nursing off and on, but it just STRESSES me out each time I think of putting him to my breast...the pain is just so severe. So I've been a pumper. And while its definitely NOT ideal (having to wash bottles and equipment multiple times a day) it does help me a) know how much he's getting, b) lets Mook help and c) I feel like we are bonding BETTER because Im not crying in pain each time he needs to eat. I did go back to a lactation consultant earlier this week--she was very nice, and we tried to come up with a plan. I tried it for 2 days...still not working. Even though his latch felt better, I was STILL having to pump after he fed--I've had no supply issues. I want to be able to give him breast milk for as long as possible...but I think about quitting every time I hook up that freakin' pump. One day at a time for now. She did tell me it was OK to have 1-2 cups of coffee a day, so for that, I will be forever grateful!
  • Our lab and O-Man: She's definitely curious! Yet another part of "the book" that I didn't believe would really be an issue. But...she has since eaten another bar of soap, gone through my trash can, AND gone into the nursery trash can...yea, peanut-butter poop on the couch is not fun to wake up to at a 5am feeding. We will also need to replace our neighbor's swing they let us borrow--on our first outing as a family, little miss lab decided to eat the stuffing. God, I love her-but we don't need a rebellious "toddler" and a baby in the house. The dog crate has made a reappearance, so she will be crated each time we leave now until she starts to RE-learn.

  • My recovery: Hard...but each day helps. Im a bit scared about what is going on with my back-so I really hope with time and a good chiropractor that things will start to improve. As of now, I have gone to my acupuncturist and gotten some leg exercises to do to help strengthen my back as well as a needle treatment. Ill be able to see a chiropractor after my post-partum check up in a few weeks. My incision is healing well--I had to sleep in a recliner for the first week and a half, so getting back into bed felt sooooo good. I slept better, and just being next to Mook again was so nice (it had been a LONG time!) I've lost most of the fluid--still cant wear my wedding rings, but my feet are no longer Fred Flinstone size! I am actually back to my pre-pregnancy weight-just holding onto that fertility-treatment weight. I'm not concerned with the weight--this has just actually helped my back a bit more. AND I've shaved one of my legs! Yea, you read that right: just one. I've gotta take it one leg at a time...its taking some time!

  • Having an IVF baby in the time of "Octo-Mom": Interesting. I definitely look at O-man and thank God each day for the miracle of IVF and for the blessing he is to us. I just hate that anytime fertility treatments are put in a bad light because of bad decisions and where life is put in jeopardy--these children will be the ones to suffer. I just cant stand the thought of government getting involved...hell, I know that as crazy as it sounds, I wouldn't have turned down having 4-5 transferred (NOT IMPLANTED) back to give us a chance at having Oliver. So I do not condone her life decisions...but I don't want to be judged either for having made my fertility decisions. Just a hard situation...

  • O-Man: I love him. Plain and simple, but it encompasses so much. I am amazed and thankful every day: even in the exhausted moments! Not to jinx anything, but he truly is an Oliver: PEACEFUL. He's so good natured. I love watching him...he makes these sounds like Pee-Wee and it just makes me giggle. I may be a terrible mother, but I laugh most times even when he's throwing a fit--not to be mean, but I just love everything about him. Don't get me wrong-hearing a screaming baby can stress anyone out, but I try not to let it get to me. Can't tell what color his eyes will be yet, but they are so inquisitive--he furrows his brow a lot like he's trying to figure out where the heck he is. He makes this adorable little O-FACE when he's hungry. Mook and I have both been peed and pooped on numerous times, and the worst is when it lands on our face or mouth. Yea. Not pleasant. O-man can poot with such force that it scares HIM. Just makes mom and dad laugh! His cord fell out last Friday, and I cried HARD. To me, it was that last little piece of "something" connecting me to Oliver's birth...and how much that CORD kept us connected--through all the placenta issues. Hormonal much?! He's about 7lbs 4oz and his jaundice is getting better each day. Still has that full head of dark hair! He has yet to be introduced to a pacifier: Im not against it, just nervous that once he has it, he'll need to have it...thoughts?

