Monday, November 29, 2010

A Block

Wouldn't ya know..writers block with one more day in NaBloPoMo.

Just a reminder, Im tallying up all the comments from this month and doing a drawing for a bottle of wine in honor of the Virtual Wine Club this past month.

Lurkers and friends--this is your time! Just tell me one tiny little thing. Anything.

Tell me a joke.

Tell me a moving story.

Tell me you like my hair.

Something. Please? :)

I'll tell you something: I love that new HP Hit Printer commercial: "Iiiiiiiii got a brand new pair of rollllller skates, you gotta brand newwwww keeeeey"

I'll tell you something else: I will be having more than one cup of coffee tomorrow.

And one more thing: I hate when I plan to go to bed early-ish, only to realize I still haven't put new sheets on the bed. *ugh* (but I do love fresh, crisp sheets....Im off to make the bed!)

Enjoy a glass of Twisted Sisters Chardonnay for tonight's Virtual Wine Club!



  1. Hmm. I will tell you something, but I don't know if you will still like me afterward.

    I hope someone else wins the wine because I don't like wine.

  2. I like your hair.

    I've enjoyed your wine posts.

    I don't know any jokes though. Or moving stories.

  3. I am so happy that I got to meet you this year!! :-)

    I love the ba-jillion layered cake that you make! (well, I love the pictures of it and I am sure it is YUMMY)

  4. I mentioned the Virtual Wine Club in my All Thumbs post today.


  5. OMG I am so with you on the new sheets thing!

    And I have always loved your hair and am jealous that it is straighter than mine now.

  6. How about a confession?

    My husband still does all the night feeds (which the only reason I'm still pumping @ 8 mo. - our bizarre trade off) and tonight, I let wee one take a looooong nap curled on my chest because it felt so good. I've decided to forgo telling hubby, just in case the baby decides to wake up a zillion times due to above mentioned looooong nap, which would mean blurry eyed cranky hubby tomorrow. I just couldn't wake up the baby after spending 6 days in a row with him then missing him while at work tody. Poor hubby.

  7. I love the fresh crisp sheets too. If I could, I'd definitely change my bed daily.

    But that amount of laundry would shoot my bill through the roof. Ugh.

    And I love the fact that someone else besides me ADORES decorating for Christmas. I'm looking forward to putting up our own tree this weekend. Though I fear Petite will be trying to pull it down so she can examine it more closely; I'll be tying the tree onto a hook or two in the wall, just in case! I gotta say, 15 months is kind of a crazy time too!

  8. I tell you a story
    A sample of a conversations between Lyla and I 9wrote on my blog this week)

    Lyla: mom, you are a "plincess"
    Me: Oh really, so where is my prince then?
    Lyla: I am going to look for your prince mommy
    minutes later
    Lyla: Mom, is daddy a prince?
    Me; no honey, daddy is a frog (I said not even knowing she was paying any attention)
    Lyla: Oh
    days later daddy comes to pick her up, I open the door and she says: Hi daddy frog!
    daddy looks clueless at me. I pretend that I have I have no idea what she is talking about. Inside I am laughing!
    he is a frog indeed

    PS: thanks for the lovely birthday card. Youa re so sweet!

  9. I always plan on going to bed early. Never quite works out tough. :)

  10. I love the way flannel sheets feel...but hate that they make me too hot at night. So I stick with my bamboo sheets...

  11. Just found your blog and love your stories. Writers block does happen to all of us! And fresh clean sheets is one of my FAVORITE feelings, hope you had a good night and enjoyed the clean set ;) look forward to your future posts!

  12. I do that all the time too...I let the bed air out all day and then I realize i have to make it to get in..when I am tired, cranky and ready to go to bed. :)

    hey I like your hair! ;)
    Happy Tuesday sweets

  13. Here's a blonde joke:
    A blonde was trying to put together a puzzle but none of the
    pieces would fit together. She called her boyfriend and
    asked, "Can you come over? I`m trying to put this puzzle
    together but none of the pieces fit together."

    He replied "Well what is the puzzle suppose to look like?"

    "A rooster" she said.
    The boyfriend decided to go over, took one look at the
    "puzzle" and told her to put the Corn Flakes back in the box.

    And the funny thing, when I told this joke to Ike, I told him it was a K instead of a rooster.

  14. Now I have that song stuck in my head. No worries, I like that commercial too!
    I also like the blackberry wine from Mountain Valley Vineyards in Tennessee. And I like gingerbread lattes from Starbucks. And I like Ben and Jerry's Coffee Heath Bar Crunch. Apparently I like calories. :)

  15. i stink at telling jokes.
    but i do love clean sheets!

  16. i love that commercial too! it cracks me up every time. love you!
    cc calif

  17. Here is something for you to know, you were the only commenter on my blog for the last two posts. Thank you so much!

  18. That is actually a pretty sad song, on melanie"s greatest hits album she goes into how it was supposed to be a political commentary song about the environment and they changed the last few verses when they mass produced it. She also wrote a song about it that is in partially in french. I like both songs though. Just thought I would share an interesting fact. ;)

  19. Been meaning to get back and comment for a few days...The song from the Truvia (stevia sweetener) commercial gets stuck in my head. The ironic thing - my body gets very unhappy when I use any non-sugar sweeteners.

    Clean sheets are one of the truest pleasures. And why when at hotels I never put the leave the sheets eco-card on the bed. I want clean sheets every day when _I_ don't have to change them!


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