Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Thoughtful Tuesday: Rock-a-bye-baby...

Each Tuesday, I'm going to share something I am either: 
a) thankful for, b) something I witnessed that was an act of kindness, or c) something I did to "pay it forward"

I'd love it if you'd join me. One day a week. One thing. It can take 15 seconds or 4 hours. Don't you feel better when you are able to notice the pretty things in life? Leave a comment here, or share it in your own space, and enjoy being thoughtful...in more ways than one!


This Tuesday: Sleep

I've been a lucky Momma--my boy loves to sleep. He started sleeping through the night at 5 weeks old, and has done really well on a schedule. Yes, we have had our challenges with nap regression, and waking at odd hours and wanting to play, but overall--he loves being in dreamland.

So for the past three nights, I've wondered what in the world happened to my sleeping babe. He's had a fever and oy the teeth--it's been like the newborn stage all over again. I am also someone who enjoys sleep--Ive never been good at pulling all-nighters, and I just honestly need a good 6 hours of sleep to feel "normal".

Ive felt myself getting frustrated--and have had to remember he cannot communicate with me yet what is hurting or bothering him. Self-admittedly, Mook is the one in the house that gets frustrated fast--and I am so thankful he has been calming me down. I'm also doing my best (in the wee hours of the morning, mind you) to soak in the cuddles on the couch while watching Yo Gabba Gabba. 

I also remember there were days where I cried to the universe that I would give anything (even sleepless nights) to be able to take care of my baby. Thank you, universe for listening to me, and for reminding me that you gave me exactly what I asked for. 

For that, I am so thankful. 

What are you sharing on this Thoughtful Tuesday?



  1. I always find the whole sleep thing such a complexity...they are so beautiful when they sleep, yet sometimes when you want them to sleep--they don't; how they can sleep WHEREVER and whenever, yet we often feel like we have to tippy-toe...

    Hope he (and you) gets back into his normal routine soon!

  2. :)

    I hope he's feeling better soon and gets back to a regular sleeping schedule

  3. I feel your pain! Except that Oscar has never been a good sleeper. I know what you mean about being grateful for the sleep deprivation. I remind myself of that every time I get impatient.

    Love your blog redesign!

  4. You should call me at 2 AM, we'll talk. I am so there with you.

    Wouldn't trade it for the world, either.

  5. That brought tears to my eyes which was quite a feat after I was growling at you for saying O slept through from 5 weeks! Xx

  6. I remember those sleepless nights watching Yo Gabba Gabba. got love that NJ is on all day long ahahaha. Lyla has never been a good sleeper and i see my self getting frustrated many times and i have to remind myself of the sleepless nights crying because I wanted a baby so much. i much rather be awake rocking her. I hope he can go back to sleep all night long soon

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  8. sleeping through at 5 wks? wow.
    hope he's feeling better soon.

    baby J first slept through the night at 14 wks -- 2x in a row -- then not really again until after she soon turned 1yo. I know how tough those nights can be!

  9. oh yes, our babies are soooo peaceful when they sleep, so amazing and good...but they are Not "good sleepers" they wander in, they end up in our bed, they make it hard to get the 8 hrs I really need to feel normal too...
    like I you, I just take those nights and try to remember that I wanted this, that I needed it..and I can sleep later..or tomorrow..I can cuddle tonight. :)
    Right?? right???? LOL

  10. Wow, just WOW. Im extremely happy that you now have the Oman to snuggle with! :O)


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