  • Life goes on: It does. And it goes fast...he will be a MONTH next week. There are still bills to pay, taxes need to be finished, sleep needs to be had, meals to be eaten, friends to keep up with. I do a little each day-and try not to let it get to me at the end of the day if I dont get a list checked off. Like this morning: I had every intention of staying up after the 6am feeding to get things done, but Oliver and I ended up back in bed-and slept until 11. And that's OK. I am a person who NEEDS sleep...I cant do anything to change it. No amount of caffeine will ever be enough. So I follow the rule of sleeping when he sleeps as much as possible, and try not to let guilt creep in. A productive day includes doing anything more than just pumping, feeding and changing diapers! Im even trying to have dinner ready when Mook gets home--just call me Suzy. Im also thinking of so many of you out there in blog land: babies due soon, painful times, celebrations, medical procedures, waiting...and I think of you each day. You WILL see my comments of support again soon!
Whew, if you've made it through-thank you! I am really going to try and not go so far in between posts-but you know who's boss, and although he's tiny, I sort of have to do what he tells me. I've already been thinking about the path of this blog...and I even missed my 2 year blogaversary! Thanks for those who stopped in on the 9th to remind me! The sub-title of my blog has always been "One couple's journey to pass on the family jeans" and we have been blessed to do so...I want to continue writing about our journey. I know the audience will shift, but I will never forget or neglect the path we took to get here. I'd like to stay here in this place where I have made such a home--I hope those of you who want to stick with our journey will continue to do so, and that this will still be a place for those dealing with infertility (esp male factor) will come to read about the hope that exists with the help of fertility treatments. O-man, Mook and I will always be grateful for the community that has opened its arms to us, and we will always give back what we have received.

1) We kept a feed-journal for a few days, and in my exhausted state, I wrote boddle instead of bottle-Mook just roared in laughter.

2) There is a new Lowes Home Improvement commercial out, where they are showing the letter "T" after the Lowe's sign, and for the LIFE of me, I could not figure out what the commercial meant--so I asked Mook one night to help me figure it out. Obviously, it spells "lowest"... I think he almost called the doctor--he was a bit concerned. I just felt stupid. Ahh, much for brains

3) O-Man is the boss. There is no longer JJ or Mook control in the house.


  1. He is so perfect!

    It gets much easier as you catch up on sleep and feel more like a human. And I laugh at the screaming too- I have a song called "Life is So Terrible When You are So Hungry."

  2. He's fantastic! I'm still trying to wrap my mind around the fact that there's an "Oliver" in my belly right now. Albeit one who lets me sleep through the night still. :) So glad to hear things are on the up and up. I can't wait to watch O-man grow up (but I'm enjoying him all tiny and wee right now too).

    Don't bother catching up on my blog blah right now... it's a lot of same story, 45th verse. :) Cletus is stubborn and very much likes his uterine home. Induction is next Wednesday if he doesn't come sooner. *hugs*

  3. I wanted to quit BF every day for 6 weeks. I made it 6 months. Whatever you can do is good and it is WAY more stressful than anyone ever told me!

    It sounds like you are doing great and he is the sweetest thing ever!

  4. It helps when the dictator is a cutie-pie!

    Thanks for continuing to share how things are going (good, bad, and ugly).

  5. Congratulations again! Excited to see a blog entry and O-Man is absolutely precious! Pumping is hard, but I think worth it, espcially if you're able to bring him back to the breast in the future.

    Looking forward to continuing the journey with you guys. I definitely think your blog has brought and will continue to bring hope to many, many people.

  6. He is just beautiful, JJ. Love hearing from you.

  7. Lord, I've missed you.. think about you OFTEN.
    I am so glad things are going well and that O is getting big, strong and bossier by the day! ;) Bossy is good, bossy is life.
    You're doing awesome, you really are. I cannot even begin to imagine how I take 99 steps to get from where I am right now to where you are right now, but I love hearing about it.

  8. I'm glad to hear you doing so well! The first 6 weeks or so are pretty tough (and I didn't even have to give birth or lactate). It sounds like you're doing a good job of not putting too many expectations on yourself.

    Pacifier - we only use it when we thought it would help him settle down or if he just needed to suck on something. Then he found his thumb and fingers. I think it will be harder to break him of those eventually!

    I think a lot of it is just figuring it out as you go, and it helps to hear others' experiences too. Don't worry, in another month, you'll feel like a pro!

  9. He is beautiful and to me is sounds like you are doing a FANTASTIC job. I think this is the hardest thing I have ever donein my lifetime.

    Congrats on pumping this long. Do whatever you need to do to fo ryour family to survive. It gets easier some days.

