Monday, December 6, 2010

Perfect Moment Monday: Celebrations

The past few days, I've just had that feeling I was missing something--and then I realized what it was: blogging!

I'm so glad I participated in NaBloPoMo last month (and as always, thanks to Suzy for encouraging me to write for those 30 days in a row!) I looked over the month, and a lot happened--so it encourages me to keep up with writing more frequently to keep up with the goings-on of life here in the Jeans household.

And I didn't forget the wine! The lucky gal who gets to enjoy some real wine is......Jamie! Wish we could enjoy it together my friend, but enjoy it and thanks for all your support :)

I've also been looking forward to participating in PMM this week....I have two celebrations to share. First, remember that good juju I asked you for? You all rocked the juju because....I got the job! Woohooo! I really feel that this was meant to be in a lot of ways--so Im feeling very thankful. I will be able to remain part-time and not disrupt Oman's schedule too much.

Second is a moment I got to share with Oman earlier this weekend.

This ceramic tree is from the 1950's and sat in the front hallway of my grandmother's house for many Christmas holidays. When we would visit, I would spend hours taking the lights out and arranging them in all sorts of ways. It's one of those things that instantly takes me back to being a kid--those really crystal clear memories are pretty awesome, aren't they?

The Christmas I was pregnant with Oman, my grandmother gifted this tree to me. I was so overwhelmed and felt like that 8-year-old version of myself all over again. So this year when I got it out of the box, I wanted to show Oman the awesomeness of this tree. He was immediately excited about the lights and was very gentle putting them in their places. I immediately e-mailed this photo to my grandmother and told her again how much it means to me that Im now able to pass along this fun tradition to her great-grandson.

Be sure to head over to see other Perfect Moment's...they are always so uplifting.


  1. First--congrats on the new job!

    My grandma had the same tree and my mom has it now. Sophie was entranced with it when we were over there last night. I'm glad you got to continue the tradition and make this new memory with O

  2. Awesome on the new job!

    My grandma also had that tree--I think my brother now has it. I always have fond memories of that tree...glad you were able to share it with O-Man.

  3. Congratulations on the new job!!!

    That is a fantastic story.

  4. Huge congrats on the job!

    And, I love that you got to share that moment with Oman!

  5. Congrats on the new job!! WooHoo!!

    And congrats to Miss Jamie. She deserves it.

  6. Aw, I'm tearing up about the tree. That's so sweet!!

    Congratulations about the job!! That has to be such a relief!!

  7. That IS a perfect moment!! Congrats on the job, too. :)

  8. Congratulations!!!

    My grandparents had the same kind of tree! My sister has it now. Thanks for refreshing my memory of that!

  9. There is something so precious about passing down a tradition from a generation before you to a generation after you. Especially when that after-generation was so hard-won.

    Lovely tree, JJ.

    And WOOHOO on the job! Glad they recognized a good thing when you walked in the door.

  10. My grandmother had that ceramic Christmas tree. It brings back so many wonderful memories just thinking about it.

  11. I love the Christmas tree! We decorated our (regular size) tree today - the bottom is covered with every ornament my husband ever made - perfect for 4 year old little fingers to hang up.

    Congratulations on the job!

  12. My MIL has one of those ceramic trees. I love it.

    How sweet of your grandmother to send it to you and you can share it with Oman.

    And CONGRATS on the new job!!!

  13. Great. Way to make a pregnant woman cry! So sweet and such a wonderful thing to be passed down.

  14. OMG, I am so excited about the Job...Congratulations!!!!!!! WOW.

    and I got goose bumps reading that story, I too used to spend a LOT of time Redecorating my grandma's ceramic tree...colors, positions of lights etc.

    what a PMM indeed...thanks for sharing it with us.

  15. Yay yay yay about the job!! Congrats!

    love the little tree. It is adorable!

  16. Congrats on the job - they are lucky to have you. I loved those trees when I was a kid - I know EXACTLY how much you and O-man must love your grandmother's tree!

  17. My husband inherited this same tree last year after his grandfather pasted away. Reading this makes me realize his love for it and the importance that it deserves the perfect spot in our living room.

  18. Congratulations on the job! What great news and I am sure a wonderful sigh of relief for you.
    Love that little tree!

  19. Yea! Congrats!

    Our family has a tree like that, too. I thought I was the only one who pulled the lights out!

  20. Yes, congrats on the new job! Enjoy the holidays. It's so nice to see things that remind you of when you were young and the Christmas holidays have that magic.

  21. Yeah for the job!

    I love that tree. My neighbor has hers that was her mom's and I adore it.

  22. i have missed blogging this m onth so far too!

    and, that tree is so so AWESOME! How cool to share something so special?


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