Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Rear View Mirror

Looking back over this month....

I talked about wine quite a bit.
I admitted I would never be president of a certain mom group.
I mourned the loss of my blue chairs.
I marveled over the cute little monkey I have in my house.
I told you I keep my brain active.
You now know that my feet are always cold.
I confessed my decorating traditions.
I revealed I had lost my job.
You found out that I unwillingly shared something with Oman.
I like donuts.
I  said Thank You to those who serve.
You know who my favorite Bond is.
I enjoy baking.
You know what food comforts me.
I talked about putting pennies in my piggy bank.
I realized I didn't post very much last year.
Oman went on a date.
You know that I am a blonde.
I asked you for good JuJu.
I took a free pass to spend time with Mook.
I tried to get Oman a scholarship.
I said a prayer.
I watched Oman go up and down.
Your good JuJu helped.
I gave thanks and ate.
I ran my first 5K.
I told you I toss my cookies in a plane, train or automobile.
I admited decorating is exhausting.
I had a brain fart.

And I shared all of it with you! Thanks for putting up with me on your computer every day this month. I do hope you enjoyed our Virtual Wine Club! I will be doing the random generator tomorrow for the wine GIVEAWAY!

So in honor of our last Virtual Wine Club meeting, please enjoy a glass of my favorite wine: Weathervane's Sweet Mountain Bliss.

A final big CHEERS


  1. I love your recap!!
    and, I have added some new wine's to my list to try out!

  2. Love this idea of recapping the month. Sounds like you had a busy one. Thank you for sharing it all with us...

    On a personal note, thank you for your immense support on my last entry. Still haven't figured out what to do.

  3. Loved the Virtual Wine, especially the reds...

  4. I'd say you've certainly had a roller coaster of a month *hugs* I think you need to sit back with a glass of cocoa and just listen to some Christmas music...(that's my plan for tonight with you singing in the background :-)

  5. It was so much fun to participate and to read all of your posts. Now that we are all hooked, you need to keep posting. Maybe not every day, but more often would be nice. :)

  6. I have LOVED the virtual wine club. Psssst, did you know there was a shout out for your virtual wine tour on Lori's review blog, All Thumbs Review.

  7. I absoluetly LOOOOVE Your blog, seriously, it's just awesome.

    and so, it turns out, are you :)

    SMOOCH (is it any wonder that my word verification is "PERFECT" .. I don't think sooooooo"


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