    Yah, I still have a bit of a chuckle about infants/schedules and books.

    You are definately in my thoughts.

  10. He is beautiful, JJ. I am just amazed by how gorgeous he is. I hope the nursing stuff gets easier for you both - it sounds like you have great support, which is so important. One of my sisters went through a lot (different issues than you, but still) to get her little guy nursing, and she pumped, supplemented and finger fed for a long time before getting him on the boob exclusively. And he's now a very chubby 16 month old. Just mentioning that to say that you're not alone in not finding it to be super easy.

    Keeping all of you in my thoughts and prayers these days. It gives my heart so much joy to hear that you are all doing so well.

  11. It's so good to hear from you again! It sounds like you guys are really adjusting well to parenthood. And yes, it is hard, but you guys are so strong and ready for this.

    I totally sympathize with you - pumping sucks. I tried to make the best of it - making it my 'me' time to read, but there's really nothing good about it. Except knowing you're nourishing your baby. I wish you the best whatever your decision is.

    Pacifiers - only since you asked, and this isn't really advice, just our experience. They used them in the NICU to improve their suck reflexes (otherwise, I've been told to wait a month if you're nursing), and we continued to use them b/c they were supposed to be a prevention of SIDS at night. The boys just totally gave them up on their own at 4 months. Haven't used them since. That's not a habit I would have wanted to break, so I'm glad they did it on their own. :)

    Wishing you all the best!

  12. delurking to say, it does get easier. My little girl is two months old today and breast feeding hurt for the first month. What helped me was using a nipple shield when I was engorged and then on occasion afterward whenever I got a little raw. She still figured out how to latch on and she got better at that too. The beginning is rough. Neither of us knew what we were doing, but now we've both got it figured out and it's quick and painless. Hang in there.

  13. It does get easier. If you plan to try to breastfeed directly for certain feedings that can help so you don't stress about it every time.

    As for pacifiers, I think they are a pain in the butt. They fall out, get dirty and kids get addicted. That said, they can be a great tool if used judiciously. If he has a strong suck reflex, it can satisfy him. If he is hungry and wants to eat, he will probably spit it out, but it he is full and just wants to suck, it can be very helpful.

    He doesn't need to take a pacifier. When you start to feel that it could be a useful tool for you, then introduce it at that point. If he doesn't want it, that is not a bad thing. My son used a pacifier constantly from age 4 weeks to 7 weeks and that was it. Then, he sucked his thumb for a month and then quit.

    I was happy not to have to deal with it for long, but it was helpful for a short time.

    So, bottomline, play it by ear!

    These first weeks are hard but precious. Keep your goals small and enjoy your baby.

    Less than two weeks until my due date!

  14. Ha! If it makes you feel better, my baby is 8 weeks old and until I read your post, I couldn't figure out what the Lowes-T commercial meant either! And neither could my husband, so it's not just new-mom brain. Thanks for helping us out - it was getting really annoying every time we saw that commercial! :)
    Oh, and I'm also glad that you and your family are doing so well - good luck getting that second leg shaved before the first one needs it again!

  15. Glad to not only get an update, but PICTURES—what a cute little son you have there!
    Sounds like things are running about normal for a newborn schedule…

    Pacifier thoughts—I would try to use it sparingly, giving him a chance to find other ways to sooth himself. Eventually, he will find his thumb…um, right now, he is not sure he is not still attached to you—despite that cord falling off…

    Keep up the good work momma! (And don’t worry about dinner for Mook—he can get by—psst, Mook—bring home dinner sometimes!)

  16. So good to hear from you! I'm glad to see that you all are doing well. Oliver is absolutely precious!

    And JJ, no matter what turn your blog takes...I'll keep reading. Promise. ;)

  17. I'm so glad you're doing well! Oliver is just so darn cute!

    PS. I didn't get the Lowe's commercial either. DH had to explain it to me...

  18. Oh, I just loved reading your update and happenings. Reminds me of the days J-man came home. Definitely get SLEEP above all other important! He's gorgeous!

  19. ROFL, sounds about like our first few weeks. The breastfeeding DOES get easier, but it takes a LOOOONG time. Average I've heard (and it was true for me) is 8 weeks until your nipples don't feel like you've been over them with sand paper. Hang in there though, it's SOO worth it. I thought about giving up every day as well and a few weeks after I finally did - the girls started latching GREAT! I am still bummed.

  20. I fully sympathize with the extra work involved with pumping. I'm a pumper too and it's not easy. It's really hard and it adds extra tasks that have to get done in a day when you are already struggling to keep your head above water.

    I can also relate to the jealous doggie toddler. Quincy suddenly started peeing in the house shortly after Ruby came home. And also eating certain items out of the bathroom garbage can which I will not get into because it's disgusting. She also wants to use all of Ruby's stuff. She tries to get her blankets all the time. Its frustrating to have her act out and have to have that extra work as well.

    I wish you all the sleep you can possibly get. Sleep deprivation is terrible.

    Oliver is adorable.


  21. Oliver is just adorable. Absolutely perfect. As for the nipples, I will tell you what my mom, the longtime labor & delivery nurse, tells new moms - to toughen your nipples, brew a cup of strong tea with 2 teabags, and after it has steeped and you take the teabags out and let them cool, put a teabag on each nipple. Let the teabags stay on your nipples for 10-15 min while you enjoy your tea. The tannic acid in the tea bags will help to toughen your nipples. Repeat at least once a day. Also, after the tea bags, then you can put desitin on them to help with the rawness. Just be sure to clean it off before you feed again. Another thing that helps with soreness, and can help prevent mastitis, is to be sure to rotate positions that you feed him in - football hold, cradle hold, on your side with him laying next to you facing you - changing positions will help keep one area from getting worn out by too much use, and will drain the milk ducts more evenly to prevent clogging and mastitis.
    About the pacifiers - I feel like they are great compared to thumb sucking. At a certain age you can take it away, but if they get hooked on their thumb or fingers, you can't take those away. I know several grown adults who still suck their thumbs/fingers and can't seem to break the habit.

  22. I am glad to see you writing here, JJ.

    Oliver is adorable.

  23. You are doing fabulously! (as I knew that you would) and it will only get easier. I completely understand where you're at with the pumping. I had to do the same thing with Lemy because the pain was just too much for me. I would breast feed every now and then, but I pumped 6-8 times a day. Then when she hit 6 weeks she finally took a real interest in eating at the breast instead of inflicting torture--so it can happen. And by that time I was healed and I was able to handle feeding her all the time.

    I know how hard it is to pump. It sucks. I thought of quitting more times than I can count, but I stuck with it and here we are 7 months later. You can do it. I know that you can! Just hang in there! :)

    As for the paci, we gave Lemy one immediately and its helped her. Now, she doesn't need it quite as much. She likes it, but she's also fine without it. I know some have struggled with the paci thing into toddler-hood, but at this point I've decided that if she wants it and it soothes her then that's fine. She'll lose it when she's ready.

    Anyway, you're doing great! I look forward to your updates, but I know its hard this early on. I can't believe he is almost a month. What a handsome little man he is! ((LOTS OF HUGS))

  24. ok, I did the same thing with that Lowe's commercial. It took me until the end to figure it out. Heh.

    O-man is beautiful, and I'm glad to hear things are on the up and up. Good luck with the breastfeeding - you are a stronger woman than I. :)

  25. Having a baby in the house is a true example of minority rule.

  26. You are the male factor success story that's keeping me looking forward in all of this. :-) I'm so so happy for you...what an incredible journey.

  27. He's fabulous!!

    It will only get easier and better, trust me!! ENJOY!

  28. He's such a cutie. Glad to hear that you are doing better, hope it continues to get better still. I also hope poor pooch gets settled and adjusted to the O man soon.
    Don't feel bad about the Lowe's commercial. I couldn't figure it out either.

  29. Oh, JJ! I am just catching up on everything. First, of all, Congratulations!! When I read the post that the O-man was born, I sat there and cried and then when I saw the pictures...well, he is just wonderful and beautiful, but I know you know that already.

    I could have written so many ofthe same things you have written. It is so hard these first few weeks. I didn't have it nearly as bad with the BF as you have and I thought about quitting at least once a day. Everyone was telling that it will get better. Not just the BF but everything else too. At the time, my only thought was that "better" was not getting here fast enough, but really, people were right it does get better. Not that there are still rough days, but somehow it becomes much more manageable and you start getting more sleep.

    As for the pacifier. We struggled with that, too. And are still struggling with it. Our little guy just loves to suck and it is the only thing that will help him get to sleep sometimes. The biggest problem so far for us is that we have to put it back in when it falls out and he hasn't quite gotten to sleep yet. Just today, we got an orthodontic pacifier (we had been using the green soothie one they gave us at the hospital) and he seems to be able to keep that one in his mouth much better.

    We were also afraid that he would get nipple confusion going between the breast, the bottle and the pacifier, but so far he seems to handle it ok. Still, we try not to use the pacifier unless we can't do anything else. He goes through this fussy period in the afternoon where he easily gets overtired and can't get to sleep then cries inconsolably. We use the pacifier then to help him get to sleep before he reaches the meltdown point.

    Hang in there, JJ! You and Mook are doing great!

  30. You pump if you have to. Me? I'm weaning off the pump after one entire year. I'm both sad and relieved. Still, persevere, maybe the nursing will get easier!

  31. I am only just getting around to commenting! Sorry if you thought it was going to be a quick couple of months of madness and then back into it...

    But congratulations! He's quite the little man.


  32. Ok, first off you are NOT a terrible mother!! You are a first time mother which is the toughest learning experience you will ever go through. You are a fantastic mom! You love Baby O and are doing everything you can for him-that is what matters! Remember that my friend.

    The learning curve is what is hard and you will get the hang of it little by little. Right now the main focus is making sure your son is cared for. Wait to say you are a terrible mom until the teenage years!

    Breast feeding isn't always easy and your child will grow and thrive no matter which way you go. You know if you ever need to talk about that I'm there for you. I went through a very difficult situation with it and have refrained from sending you a message about it because I didn't want to scare you, but it can probably give you some perspective - it was probably about as extreme as it gets. Let me know if you want to hear about it.

    O is adorable and I hope I can give him a big squeeze someday! I hope you continue to heal well and I would love to talk to you soon!

  33. Congratulations! I am only now getting caught up with your blog. The O-man is beautiful! Hard to believe just a year ago we were both wondering if we would every have children... and now they rule the roost.

    Congrats to both of you!

  34. wow! Thanks for the great update... sounds like everything is going awesome. I had breastfeeding issues also - it's awesome that you get enough milk with the pumping. If I had enough milk - I would have kept it up longer.

    I also crack up when Cam is freaking out - they are just so cute!

    We did the pacifier from day 1 - it reduces the chances of SIDS by like 80%, and I had a friend whose baby died of SIDS - so it's a hot button issue with me. If there is any chance that something reduces the likilhood, I do it. Lower temps in his bedroom when he sleeps, no pillows/blankets and a fan circulating the air.

    Plus - Cam loves to suck. And he will be upset when you pull the boddle (lol) away - but if you feed him more - he spits it up because he is full. So I can give him the paci, and it makes him happy.

    Sounds like you adjusting really well to motherhood!

  35. Great update! I'm remembering reading your post how things were after we had our Phoebe 8 years ago, which reminds me of what I'll go through after having the twins.

    BTW, on the back issues. Try also adding some foods that have seaweed in them - like homemade miso and hijiki salad. I fought back problems after having Phoebe for years and found out that Traditional Chinese Medicine indicates that childbirth takes a lot out of a woman that cause lower back issues (kidney deficiency they call it). In TCM after childbirth it's recommended that the woman eat soups and foods with seaweed to build up the kidney essence again. I'll definitely be trying it after having these babies.

  36. You sound just like a new mom, so good job filling the role so perfectly! I can't wait to see what comes out of my mouth when I have had no sleep and my life is being run by a tiny (well, not so tiny as it would seem) little girl.

    I will obviously continue to follow along faithfully as you are doing it all before me and I will be asking YOU for advice. :)

    Hang in there. Write when you can and give the O-man big kisses from California.

  37. Oh honey he's gorgeous! Thanks for being so honest about your experiences too - as an expecting mom I'm trying to take as much in from other people's real life experiences. So def keep blogging - there are a bunch of us in the same boat as you and we def want you to keep weighing in!

  38. The Lowe's commercials confused the heck out of me for the longest time, too, until it randomly dawned on me that they were using the "T" to make it the superlative form of the word... duh. I kept thinking Lowe Street? Lowe's Tea? What in the world?

    So at least you know that one can't be blamed on baby-brain! It's clearly just a not-so-great commercial...

    And I am so glad that you guys are home and settling in nicely. He is so beautiful!

  39. Life gets easier...I swear! But if you look back, you'll see I had a two week lapse in posting after Brynn got here in December. Yes, I'm sure you understand why. I'm glad things are going well, and I do does get easier! He is gorgeous..((hugs))

  40. He is such a good looking little man. Really. So adorable.

    I know how exhausted you must be. Adjusting to life with a new born is tough enough and now your body has to do double time as it recovers as well. Go easy on yourself and - good lord - there will be plenty of times FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE to get dinner on the table. Relax, sleep and bond with O.

    P.S. You get used to the no sleep thing. Really. you do.

  41. Welcome back. It's lovely to read your post and it brings back so much of my first week with my son (now nearly 2). Although I had someone different bf'ing problems ... (mostly supply for me). But, yes, difficult stuff (BTW for me it got much better at one month ... yes, that's "month," sorry, but -- worth it for us, hope if you have a month to wait out it'll be worth it for you, too).

    I had post-partum brain for awhile too. It does get better ...

  42. I will keep this short and sweet (add all the love and congrats later after you have had some sleep).
    You really don't need to wash all the pump parts after each use, just keep them in the fridge. The breast milk is good for days so you can wash the parts a few times a day, it will be fine.
    Get yourself a sports bra and cut some holes in it to hold the pump to the breast and your now pumping hands free!!!!
    Unless little O man is a non-nutritive sucker I would pass on the paci. If you do go for it just have him use it for bedtime/naps. That's all I did for mine and the self waned at 6 months. Just don't let it become a shut up plug. I swore up and down my kids wouldn't get one...both did never say never when your a sleep depraved Mom.
    One more thing if your still reading this "short note" I was a much better parent until I had kids-keep your sense of humor it will save your sanity.

    Much hugs

  43. Great to hear from you. Brings back a lot of memories! I, too, require normal sleep and many of times I don't know how I did it. You will sleep again, I promise!

    He is such a cutie! Give him a big hug for me and Landry!

  44. SOOO glad to see this update. What a precious little one you have there, my dear.

    So very happy for you. And I echo everyone else in that it does get easier. . . but then you will strangely miss these early, sleep deprived days!

    Again, warmest congratulations.

  45. We used to call that face the "o-face" too. How funny!
    One of my children used a pacifier and one didn't. I never even thought to give one to my first son. My second son cried for 2 days after I brought him home and it was like a light-bulb going on over my head. I ran out to the car, searched the trunk for the pacifier that the hospital insisted I take home. I found it, washed it, plugged it in and... peace and quiet, finally. :-)
    When he turned 3 I cut a small hole in the bottom of his pacifiers. He didn't notice. Every day I'd cut off a little more and one day he took it out, looked at it, laughed and threw it. The End. He still does have a great sense of humor and is very flexible that way so I may have just lucked out.
    Bottom line: Removing a pacifier from a 2-3 year old's life won't kill them or even cause any permanent harm. It may be uncomfortable for a few days at the most but lots of things are. If your baby doesn't need to suck for comfort then don't introduce the pacifier at all.
    I hope things continue to go well!

  46. Oliver could not be anymore perfect- seriously!

    So glad that you were able to write and that you and Mook are enjoying your new O-man.

    So happy for you both!!!

  47. I laugh at our baby too. Not because she's funny when she's freaking out but because she's there. She is alive and she can be freaking out. And then it's oh-the-awesomeness all over again. So laugh.

    And I totally didn't get the lowes commercial right away, either. I blame it on the stupid apostrophe, because it is shown as Lowe'st, and that's not a freaking word.

  48. You continue to amaze me. I am so proud of you. Your little man is beyond precious!

  49. LOVE seeing photos of your beautiful boy. Love.
    sending all of you squishy internet love.

  50. Got a few secs to post as I can hear Barney stirring.

    When we started breast feeding it felt like he was a bull dog clip clamped to my nipple. OUCH!! I thought i'd never, ever enjoy it. Somewhere along the line it stopped hurting and it's fine now.

    We've had other feeding issues along the way but that's not for now.

    I also laugh at him sometimes when he cries - awful mother I know but he looks so cute.

    Better go - been to settle him twice during this comment and it's now clear, from the cooing in the cot that he's not up for any more sleep just now!

    Good luck and well done you xxx

  51. is so awesome to hear the song in your voice. Oliver is precious. I am so happy for you!!


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